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  1. Out of curiosity, how can an 8 round CZ52 mag be modified to work in a Yugo Tokarev which uses taller 9 round mags? Wouldn't that be like trying to use a Glock 19 mag in a Glock 17? Even if you dremeled a magazine catch slot in the side of the CZ52 mag, wouldn't the mag still be too short for the slot to reach the magazine release button/catch?
  2. Very interesting info Bob, thanks for sharing. Expensive or not I still hope Tony does offers that AR style safety as an option at some point down the road. I would definitely be willing to save up the money to have Tony install one in my Saiga 12. If I remember right law enforcement agencies do transfers of Title II (NFA) firearms using a Form 5, which like a Form 3 is a tax exempt NFA transfer form.
  3. Very interesting Bob. It's got no stock so the FBI must be planning to use it for some very specialized role. I wonder if they intend to use it as a specialty door breaching weapon, or for something else. Oh and do you happen to know if that AR style safety is just a one-time thing Tony is doing only for this particular Saiga 12, or if it is an option Tony also plans to offer in the future on his regular Saiga 12 conversions?
  4. Okay I see now, Greg just meant the only difference is that his doesn't come with the velcro strap (I had thought he maybe meant there might be some difference in the material, or the manufacturing method, or something else).
  5. I saw that one too, when I asked Greg if it was same as http://www.fseusa.com/product_info.php?cPath=95&products_id=339 he said its not, my friend has one thats pictured in the link, I shot it and it much better than with out it. While I havent tried the limb saver so I cant compare between the two. They sure look the same to me. Did Greg happen to say what the difference was between them? By the way for those who might be wondering, this slip on recoil pad design comes from Russia, for use by the Russian army on AK rifles with the Russian under-barrel mounted grenade launchers,
  6. And thus the need to hold them to a higher level of behavior. Using whatever tools are needed, be it Internal Affairs, or a Civilian Review Board, etc. You have a warped sence of priority. Regardless of the state, I want to see cop shops dismantled and reformed with less capabilities. There is no need for a para-military force oporating in this country that has the ability to: 1: smash dissent 2: monitor citizen behavior 3: enforce what people put in their bodies.............. Bigsal, I couldn't agree with you more with regards to our country's so called drug
  7. His forum member name is actually csspecs (not ccspecs), and yes he's still selling them. He's even got a website now ( http://csspecs.com/ ) that you can buy the mags through.
  8. I wonder if hell has frozen over and pigs have started to fly too ? Sorry gunfighteruk, to a brit that probably sounds non-sequitur, it's just that the words "ATF" and "helpful" in the same sentence is something us yanks don't see very often (especially on this forum). Glad to hear a few Vepr 12s will finally get into the U.S. though, even if it is only temporarily for a shotgun match. Hopefully some forum members will be at that match and post some pictures for the rest of us.
  9. Okay I see, so apparently there are two variations of this buttstock, one specific to the PSL and its unique rear receiver profile (and these are the versions that centerfire has and which I've seen occasionally on Gunbroker), and another variation for Saigas and other AK type longarms which have a regular AK rear receiver profile. I did a web search, but so far I haven't been able to find the second variation available anywhere, though I assume they will be available at some point later on this year, since RAAC firearms will be using them for the Saiga 12 variation shown in that NutnFancy vid
  10. Saigatech made a similar gas block when he did is Saiga 12SU build, but I think he made just the one especially for that build.
  11. A new polymer SVD style stock that is telescope adjustable for length has recently become available, which will work with any AK pattern longarm (including Saiga rifles or shotguns) that has a fixed stock style receiver with the trigger group in the normal AK location (i.e. a normal fixed stock AK style rifle or a converted Saiga, this buttstock will not work with a stock Saiga that still has its trigger group at the back of the receiver). This buttstock is pretty new and I haven't found any vendor that is even carrying it yet, though they are currently showing up on Gunbroker from time to tim
  12. The gas plug (gas selector) is in the gas block right where gas gets vented from the barrel to drive the piston, and it will of course get some gas residue build up on its threads, so yes what you are describing is definitely perfectly normal.
  13. With a 4 port gun, it seems like everything cycles on setting 1. After an extremely short break in period I haven't changed gas settings at all. It was the same case with my Saiga 12 which is also a factory 4-port gun (mine was made in 2008 and is a 19" barreled IZ-109 variant). I moved the trigger group forward and installed a pistol grip and regular AK type buttstock on it, but I didn't do any mods to it to improve its cycling ability because there just wasn't any need to. After I had broken it in a bit by shooting a couple hundred rounds of various ammo types through it, it then c
  14. Yeah that's a picture of the Saiga 12C conversion that forum member sKott did on his Saiga 12, though he used a Russian side-folding stock and rear trunnion (5.5mm hinge), rather than a Bulgarian side-folding stock and rear trunnion (4.5mm hinge). Back in December of 2007 sKott made a post of his whole whole Saiga 12C conversion process. If you are a member of the AK forum (you have to be a registered user there to read any threads), there is a Saiga 12C conversion thread over there as well, done by forum member Tomovich back in 2006. Interestingly, Tomovich had to fab the side-fo
  15. Yeah I almost forgot about all those other pointless, useless, BS firearms restrictions Clinton also pushed through while he was in office, though it reminds me of my peronal favorite Clintonism, when he got the ATF to declare that the USAS-12 & Stryker-12/Protecta, which had been around for years, were now suddenly Destructive Devices under the NFA. I heard Clinton even tried to get the ATF to declare that bullpup variation of the Mossberg 500/590 a DD as well, but apparently even the ATF thought trying to declare a pump action 12 gauge as a DD was a bit much. Nicely sums up just how far
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