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    will HK mags convert?

    When i have some more time I hope to give everyone an answer to this question. Either yes, or no and why.
  2. BattleRifleG3

    tommy gun pistol grip

    Those can be found for good prices and I'm sure they'd be honored to be cut up and put on a Saiga. If I were doing it, I'd buy two and put them on front and rear.
  3. BattleRifleG3

    Tromix 30'06 (pics)

    The Saiga 100 is much more drastically "sporterized" than the other models, so much much more conversion work is required. Check out Tony's 28 or so step description. Unconverted Saiga 100s in 30-06 go for $400 or so distributor cost.
  4. BattleRifleG3

    45-70's in the 410

    YES a 444 Marlin has more punch at any range. The 410 slug is ballistically comparable to a 357 at best. A 444 Marlin is comparable to the 45-70, but trading some bullet weight for velocity.
  5. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga .243 Winchester convert?

    It would be as simple as a rebarreling, you'd just need to size the gas port correctly, and that might take a few iterations. Me, I'm thinking of doing a conversion to 6.5x55 Swede. No it won't fit in the factory magazines or unmodified action.
  6. BattleRifleG3

    CZ now importing the VZ 58

    I don't suppose a modification is possible to use AK mags. Has anyone asked this question and found a definitive answer?
  7. Managed to take my new Saiga-100 in 30-06 to the range FINALLY. It was after a long day in front of a computer and with plenty of evening appointments so it was anything but relaxed and deliberate. Didn't really get to practice good firing techniques worth squat. But it's not me that you particularly care to hear about, I'm sure. It's how the Saiga did. Well, taking into account that I basically couldn't shoot worth crap, it did pretty dang well. First mag - HXP ammo, Greek military production. Fed and ejected flawlessly. Second or third mag, in any case one mag early on - ONE failure to feed, and checking afterwards I don't think I put the magazine in all the way. Each time afterwards I gave it a good smack on the bottom and it was clear that it locked up firmly. No issues after that. Each successive mag fired without one hiccup. I shot several three shot groups rapidly, and much faster than any 30-06 I've ever seen except the M1 Garand. No, I didn't stop with the HXP ammo. I proceeded to shoot multiple magazines full of: Privi Partisan 180gr soft point ammo - no failures And here's the best part - 220gr Soft Point ROUND NOSE Remington ammo - NO FAILURES TO FEED or fire While I didn't get a chance to closely examine the action firing the heavier bullets, it didn't feel as though the bolt carrier slammed too hard with the heavier bullets, vs the Romak III that should be fed lighter bullets only. I may install a Blackjack buffer just to be on the safe side, but I don't have any worries about using the heaviest bullets. The ONLY round that I would firmly say you should NOT use in the Saiga-100 30-06 is Hornady's Light Magnum, which says explicitly NOT to use it in any semi-automatics. Recoil was nothing bad. I was using my sassafrass prototype stock with a hard plastic buttplate, so weight was pretty close to the original weight. It was more than my Saiga 308 with NATO ammo, but it appears as though my Saiga-308 has a heavier barrel. Not to mention heavier furniture, a machined aluminum mag well, and a 20rd G3 magazine. Plus the 30-06 ammo dose recoil more, even when ballistics are the same, because the mass of the powder being fired is heavier. Now when I switched to the 180gr and 220gr ammo, I did notice a fair increase in recoil, but it was still nothing bad. And again, that was with a hard buttplate. Slap on a limbsaver and a hardwood stock and it should be a piece of cake. Now for the groupings. Keep in mind that by most objective standards I am no good. And it was not a good day for me to shoot accurately. The range was 50yds. I fired many flyers getting used to the trigger, which was not bad but did need to be broken in. My groups seemed to be around an inch or an inch and a half. At 100yds these would be 2-3", which would be roughly 2-3MOA. My friend, a much more experienced shooter, fired two mags himself, both with the Greek HXP ammo. His target showed two groups that were maybe 0.75" to 1", depending on which shots you grouped. This would relate to 1.5-2MOA. Again, this is all using OPEN SITES. No scope at all. Not much technique either. I think I will eventually add a scout type scope and mount to the rear site of this rifle. 1.5MOA is the standard accuracy obtained from a Saiga-308, often with open sites and a good shooter pulling the trigger. Based on everything I have seen, the Saiga 30-06 is equal in accuracy to the Saiga-308 we know and love. This is exactly what I expected, as everything from the bolt forward is practically identical to the Saiga-308 in every functional sense. From all of my experiences and observations, the Saiga-100 in 30-06 lives up to the legacy set by its predecessors. Buy with confidence, and I hope to see another range report that puts mine to shame.
  8. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga-100 in 30-06 Range Report

    The 30-06 has only slightly more velocity than the 308 when shooting the lighter bullets, but it gets more of an edge with heavier bullets. It also does what it does at lower chamber pressures.
  9. I think that's a wood stock painted black.
  10. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga Furniture Options

    On Ironwood's site all I see are AK pattern handguards on a Saiga with a Saiga factory buttstock. Did they state somewhere that they're making full length replacement Saiga stocks?
  11. BattleRifleG3

    Range Report on the 444 Marlin

    I've been interested for some time. I realize the stack of orders is very high, so I was wondering if when there is an opening to take orders the 444 Marlin rebarreling is something we can currently order.
  12. BattleRifleG3

    New Saiga source!!

    I think what they're trying to do with the NFA categories is fit it into one category that trumps another. IE if something is already an SBS, it can't be an AOW too. Or if it is already an MG it can't also be an SBR, unless you transfer out the transferrable components. I guess what they're assuming is that if it's a DD, it can't also be an MG. I hope they do it in a manner that stays far clear of other Saigas when seeking a DD ruling for theirs.
  13. BattleRifleG3

    Robinson Armament XCR

    Very glad to see this rifle in someone's hands. How much did it set you back? The low quantities are making some real price gouging possible by some dealers.
  14. They're coming alright, but a bit delayed from original projections. I just wrapped up a few orders so the runway is a little more clear. Yours I'd estimate to be completed in November. To everyone who's patiently waiting, you have my thanks. And the reason I'm not taking new orders until the New Year, as much as I'd like to, is that the people who are already waiting need to be taken care of. I'm doing my darnedest to hold prices pretty steady in the midst of a turbulent economy, and one thing I don't do is throw additional charges at people after agreeing to a price. The one area that has to give is timeframe, which most people don't notice once their set is in and on their Saigas. And I'm sure folks will understand if time spent on the forums is the first thing to reduce in a crunch. The best way to get through to me is E-mail.
  15. BattleRifleG3

    +1 for Dinzag

    Dinzag was an excellent customer for a customized stock set. He also did great work on a customized item for me. Deal with confidence!
  16. BattleRifleG3

    Pictorial Writeup: Saiga-100 in 30-06

    I think I did one on another thread.
  17. BattleRifleG3

    .308 gets new clothes

    From the pictures I'd say you did a great job finishing the stock. Something I've found in stock making and finishing is that it's easy to white glove your own work and find things wrong with it, and you'll always find a high grade stock out there that will always look nicer. But compare it side by side to a lot of typical furniture and it looks pretty good.
  18. BattleRifleG3

    How they do that?

    The terms of the auction have changed so that the listed price covers all three mags. Not a bad deal anymore. But not a Tromix product either.
  19. Striker - Let's take this discussion to E-mail. Sending two payments to two people for the same items opens up an ugly can of worms. I prefer that you settle balance due with me and then collect payment from your buyer and authorize me to ship to his address. The advantage of me shipping it to your customer direct is that it ships only once.
  20. BattleRifleG3

    rsa is not the only game in town

    The angle of the picture may be deceiving, but that FCG almost looks as though the trigger and disconnector leave room for the hammer not to be retained if held in the right position. Actually, on second observation, it also looks like it's guaranteed to give major trigger slap, if the trigger hooks are supposed to fit in the notches on the sides of the hammer. An isometric view would be most helpful in putting my fears to rest.
  21. BattleRifleG3

    165" 100 .30-06?

    I think that is a typo. If FBMG doesn't have them in stock, Armsofamerica probably does. I'm a huge fan of the 22" version.
  22. BattleRifleG3

    Behavior Detection Officers

    Brilliant idea! This will last until terrorists find out about this security measure and then start masking their "micro-expressions".
  23. My main beef with ArfCom is the user unfriendliness of some of their features. They do have a reputation for being intolerant of noobs. There are a number of forums I have a high opinion of. They include the aforementioned AKForum, Gunco, GraybeardOutdoors, and Gunandgame. In my opinion what makes this forum good is the Saigas themselves and the firearm innovations of the people here, both professional and non. That and the specific expertise of the people here.
  24. BattleRifleG3

    SAIGA 100 .30-06?

    They could have easily made them in 2004 and taken this long to import them. Nothing wrong with the manufacturing date being much earlier than the importation date. The cross-receiver safety is a bit awkward, but I wouldn't hold that against it. If you find one at a price you can accept, I'd pick it up and see what can be done about the safety later.
  25. I'll take it. E-mail to be sent.