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  1. If that's a price for a complete bolt carrier, piston, and cover made completely in the US, then it's not horrible. One step closer to an American AK. BUT there's a reason reciprocating charging handles are on the right and only non-reciprocating handles are on the left. They failed to mention that using this bolt carrier rules out the use of the receiver scope rail.
  2. Might be a tired question, but can't find answers that aren't a little outdated. 1. Can a customer currently place an order through the website to secure the listed price, irrespective of delivery time, under the 50/50 credit card charging terms listed? 2. Will prices be honored to those who currently place deposits in the case that market prices are driven up by speculation, material costs, introduced legislation, or legislation passed with a future effective date? 3. In the case that the production is cut off by legislation, will there be a clear and immediate answer as to who will receive a drum and who will receive a refund of deposit? Let's please keep this thread to answers or directly related questions, and maybe it could serve as a way for people to keep up to date.
  3. Thanks a bunch! Now I'm wondering what shotguns have the same threads as the 870. Some websites identify this laser as working on Mossberg shotguns with mag tube cap (500A, 590, 835) but buyers report that it does not thread on completely. I just tried interchanging the tube caps between my 590 and 870. The 870 cap started on my 590 but wouldn't go all the way on. The 590 cap wouldn't even start on the 870. Which tells me that even though it may start to fit or force fit, they should not be interchanged, especially when accuracy is a concern. Maybe this is the first of many models. Seems to me a shotgun accessory should be made in versions for Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester.
  4. I bought a Taurus Judge for that exact reason. My rationale was more as a survival gun than for self defense against criminals, though it's good for that too. I decided to get it when I heard some poor creature being eaten by the shore at dusk. In western PA, we'e less likely to run into large bears and more likely to run into feral dogs and cats, small to medium black bears, snakes, and something with rabies. I decided that I needed something that could hit something small and fast, and also have the ability to take something big. The stainless Judge was perfect. 410 for the small critters and 45 Colt for anything more. I have yet to carry it though. Fast access isn't at the top of my criteria, but I wouldn't put it in a drybag mounted to the boat. Figure that most survival situations would start with losing your boat. I'm trying to think of how it could be stored inside a lifejacket, but coming up blank. A fanny pack sounds good, I'm trying to think if there's any way to keep it closer to your body. I once went kayaking with a bookbag and wished I hadn't.
  5. I hadn't seen these until recently, and they seem so neat I can't believe they weren't offered long ago. A laser site that replaces the end cap on a tube fed shotgun. This would only work on mags with a removable external cap, ie not a Mossberg 500. It also would preclude use of a mag extension, so an ideal use would be one that was already extended, like a Winchester 1300 Defender, Mossberg 590, or Browning or Ithaca home defense model. The 1300 Defender Practical with longer barrel would be ideal, since then the laser wouldn't extend beyond the muzzle. Sort of similar to something offered for HK rifles and Saiga shotguns. The HK version would replace the end cap on the cocking tube, and the Saiga version the gas adjustment knob. While we're at it, anyone know where to find those HK lasers?
  6. Tapco, ACE, and probably more seem to be offering non-conversion Saiga stocks with separate pistol grip and even folding stock. Maybe I've missed something over the past couple years, but back when I was here more often we were constantly telling people they couldn't just plug something in and it be legal. The beauty of having to convert is that if you use all US parts you're good for compliance. True, now there are a lot more US mags out there, but still it seems that there's a lot of potential for people to innocently throw a non-conversion stock in their Saiga. Remember, adding a P-grip when it didn't have one already doesn't lower the imported parts count. I get asked to make them all the time and I keep having to be the bearer of bad news, and now I feel like I'm the only one who still thinks it isn't ok. Did I miss something? On another note, seeing all the threads saying "Am I legal?" drives me nuts. If you're not sure about your legality, DON'T tell the whole world on the internet. Heck, don't modify your gun either until you have the answers, and if it's already modified just disassemble it and wait for an answer.
  7. I agree that they will do it FAST, for this reason: Last time, they did it a couple months before the election. The republicans took over both houses for the first time in a long time. This time they won't be so stupid. They'll do it and put it behind them as fast as possible, let things cool down, stack the cards so BO has a popular first term, and then push for something worse in term 2 using this as a precedent. BUT we have one thing in our favor that we didn't in '94 - the internet. We can keep up to date and keep each other informed like we couldn't before. Hopefully it will get people motivated enough to vote the Dems out in the mid-term, and put more pro-freedom governors in place. Question - the NFA was challenged on the basis of the 2nd Amendment, and upheld because it wasn't a prohibition but a taxation. Was the 1994 AW Ban ever challenged in court on 2nd Amendment grounds? If not, it was probably due to the expiration. I could possibly imagine a coalition of states challenging a future AW ban on 2nd Amendment grounds. They could even argue that it restricts their ability to have a militia for homeland security, since many states define the citizenry as the unorganized militia.
  8. If you want AK style handguards, start with Dinzag's hardware to allow use of AK pattern handguards. From there you have a choice of handguards, whether US or foreign. Modification may be required. As far as what I would offer, I could make custom handguards with his retainer in mind. When is another question.
  9. She probably wants some say in what it is, no matter how much of a surprise it ends up being. So next time you're in the mall together go by a store and let her give you some hints. If she has a really wide range of what she might want in mind, maybe a zirconia may be ok, if she's the functional type, but otherwise it's better to go small and get the real thing than get a huge artificial rock. We went for something that had a good bit of ring to it, not just a rock on stilts with a tiny strip holding it all together. After she got it, all her subsequently engaged friends wished they had it. It's a three-stone ring that's both real and functional, and offers 180 degree support for the stones. Not the hugest rocks, but we were going quality over quantity. That being said, a real diamond is definitely good enough. Don't let the metrosexual jewelers talk you into a Leo or anything crazy like that. And the 2 months pay thing is exaggerated. Hers was at the top of our price range and it was one month's net pay. Of course if you can't buy most rings in the store for two month's pay, you probably can't afford to get married.
  10. The Christian belief on the Old Testament is that shows us our sin because we can't keep the law. The reason for that was to show us our need for a Saviour. Jesus fulfilled the law by paying the only price that would redeem us. This belief is held by all Christians, whether Roman Catholic, Reformed, Pentecostal, or independent. Contrary beliefs have consistently been rejected by the church as a whole, but keep trying to sneak back in the door under new names. A good old fashioned word for that is heresy. Different religions are different religions. Heresy is claiming to be something that it isn't. What most don't realize is that many people, like Obama, are part of the visible church and identify as Christians but are ultimately pluralists or universalists. If they just admitted that they were universalists like some of the founding fathers did, we could all get along and respectfully disagree. But continuing to identify as mainline Christians is a deception. Christians didn't dislike or distrust Lieberman for being a Jew, because he was honest about the fact that he believed in a different religion. Obama is distrusted because many people see him claiming to be something he isn't.
  11. It would work IF and ONLY IF the mag had just the right curvature and fully supported each round with no room for flopping. The most difficult part would be a follower that stays at the right angle at every point. Also, you woudl have to load it just like a single stack, sliding the round back instead of pushing straight down, and you would have to load very carefully. The Romak III is an example of a true double stack mag for a rimmed cartridge.
  12. The G3 mag adapter design for S-308 has two advantages: 1. Uses mildly modified cheap G3 mags. 2. Was legal during the ban because the mags could still work in a G3. A purpose built mag is always better as long as it's built right. If you are completely attached to a certain mag, at some point it becomes more cost effective to buy the rifle it was made for or design and build a new rifle.
  13. The last Scottish rebellion was the American Revolution. The traditional ideals and influences of Scottish rebellions were incorporated into our culture and government. The current Scottish nationalist movement is dominated by leftism because they don't realize that the traditional Scottish nationalists before them moved to America and many of their ideals became American ideals and have been called that ever since.
  14. Here's why you CAN'T use hornady light magnum ammo in a typical autoloader, and beefing up the springs, buffer, gas tube, or piston won't change it: A typical pressure curve goes up really fast and then drops off almost as fast. I know this because I measured the velocity of a typical round at multiple barrel lengths and went backwards using a numerical differential equation spreadsheet. Bruce Wayne: Am I supposed to understand that? Lucius Fox: No, I just wanted you to understand how hard it was. So that max pressure that a gun was designed for is only reached for a short time. One way to push the envelope with ballistics for a given round is to develop a powder that doesn't go above the max pressure of the round, but hangs out at higher pressure longer. This powder also has to develop the full pressure fast enough. Some powders may burn slow but not make it to a high enough pressure fast enough to make a difference. This is the kind of thing that people with advanced degrees spend time working on and may or may not develop. How does that affect autoloaders? In a bolt action, the only thing to worry about is does it exceed the max pressure for a barrel at a given point. (The barrel can be thinner at the muzzle because the pressure is lower by the time the bullet gets there.) But in an autoloader, the pressure at any given point affects the cycling mechanism, in any recoil or gas system that I am aware of with the exception of Benelli's recoil operated rotating bolt shotguns. By the time the bullet passes the gas port, the pressure is pretty low. The pressure may be much higher than the gas port is designed for, even if it's nowhere near the max pressure. I can think of two ways that a semi-auto can be damaged from excessive port pressure, and they can work together to make a third way. 1. Excess cycling force. Bending a piston, torqueing a bolt and bolt carrier. This is what happens when you fire a hunting load in an M1 Garand. 2. Cycling with a higher pressure in the case still in the chamber. Extractor damage and wear on the bearing surfaces of the bolt lugs. This happened to the M16 carbines. 3. Applying excess cycling force is bad enough when all you're fighting against is the mass of the reciprocating parts. Combine that with a bolt that doesn't want to turn and you're looking to break your action. 4. I just thought of another reason. Say your bolt carrier and bolt have no problem unlocking at higher speed with higher forces. You start to eject your case with the pressure higher than it otherwise would be. All kinds of things could happen because of that, including a nice little explosion that may or may not be contained inside your action. So if you feel like donating your autoloader to science, buy some light magnum ammo and rig up a way to fire your Saiga remotely while you stay safe. But don't even consider firing it with yourself or anyone else close by. The ONLY way this might EVER work would be if a semi-auto was designed with an adjustable gas system SPECIFICALLY with this round in mind. It would probably need a system that delayed unlocking the bolt longer than usual, had a high reciprocating mass, a long gas system with a gas port far from the chamber, and a very long separation from regular and light magnum load settings. Many of these elements favor rifles that are semi-auto only, so a design based on a select fire rifle would be a bad candidate. You might start thinking of the FAL, but while I think that the 3-lug Saiga-308 and 30-06 can handle hunting loads, the FAL was designed for 7.62 NATO ammunition ONLY and should not be fed commercial 308 on any gas setting. In its case, it really is an issue of chamber pressure. BTW, for the 223 vs 5.56 issue in a Saiga 223, keep in mind that the Saiga-223's bolt was designed for 7.62x39mm and that marking it 223 instead of 5.56 was probably necessary for importation, since 5.56 is a military round. That and I have never heard of a specific rifle chambered for 223 that couldn't handle the pressure of 5.56, since most rifles are either designed for military/LE or based on 308 sporting rifles.
  15. Very nice! I've long thought this was a good idea, and I'm glad to see it becoming a reality. Look forward to hearing how such a high accuracy round performs on the AK platform.
  16. Not posting on a forum means someone's probably doing something off the forum, like actually making something. It's when a person for weeks or months at a time doesn't reply to ANYONE that worrying might be in order. And then the thing to do is ask if someone else has gotten through before jumping to conclusions.
  17. This particular buy is long closed, and perhaps it would be a good idea to close the thread as well so that it doesn't bump other people's ads down. I can be reached by PM or by E-mail to my screenname at hotmail. I am not currently taking new orders in order to take care of the orders and projects currently on the table.
  18. I have a Saiga 30-06, it works well. I got mine from Armsofamerica. I think they've been listed at Gilberts as well. Some of the dealers in the forum business section may be able to help too.
  19. I would agree if Classic jacked up their prices, but they've kept their prices on Romanian and other AKs reasonable. What this will probably mean is that Saiga conversions will become the entry level new AK. As far as US made AKs go, my opinion is that keeping costs down will require that the design be optimized for modern technology. Ie some processes cost more now than 60 years ago, and vice versa. Machining time costs more, but certain simplifying and accurizing processes are easier.
  20. I'd like to see what kind of carving was done on the other side of the trunion. I examined the possibility of a S-223 mag well for AR mags but it would have required moving the mag well back in order not to screw with the trunion.
  21. That's a really cool setup. Another possible candidate for that kind of thing would be the new Stevens slug guns by Savage. Some work would still be required, but since the new slug guns are made more similar to the Savage rifles, the tactical stocks for the Savage rifles may be a close fit.
  22. I'll say it again: At some point, it just becomes easier to design a new rifle.
  23. 1. VEPR-12 - gets around the mfg issue with Saiga-12s 2. Mossberg 590 with ghost ring sites and bayo lug 3. HK-417 - 308 caliber AR taking G3 mags 4. My Ultimate Battle Rifle - 30-06 semi-auto using BAR mags with gas regulator for reduced recoil, military, sporting, and light mag ammo. 5. Masada 6. Saiga conversion in 7.62x39mm 7. Rem 700 SPS DM in 30-06 with Sako extractor 8. Ruger 10-22
  24. If the Supreme Court doesn't clearly see the individual right in the 2A, the decision will fall right into the tradition of Dred Scott and Roe v Wade - one where they blatantly misread the Constitution to fit a political agenda. As far as 2nd Revolution, or rather 3rd civil war, we're already on a path there. What we need is to turn around from that path. The supreme court upholding the RKBA would be a step in that direction. If the SCOTUS held against it, it would make it much harder to prevent.
  25. Most of the state is pretty good except for Phili. Pittsburgh isn't bad for a city. Allegheny county issues more carry permits than any otehr single county in the nation, and the whole state is "shall issue" by state law. The southwest quarter of the state is good if you think you might be looking into any of the following: Living affordably and safely while building equity instead of being forced to buy a house so big you'll be in debt forever. Having a number of companies reasonably close to work for in case your job goes away or you feel the need for a change. Pursuing education full or part time in a wide variety of schools, not all of which are insanely liberal. Lots of good technical schools and community colleges that start or restart many good careers for a low cost. Living in an urban setting with all of its tradeoffs while being not far away from some serious rural areas. Also a few semi-rural areas of the city. In SW PA, the city and country are much closer and more connected than in a lot of places. Lots of technological centers if you're looking for work or research on the cutting edge of all kinds of science and technology. The Steelers, if you like that sort of thing. I'm a Steeler fan by marriage. PA is a major battleground state for historical American freedom not because of all the antis who think the whole state should follow Phili's miserable example, but because of all the well read freedom minded Americans who live here. Lots of people who balance an open mind with a firm grip on reality. If it weren't for goons like Rendell, this state would be full of people who could disagree on lots of things but agree on freedom.
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