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  1. I'm glad both of you are in good shape after the storm, and hope that neither of you have any permanent property damage.
  2. The T48 handguard is one piece with an open top, same as a Saiga handguard. Two piece handguarsd are another animal. The saiga-100 has a two piece handguard, at least the version that made it to the US.
  3. I may know someone with a set to sell for an unconverted S-12. Check the for sale forum.
  4. The 6.5 Grendel would be an easier conversion than 6.8 SPC due to having the same rim size as an X39.
  5. The US made AK stocks will fit, but they'll only work well if the trigger group has been moved in the standard conversion. If that conversion isn't being done, one will need a stock similar to the Saiga factory stock that places the grip behind the receiver entirely. If you do look at my furniture thread, notice that some stock sets have a separate p-grip and buttstock and others have a single piece buttstock with grip included. The polymer and wood buttstocks made for typical AKs are designed for the separate p-grip. I don't know of any other source for US made stocks for Saigas, especially in polymer, but you could try modfying a pump or auto shotgun stock like a Remington or Mossberg. I've thought of doing that, just haven't found the time.
  6. I do my best to answer accurately. I'm not always right. I won't give a serious date until things are farther along. The only number I can throw out there is the number of orders remaining - 15. I'll need some organization time between then and the time I start the next batch. I do not have a wait list, but I do have an E-mail list, so that I can send everyone pictures and updates when I feel the time is correct. The list started off very slowly so I haven't sent any E-mails yet, but it's grown long enough that I will soon. My plan is to get everything done that's on order right now, and finish a few sets I started, some over a year ago, to list ready for purchase. Things happen and plans change, and my first priority is to be honest and take care of business. Some people these days take their paying customers for granted and seek new customers above taking care of the ones they already have. The people we respect most don't do that. To everyone anxious for me to take new orders, consider how you'd feel if you already placed your order. I'm sure you'd want me to give yours the priority. I'm sure you can agree that's worth waiting for. And for folks who rightly think I talk too much, I think it was either Ben Franklin or Mark Twain who ended a letter saying "I'm sorry for sending such a long letter. I didn't have the time to write a short one."
  7. 12" is the way I'd want it if I ever got such an animal. The Tapco galil handguard looks to be just the right size.
  8. Not exactly. I've done an extended lower HG for a S-308, and I've done an extended upper HG for a Romak III in collaboration with a fellow who modified the gas tube to take it. I've wanted to see this STG-2000C in person to see if its furniture attaches in a way that interests me at all. That being said, I'm a fan of Saiga style one piece handguards.
  9. Here's an observation on cartridge conversions of Saigas: The feed geometry of the S-308 is a strange dichotomy of sensitivity and reliability. Basically, it depends somewhat on the shoulder to feed correctly, or more precisely, to stack correctly at the top. A general rule of thumb is that you can always rechamber for a necked down cartridge and feed alright, but necked up cartridges may or may not feed as well. So 243, 260, and 7mm-08 would be sure bets, while you'd have to take some measurements and see how a loaded magazine inserts before trying the likes of 338 Federal and 358 Win.
  10. Just looking to check on who to approach with nuts-and-bolts stuff, like thread tools. Like "I have this 3 year old thread in the for sale section that keeps getting bumped to the top, with stuff I haven't sold for years, and no one really wants to see their ads bumped down because of it." That kind of stuff. Like tactfully locking threads or moving them to a different part of the site. Cobra's explanation was helpful, as was the list including Vjor, and noting Topmaul's involvement in a specific forum. That's what I was looking to know, so thanks!
  11. I'm about to ship my largest order to date, which will clear out the backlog by over 20%. The more sets that head out the door, the closer everything else is to being done. I'm sorry everything is taking as long as it has. I don't know that I could have done anything faster, but I'll keep the backlogs much shorter in the future and take some additional time to make some stock sets for stock (no pun intended.)
  12. I know that Cobra's not on the staff anymore and that J-Naut is taking a temporary break to take care of things that matter. So which mods are currently active? I know that Bvamp does a lot of administrative stuff, but who's also on board (no pun intended) taking care of nuts and bolts like general thread maintenance and various unseen duties like spam fighting? Short list of any other recent staff changes, and mods who are active as well as those on break, would be great.
  13. No, unless you find a way to modify one. I've tried, and have run into thickness issues. Haven't given up yet. I'm referring to the synthetic handguards. Wooden ones probably have just enough material, but considering that you'd have to refinish part of it, it may be just as well to get a fresh US made one (shameless plug) and keep or sell the S-308 one unmodified. I'd say modifying the 308 handguard is the way to go if that's specifically the type of handguard you want, beyond the finer economics of it all, or if a roughly 6 month wait isn't acceptable.
  14. I'd like to see what they look like with the handguards removed. I like the shorter site radius.
  15. Vents are much easier to make when the handguard is a block of wood and you can mark the surface all you want to cut the vents before milling material away. When I'm making a vented handguard, the first thing I cut are the vents, then I do all inletting and shaping. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what methods the professional venters use on already made handguards, but making a guide block with the vents drawn on and machining both together may be a way to get maximum precision with simpler tools. It would just take a bit more work than putting it in a milling machine.
  16. Sniper Country had these wholesaling for $177. I'm assuming they're in stock, but maybe not.
  17. Thanks a bunch for the pics! I'd need to spend some quality time with the CZ to find an answer. It looks like the AK mag is smaller in most dimensions, which means it would probably fit in the well ok, but there's a chance there would be interference with the bolt or issues in feed geometry.
  18. When i have some more time I hope to give everyone an answer to this question. Either yes, or no and why.
  19. Those can be found for good prices and I'm sure they'd be honored to be cut up and put on a Saiga. If I were doing it, I'd buy two and put them on front and rear.
  20. The Saiga 100 is much more drastically "sporterized" than the other models, so much much more conversion work is required. Check out Tony's 28 or so step description. Unconverted Saiga 100s in 30-06 go for $400 or so distributor cost.
  21. YES a 444 Marlin has more punch at any range. The 410 slug is ballistically comparable to a 357 at best. A 444 Marlin is comparable to the 45-70, but trading some bullet weight for velocity.
  22. It would be as simple as a rebarreling, you'd just need to size the gas port correctly, and that might take a few iterations. Me, I'm thinking of doing a conversion to 6.5x55 Swede. No it won't fit in the factory magazines or unmodified action.
  23. I don't suppose a modification is possible to use AK mags. Has anyone asked this question and found a definitive answer?
  24. The 30-06 has only slightly more velocity than the 308 when shooting the lighter bullets, but it gets more of an edge with heavier bullets. It also does what it does at lower chamber pressures.
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