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  1. Franky

    Barrel Shrouds

  2. Mighty nice to meet your acquaintance. Keep in touch now, ya hear.
  3. The more you talk about it the more you come to accept it. In time of course. As far as your inventory: hold on to it for now put it on the back burner. And what ever you do don't off yourself or others if that's even remotely on your mind. Specially with a gun. It will leave another bad mark on guns + You just might miss. Seriously Sorry about your loss
  4. Damn it! Went and made me break my resolution
  5. Fuck-N-Ass! Here we go again and again. Mike is doing his best to get things off and running. So just... Chill!
  6. Thanx for the update, Mikey. Can't wait to see what the future holds bro.
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