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  1. On Ironwood's site all I see are AK pattern handguards on a Saiga with a Saiga factory buttstock. Did they state somewhere that they're making full length replacement Saiga stocks?
  2. I've been interested for some time. I realize the stack of orders is very high, so I was wondering if when there is an opening to take orders the 444 Marlin rebarreling is something we can currently order.
  3. I think what they're trying to do with the NFA categories is fit it into one category that trumps another. IE if something is already an SBS, it can't be an AOW too. Or if it is already an MG it can't also be an SBR, unless you transfer out the transferrable components. I guess what they're assuming is that if it's a DD, it can't also be an MG. I hope they do it in a manner that stays far clear of other Saigas when seeking a DD ruling for theirs.
  4. Very glad to see this rifle in someone's hands. How much did it set you back? The low quantities are making some real price gouging possible by some dealers.
  5. They're coming alright, but a bit delayed from original projections. I just wrapped up a few orders so the runway is a little more clear. Yours I'd estimate to be completed in November. To everyone who's patiently waiting, you have my thanks. And the reason I'm not taking new orders until the New Year, as much as I'd like to, is that the people who are already waiting need to be taken care of. I'm doing my darnedest to hold prices pretty steady in the midst of a turbulent economy, and one thing I don't do is throw additional charges at people after agreeing to a price. The one area that has to give is timeframe, which most people don't notice once their set is in and on their Saigas. And I'm sure folks will understand if time spent on the forums is the first thing to reduce in a crunch. The best way to get through to me is E-mail.
  6. Dinzag was an excellent customer for a customized stock set. He also did great work on a customized item for me. Deal with confidence!
  7. From the pictures I'd say you did a great job finishing the stock. Something I've found in stock making and finishing is that it's easy to white glove your own work and find things wrong with it, and you'll always find a high grade stock out there that will always look nicer. But compare it side by side to a lot of typical furniture and it looks pretty good.
  8. The terms of the auction have changed so that the listed price covers all three mags. Not a bad deal anymore. But not a Tromix product either.
  9. Striker - Let's take this discussion to E-mail. Sending two payments to two people for the same items opens up an ugly can of worms. I prefer that you settle balance due with me and then collect payment from your buyer and authorize me to ship to his address. The advantage of me shipping it to your customer direct is that it ships only once.
  10. The angle of the picture may be deceiving, but that FCG almost looks as though the trigger and disconnector leave room for the hammer not to be retained if held in the right position. Actually, on second observation, it also looks like it's guaranteed to give major trigger slap, if the trigger hooks are supposed to fit in the notches on the sides of the hammer. An isometric view would be most helpful in putting my fears to rest.
  11. I think that is a typo. If FBMG doesn't have them in stock, Armsofamerica probably does. I'm a huge fan of the 22" version.
  12. Brilliant idea! This will last until terrorists find out about this security measure and then start masking their "micro-expressions".
  13. My main beef with ArfCom is the user unfriendliness of some of their features. They do have a reputation for being intolerant of noobs. There are a number of forums I have a high opinion of. They include the aforementioned AKForum, Gunco, GraybeardOutdoors, and Gunandgame. In my opinion what makes this forum good is the Saigas themselves and the firearm innovations of the people here, both professional and non. That and the specific expertise of the people here.
  14. They could have easily made them in 2004 and taken this long to import them. Nothing wrong with the manufacturing date being much earlier than the importation date. The cross-receiver safety is a bit awkward, but I wouldn't hold that against it. If you find one at a price you can accept, I'd pick it up and see what can be done about the safety later.
  15. There are some Christians who fast and pray during Ramadan that Muslims would turn to Jesus.
  16. I believe the 5.6x39 is a Russian round, that is not available in the US. No one is going to produce a 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC Saiga from the factory. The 6.5 Grendel would be the easiest conversion, as it has the same rim as the X39 and would need only to be rebarreled. A Saiga X39 would be the best donor rifle. The 6.8 Rem SPC has a bolt face in between the 223 and the X39, and would need to have it opened up from a 223. So that conversion would need bolt, barrel, and extractor work. I would prefer the 6.5 myself, with a heavy barrel for best accuracy.
  17. Correct, the answer is no. I photochopped that picture into a version that would work the way you requested and people absolutely hated it. I'm generally uninclined to make t-hole or p-grip stocks for unconverted Saigas due to ergonomics and legal grey matter. The lowdown on the black synth drag stock for an unconverted Saiga is that it IS a p-grip by the criteria that the thumb isn't entirely above the trigger, but it is "sporting" so it's ok on an imported gun. It wouldn't take anything at all for them to call something "unsporting" just because they don't like them, so I try to avoid the possibility and stick to items with no questionability of their 922R compliance.
  18. Indeed. Shortly after all of the major heresies relating to the Trinity were exhaustively rejected from the Church. My personal interpretation is that Islam is actually a combination of christological heterodoxy (ie church heresies) mixed in with some pre-Christian Arabian traditions.
  19. And for those with any doubt that Allah is an absolutely improper name for the God of Christianity: The word "Allah" literally means "the God". It is related to the word "el" which is like the English word "god". We capitalize it to refer to one God, and in lowercase it refers to a polytheistic or other sort of god. At first, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the word "Allah", apart from being rooted in Arabic, whereas Christians believe that God revealed himself to the Jews, who made "el" into "Eloihim". But there are two major ways "Allah" does not fit Christianity. First, "the God" is more of a title than a name. Christianity believes that God is both transcendent (above everything we know) and imminent (present in this world and working in every situation - regardless of different views on predestination and such.) Islam believes in a god that's out there, to whom they will answer when they die, but who requires them in their human strength to do his will on earth. Christians of all traditions believe that when people serve God it is in fact God at work and God who deserves the glory, and that ultimately our reward is being with Him, which we can't earn, but is made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Second, the historical context - Throughout the first few centuries of Christianity, the church faced and refuted many false teachings within the church. These mainly had to do with the Trinity and the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the creeds and councils of the church, they made it clear that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were three persons in ONE God. How exactly it works is the sort of thing Christian clergy joke about ever possibly understanding. But what is agreed upon is that God is triune - three-in-one. Trinity is actually short for triunity. Islam embraced many beliefs that had already been taught and rejected by Christianity. They in turn have mistaught to this day that Christians believe in three gods. In fact, some even mix them up and teach that the three gods Christians believe in are God the Father, Jesus, and Mary. So the word "Allah" is intended specifically to reject the triune God of Christianity and even reject the whole concept of a triune God, instead intentionally mislabeling Christianity as tritheism. Bottom line - Allah is NOT the God of Christianity. Christians using that name are severely mistaken. The belief that "God has many names" and "many paths to one faith" is NOT Christianity. Even though Christians hold different beliefs on how Jesus may save people who don't know Him by name, Christianity cannot accept that there is any other way to Salvation but Jesus. That belief is called "pluralism", and ultimately becomes a different religion, since it believes in a different ultimate, objective principle. Unfortunately, some people call it "liberalism" and teach it in many mainline churches as just a more open minded Christianity. If you're a pluralist, I can respectfully disagree with you the same way I would respectfully disagree with a Jew, Hindu, atheist, non-aggressive Muslim, or anyone else of a different religion. We don't have to fight and we can interact in a friendly way on things that don't require arguing about faith. But please, for the love of of sanity and honesty, don't call pluralism or Islam the same thing as Christianity.
  20. Oh sweet! They wouldn't be doing them for later models, would they?
  21. All of the bits that will fit a Dremel will fit a Craftsman and other competitors. I have burned up two or three Dremels, one Craftsman, and one Harbor Freight. I'm currently using my second Craftsman and it's going strong. One key factor is whether or not you need adjustable speed. I like the Craftsman's 3 speed feature, and with woodworking I use the lowest speed, which is the only way not to burn the wood. Dremel and larger cutout tools cost more for the variable speed version. I recommend high speeds for abrasive cutting discs, medium for grinders and such, and low for wood cutting. A typical Saiga conversion uses high speed only, at least the way I do them. 1/8" Dremel tools weren't big enough for me, so I upped to 1/4" with a Harbor Freight cutout tool. Each of them has had an extremely short life. I'm inclined to go the route Tony suggested with an air supply and a die grinder.
  22. I would NOT assume that the Saiga-12 can handle it just fine. You're gambling against the longevity of the gun and your own health and safety. Not only does the 3.5" shell have higher pressures, but it will extend past the regular chamber and constrict the shot as it's being fired out. And NO this is NOT just what a choke does. When shot reaches a choke it has already built up a bit of velocity to pull through AND much of the powder is already burned. Just because a gun doesn't blow up with the first few rounds doesn't mean it can be safely fired with them. DO NOT fire any more of these rounds out of your S-12.
  23. That is a SWEET stock! I might just have to get one, US made or not. When you think about it, it doesn't really cost that much more than a Tapco for what you're getting.
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