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  1. Ahhh you're gonna fail! lol Neeeevvvvveeeerrr!!! Sitting at the 'puter right now, puffing on my Bolt. Much better than going outside for a smoke, in this cold weather.
  2. They're not really designed or marketed as a way to quit altogether (businesses are actually not allowed to advertise vaping products as smoking cessation devices). It's just a cheaper/healthier alternative. But you can get juice in varying nic levels, and essentially ween yourself off nicotine if you want. Also, I've noticed that I vape far less than I smoked. It's a win-win all around.
  3. Glad to hear it! I only know of one e-cig/juice vendor that's local to me, but he's not set up for walk-ins yet. He's working on it, but in the mean time, he says locals can order online and he will actually deliver it to your house himself, within a reasonable distance. I'd love to be able to walk into a local shop and sample juices. It's so hit-n-miss with juices. Sometimes they're great, sometimes they taste like garbage. I always order a small bottle to try them out before going larger.
  4. Picked up an Aimpoint PRO from Midway for $365 shipped. They are currently out of stock at the moment, but if anyone wants one, SKDTac will be offering 13% off on this Monday, which will bring the PRO (which has free shipping) down to $348 shipped. These are smoking hot prices for an awesome red dot that you can leave on for 3 years straight!
  5. No problem, guys. I'm still going strong. Still haven't had a real cigarette, even though I'm around smokers all the time. I just don't have the urge for a smoke. Glad to see some of you are taking the plunge! It really works. At first, I was thinking I wanted to try and stick with "tobacco flavored" juices, since they would be what I'm used to. But I figure with all these juice vendors and flavors, why limit myself to what I've been puffing on for years? So I've gone completely away from tobacco flavors, and have been using sweet/fruity flavors, lol. My current favorite is Pear
  6. Welp, seemingly right on schedule, I think I'm going through what they call the "quitter's flu". Been feeling like a pile of shit the past couple days; body aches, headaches, freezing cold one minute, sweating the next, can't breath through my nose, puking, diahhrea. Fun times! If people get this, it seems to be right around week 2 of quitting, and tomorrow is week 2 for me. I've had no desire to puff on my Bolt. So this may very well be what kicks me away from nicotine altogether. Which would be great, as it would just bring my end-goal to a close much sooner than I had planned.
  7. Is there someone with the PSN name "banthis" on here? Got a friend request and added them, but I didn't know if they were from here or not. The game was acting all screwy tonight. You'd jump into a lobby, and it would constantly flip back and forth between "Need more players to balance teams" (even with a fully lobby) and "The match is about to start". It seemed like only the Nuketown playlist was working. I also found a video on how to upload videos to your YouTube channel, but for some reason, on PS3, we don't have the "Render" button in-game that's needed to upload. Not su
  8. I have it for PS3 and like it online so far. As with all COD games, it has bugs for the first week but its bearable. Add me: KingCash14 I'm on at really weird times, because I work 3rd shift. I'll add you (or you can add me; GlockOneNine). Got up to level 19 and I'm liking it so far. Had some HORRIBLE games, because I don't know every nook and cranny in the maps yet, but somehow I managed to keep my K/D slightly above 1.00. This is the first map I used it on, and did pretty decent with it. Already got some messages of people calling me a hacker, because I was spamming t
  9. Not a smoker here, but I've read that the difficulty in quitting smoking has a genetic factor. People in my family who quit did so cold turkey with little difficulty. I realize that is not the norm. Basically the studies I read, showed that nicotine has a trait in common with many other addictive substances. Not everyone gets the same level of rush or whatever it is you feel, based on some physical susceptibility. The more enjoyable or satisfying it is for you, the harder it is to quit, and vice-versa. This means that people who get preachy and say it should be easy because it wasn't so hard
  10. So is anyone playing yet? I'm hearing that there a lot of bugs and glitches in multiplayer, at least on the PS3 version. FedEx just dropped off my copy, but I probably won't be able to try it until later tonight.
  11. On break last night at work, 11:30, it was windy as hell and raining. Leave work at 5AM, and it's snowing like crazy. Gotta love NY weather! Makes me miss South Carolina even more!

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Hmm was 75 here yesterday, only 60 today though.....


    2. jojo200517


      come on back to SC then

    3. 22_Shooter


      Dad: Yep. My ex makes sure to let me know the weather back where I lived! Hahaha. She loves rubbing it in.



      jojo: Hopefully someday when things are squared away here.

  12. This is what motivated me. Got a lung infection.....and couldnt stop smoking. Then, as agent lemon mentioned, this made me very angry. A few days later I got my e-cig stuff and haven't looked back. Also put myself on a diet a few weeks later since I was feeling so good about quitting smoking, started at 240lb and im down to 208 as of last week. 190 is my target Congrats! I got up to about 205 while I worked at my last job. It made me lazy. Since getting my current job, I've gotten back down to 190. I'd like to hit 185, but I'm pretty comfortable at 190. I'm 6', and have always b
  13. For all of you that have quit, punch some #'s into this thing: http://darrenfauth.com/calculators/money-saved-by-quitting-smoking It's awesome to see how much money you've saved and how many smokes you've avoided.
  14. I was overwhelmed with all the options at first. I didn't know what to buy. Things range from super cheap to super expensive. But I just kept reading and watching YouTube video reviews of the devices and ended up with what I have. I like it a lot. But I know some people prefer the smaller units. Yep. Been sort of looking into it, but haven't gotten there yet. If I'm still at this for awhile, I'll definitely take a stab at mixing my own. Yes, they do. I bought a starter kit back when Wal-mart had them for $20, which included 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, a home charger, a
  15. I started a thread here not too long ago, with a picture of me holding a cigarette. It was to be my last cigarette ever. Well that attempt failed horribly. I guess cold-turkey just wasn't going to work for me. Well, I had seen a commercial on TV for "BluCigs". An e-cigarette that looks like a normal cigarette. So I started researching e-cigs and discovered there is a whole culture surrounding this stuff. It reminds me of the gun community, with tons of forums, tons of vendors, people posting reviews of products, people testing new setups, etc, etc. It's wild. So during my resear
  16. I have this pre-ordered through Walmart, and it was shipped yesterday-ish, so it will arrive on release day. I actually liked the first Black Ops. Myself and a few of the forums homies here used to tear it up on multiplayer almost every day of the week, for a long time! The bad news about the game is that their is supposedly a battleship in the game called the "USS Obama". This is according to a guy on Arfcom who gets games early and has already played this one (his wife works at a game store and the employees can get an early copy).
  17. Howard Stern did this back during the Bush/Obama campaigns, and had the exact same results. Some people genuinely agree with Obama and his policies. I have more respect for them, than I do these idiots. At least they know what they are voting for, even if it's not something I agree with. But these dumbasses? They have no fucking idea what they're voting for, and that is some scary shit. http://youtu.be/Skw-0jv9kts
  18. ^Truth Tons of people use motor oil exclusively, as lube in their guns. No shit.
  19. C.R.E.A.M. Word. I didn't read anything you wrote. Post a higher res pic of you avatar. Now.
  20. I know better than to watch these types of videos, because they always just piss me off, but whatever, I watched it. The whole "It's more likely to be used against you" theory from the anti's is something I always hear. Can someone please link me to some data that backs that up? This guy says "all the research shows...". But I've never actually seen hard data backing it up. ..........and I know it's horrible to wish death or serious injury on someone, but damn, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for an 18-wheeler to smash right into the driver's side of his car! But an
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