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  1. $269 out the door for my .308 . . . . I don't like the current prices near as much but there isn't a shadow of a doubt that it is worth the current going rate.
  2. Hell yeah! It is gonna be a while til I get to shoot these. Now we gotta hear a few more shooting reports. I like what I hear so far!
  3. Pvt.Pyle: I'm patiently waiting. I was just wondering if everyone who was "on the list" was also "out-of-pocket" for them. If so, I'll certainly shut da' hell up.... I, too, respect the fact that you're making 'em. And, I'll almost certainly order more that the four I have already. In fact, I would not have bought my S-.308 were it not for your endeavors. Dip my head in dog shit.... Guido2 in Houston Yes, out of pocket. I was on the preorder list & paid out up front months ago. Sometimes these things are neccesary when we an item nobody has made before.
  4. Mine came in yesterday, just before work (2pm), so of course I haven't had a chance to go shooting yet. I am very, very pleased. It is an outstandingly attractive magazine. A while back I ordered some factory 8 rounders from elsewhere and those required a little "fitting" to get them to lock up. . .. NOT so with the FBMG 20's. The 20's slide into the hole with the expertice of a middle age porn star, I mean smooth. Once they are locked up, they feel solid, no wobble. These are some fine magazines. They look fabulous on the gun. I am pleased. If yours have not come yet, fear not, w
  5. I was on the pre-order list. I got mine yesterday. 4-20's . . . . They are beautiful! I am off to start a new thread.
  6. Yup, not a factory Pistol Grip, sure as hell not a WELDED on muzzle brake! I ran into one of these idiots at a gun show last fall. Absolutely convinced that the TAPCO side folder, WELDED on muzzle brake, and pistol grip were from the factory. When I saw it, I asked who had done the conversion. The guy claimed it was imported that way. I tried a bit to explain the law and BATF stuff, but eventually had to shake my head and walk away. This guy probably believed Dale Ernhart is the Messiah too. Or at least that mullets really are still cool. It'd be fun to take a close look at i
  7. Found the link: http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/c-deact_magazines.htm These are the folks I got my two extra 8rnd magazines from. They say they are sold out now. . . they were good to deal with & I was surprised how quick they delivered. Might come back in stock, might be something else they have that interests ya.
  8. Macx


    gas tube, you are just used to seeing it on top of the handguard rather than under it.
  9. Well, there is that joint over in England that did right by me with a pair of 8 rounders, 44 british pounds each. Shipping surprised me by being relatively short. Course I can't find the link to save my life this morning.
  10. Update: On the net today I did some poking around for folding stock pics... I identified the side folder as one of ACE's skeleton type, not bad by itself but the install has to be pretty far off what ACE intended. I wish I coulda taken a pic, I coulda posted it here under the title: "Has anybody building their own botched a rear trunion this badly?" OR "New Modification, rear cooling gills for folding stocks".
  11. Macx

    Saiga 308 Mags

    8 rounders are available, you just have to order from England. They are expensive, but I like having three magazines & now feel I have enough 8's and anxiously await larger cap magazines.
  12. Macx

    Saiga 308 Mags

    I bought 8 rounders from some joint over in england. Cost me 44 gbp apiece and I had to do a little fitting work when they arrived, but they have run perfectly on the two range visits since they arrived. They came in an ammount of time I felt was quick considering they are gunparts from outside U.S. I don't think 4 extra rounds is enough a reason to pursue something other than stock. Give me at least seven extra rounds (I really want 12 over stock) capacity otherwise it probably isn't going to be worth the hassle to get something other than stock 8 rounders. Besides, if ya can't hit it in
  13. Thank you. It doesn't hang up at all with the brake off the barrel. I tried putting the brake in the bayonet ring and then screwing on the brake as I slide the bayonet on. . . about with the brake half way srewwed on, the bayonet would go no further. You guys are actually a bigger help.
  14. I bought a Polish underfolder kit from Dan's it came with a bayonet. I wanted to mount the bayonet to see that it works, but it doesn't seem to want to mount. I know alot of Saiga owners probably have another AK or two laying around so I thought I'd ask here: The bayonet will only go about half way onto the lug and no further, I tried taking the retainer out of the bayonet handle, but it still wouldn't mount. I took the slant brake off and it slid right on. I put the retainer back in and left the slant brake off and the bayonet locked in place and removed with the button pushed just fi
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