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    I like restoring mil-surp rifles <br />Target shooting with my Sig 226 (Navy Seal model)<br />Collecting, trading, shooting mostly low dollar guns (CZ52, Makarov, milsurp rifles)
  1. I still have the bayonet lug for sale. Other items are gone. louielouie
  2. Cobra, You have the Flash Hider and Pistol rest. I will send you a message with details. k louielouie
  3. It was made for an AK-74 Bulgarian, so YES it will. Thanks, louielouie
  4. 2) SOLDBulgarian Flash Hider with 24 x 1.5 thread. This one is special. I had Dinzag enlarge the bore of the hider so that there was no chance of a round hitting the flash hider after leaving the barrel. He did a beautiful job but then I messed up the front a little. I used it to partly install a new FSB by heating the FSB and then tapping on the end of the hider. It needs to be fixed by someone who can mill about 1/8th inch off the end so it looks all right again. You could do it on a grinder. This is a $48 part at K-Var but I will sell it as is for $30 shipped. 3) NEW AR-15/M
  5. Has found the Swiss P210 that he wants...and may get....

  6. Mav bought and paid for the item before I could even get it packed, and I started first. Great buyer. louielouie
  7. Mav, The FSB (item number 1) is yours, and I will email you the details. thanks, louielouie
  8. I met a new member face to face and he is a good guy to do business with. Bean .223 is ok in my book. On time, with the cash and ID. ready. A++ louielouie
  9. 'post-apocalyptic' , Thanks for the update. How about $129 shipped for the 640 rounds in the tin. louielouie
  10. Rifle has been SOLD. The 640 rounds of 7.62 ammo is still available. louielouie
  11. Bean .223, PM sent back to you. Please use my email address I included in my PM. Its just easier. To everyone else, the rifle may be gone. louielouie
  12. Everything Sold. New Lower Price[/size] (1) Wolf &7.62x39 canned ammo 640 rounds One Tin of 7.62x39 Wolf ( 640 rds.) 122 gr. L.C.B. Bimetal Jacket, Steel Case, Berdan primed, Non- Corr. 32 boxes. of 20 rds. Each =640 rounds H.P. Lot P233---Actual weight :20 lbs., **Ship to lower 48 states only NEW LOWER PRICE IS .20.1 cents a round $129includes **shipping to buyer ========================================================================== Rifle is SOLD 2)NEW IN BOX Saiga .223 + 100 rounds ammo NEW IN BOX Saiga .223 sporter with 20 inc
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