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Status Updates posted by 22_Shooter

  1. I've been gone for quite awhile, and somehow still have #3 in the highest post-count list. You guys are slacking! Good to see a lot of familiar names still posting.

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    2. psl sniper

      psl sniper

      im on page 5! lol

    3. thebuns1


      Good to have your ass back. Did you quit smoking yet?

    4. 22_Shooter


      Been using an e-cig for just over 1 year. Well, the past 2 weeks I've been smoking regular cigs. Personal issues, stressed, etc.

  2. OK, winter can be over now. I've had my fill of snow, shitty weather and no sunshine.

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    2. 22_Shooter


      My ex makes sure to send me pictures of the bright sunshine back down in SC. Karma's a bitch, I guess. I used to do the same thing to my friends/fam up here, when I lived down there too, haha!


    3. lbsrdi


      It's nice down here in Miami, never mind I'm in WV freezing in the snow.

    4. timy


      My other hobby is arson. So yes, I hate snow too.

  3. Did my thread this morning turn into a shitstorm after I went to sleep or something? It's gone.

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    2. 22_Shooter


      The original has been pulled from his account, but it's been uploaded all over the place by other people. Here is his follow up to his original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2kkax7WOKI

    3. gregomega


      saw part 1, link you have posted links to part two, which I didnt see thanks.

    4. jojo200517


      oooh the 2nd part is full of awesome too.

  4. Thinking about putting together another 9mm AR. Been looking at pics over the last week or so, and getting all excited again. I loved my old 9mm AR. Not sure why I sold it!

  5. On break last night at work, 11:30, it was windy as hell and raining. Leave work at 5AM, and it's snowing like crazy. Gotta love NY weather! Makes me miss South Carolina even more!

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Hmm was 75 here yesterday, only 60 today though.....


    2. jojo200517


      come on back to SC then

    3. 22_Shooter


      Dad: Yep. My ex makes sure to let me know the weather back where I lived! Hahaha. She loves rubbing it in.



      jojo: Hopefully someday when things are squared away here.

  6. The Walking Dead starts tonight, but I'm working. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Gonna have to DL it in the morning.

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    2. thebuns1


      That sucks ass shooter. Season 3 looks badass.

    3. ChileRelleno


      Watching it now.


    4. 22_Shooter


      Yeah, it does suck. Ill never have Sunday nights off. But thank God for torrents. Should be able to find the show when I get home in the AM.

  7. Anyone like 5 Finger Death Punch? http://youtu.be/R3ouX_mM23o

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    2. Squishy


      Oh, didn't see your comment above the link. Duh.

    3. YOT


      No real connection. I've been shooting with one of the kids a couple times. They're around my son's ages, and actually one of them was a close friend of my older son in H.S.

    4. Zombiehunter762


      Have all their CD's. War is the Answer, American Capitalist, The Way of theFist.

  8. Overtime + bonuses = Winning! Might be able to pick up that motorcycle a little bit sooner than I thought.

    1. DrThunder88


      Nice to know hard work pays off! What kind of bike?

    2. 22_Shooter


      I'm still debating between two different dual-sports. One has an MSRP that's about $2K less than the other, so that's a big factor. CRF250L and a WR25R.

  9. Been a long ass week. But it feels great to be pretty much working out every night and getting paid to do it!

    1. gregomega


      I'm clearly in the wrong profession.

    2. timy


      Same here. As a gigolo, I pretty much suck.

  10. West Philadelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days.....

    1. chevyman097


      Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

      And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school....


  11. Last year, I wished I had my old job back, because it kept me in great shape. Well, I got my wish....and it feels like I got hit by a truck! Haha! Looking forward to getting back into shape, though.

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    2. thebuns1


      hell yeah dude. cool beans shooter.

    3. haugpatr


      You still gotta quit smoking though!

    4. 22_Shooter


      I know, I know. But now, with my first break being about 5 hours after I get to work....I'm jonesing HARD for a smoke! Haha! I smoke 3, back to back, on my "lunch" break.

  12. Got my helmet that I ordered. I need a size larger, because my brain is so big. Yet I was too stupid to measure my head right. Go figure!

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    2. paprotective


      thats what the little stripper said.. LoL

    3. timy


      Unfortunately, quantity doesn't necessarily correlate directly with quality.

    4. 22_Shooter


      Tim, our yew kawling mee stoopid?!?!?

  13. Just ordered a motorcycle helmet. Now I need to get my permit again and take the MSF course.....and then buy a bike! http://images.solomotoparts.com/images/D/72-7003.jpg

    1. bigj480


      Supermoto helmet? I was looking at that style but many complained about wind noise.


      What bike you plan on getting?

    2. 22_Shooter


      Yeah, I've read the same. This one has bigger cutouts in the peak for better airflow, and it's completely removable. Plus, I don't plan on too much highway riding. I'm pretty much dead set on the Yamaha WR250R right now.

  14. HBD, Chevy!

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    2. gregomega


      yes, happy bday chevy!

    3. chevyman097


      Thanks guys, just getting older. Dunno if i can handle too big of a party these days but ill throw some meat on the grill and have a good time! have a great day all!

    4. Mullet Man

      Mullet Man

      Happy B-day dude

  15. So, I didn't hit the Powerball jackpot last night like I had planned. Damnit.

    1. chevyman097


      I won but I hid my ticket in a kfc....i think is was kfc or was it....

  16. I watched "The Dictator" and thought it was pretty funny. Worth a Redbox rental when it comes out.

    1. timy


      Probably a lot funnier than the real life wannabe that we have.

  17. I need a Yamaha WR250R. That is all.

    1. thebuns1


      i need to win the lottery.

  18. Spent the day at the zoo with the fam. Saw some wolfs sort of pacing back and forth, looking very interested in the guy who was weedwacking in the enclosure with them. I hope he's paid well! Hahaha.

    1. David Mark

      David Mark

      Sooner or later we all wind up pacing the cage now and then.

  19. Hmmm. The 10/22 thread got deleted. Interdasting.

    1. poolingmyignorance


      why would that be? too many of them?


    2. Juggernaut


      CONSPIRACY!! actually I got notification to delete.. not sure why..

    3. jmzzl


      Lol I requested it to be deleted, it went in the wrong direction. I started a new one, hopefully this one wont go off the deep end lol

  20. I miss South Carolina.

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    2. chevyman097


      The heat getting to you? lol

    3. thebuns1


      come back to the south shooter, we may need you sooner than you think!

    4. 22_Shooter


      Once things are squared away back here, and I build up my bank roll a little more, hopefully I can move back. As for the heat.....it actually does feel hotter in NY. Just because everywhere you go in SC has central air, lol.

  21. I want something in .308, for absolutely no other reason than "just because".

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    2. nlacy


      LaRue .308...drool


    3. Arik


      3 letters. F A L!!!!

    4. thebuns1


      YES. FAL is one i want too. ftw!!

  22. My ex just texted me and said she just saw Will and Steph at the hospital where she works in SC. Is she retarded, bullshitting, or legit? I guess we'll see. lol

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    2. 22_Shooter


      I didn't ask her why they were there and she probably doesn't even know.

    3. corbin


      I hope everything is ok. It's none of my (our) business, but saying a prayer for them can't hurt anyway.

    4. 22_Shooter


      +1. Deleted my nosey thread. Here's to hoping it was something good like a baby being born.

  23. New Troy rail came today. Daniel Defense front sight comes tomorrow. Now I must muster the testicles to take a dremel to my new-ish upper. Shit, it can't be any harder than a Saiga conversion, right?

  24. Anyone see the movie "Savages" yet? Heard some good things on another board about it. Trailer looks cool.

  25. My new upper was delivered yesterday. My steel target will be arriving tomorrow, and then I have ammo on the way, too. Good week!

    1. gregomega


      congrats bro. happy shooting!

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