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  1. That brings up the subject of what the best weapon is for hunting trolls. Perhaps luring them into the sunlight?
  2. In this case, Bvamp, we're all with you. No one's impersonated me yet, but some people on a few forums in the past have said some ignorant things about me and what this guy did is just plain wrong. "wiener" and "butt" - I think both terms describe this troll well.
  3. Clearly you are making the laws far more complicated than they really are. Converting a Saiga 12 to P-grip is as easy as doing so to a Saiga 7.62x39mm. The difference is that the end result would violate the AWB if done to a Saiga 12. Factory option my arse. Any pump shotgun can have a p-grip under federal law as long as the barrel is >18" and total length >26" according to the NFA. You have the NFA and AWB here. AWB doesn't touch pumps, NFA only sets length specs. What other law are you talking about here?
  4. Indeed, a mildly skillful attempt, but a failed one. Ban the friggin troll!
  5. They keep promising them and promising them and they never get them in. They've been moving the date back for years now. I'm fed up.
  6. If I buy a Mossberg pump shotgun with a standard stock and put a p-grip on it, are you saying that it is illegal? ATF considers modification to be the creation of such a gun as you are modifying yours into. If Mossberg can make a pump shotgun with a P-grip, I can take their shotgun and p-grip it myself. If Valtro can legally make a pump shotgun with a detachable mag and pistol grip, I can take a Mossberg and do the same... If I figured out how to do it. If AK-USA can modify non-p-gripped Saiga rifles into semi-auto AK-103s with requisite US parts, so can I. If the AWB states that a semi-auto shotgun may have 1 of four listed features: p-grip, folding stock, detachable mag, >5rd fixed mag Then I can buy a Remington 1100 or a Charles Daly auto or a Beretta Auto and add a pistol grip. Are you suggesting that there are guns that are legal to be manufactured for us that we cannot legally manufacture ourselves? There are no borderline categories for those who know the law. The only borderline is what you do not know. The more you know, the more clear the line is.
  7. If you must have a hi-cap 308, buy a G3, CETME, or FAL variant. If you don't like the wood stock, Saiga 308s come with Synth furniture as well. And you can do a forend conversion, though with a little more work than the other chamberings. Consider also the ROMAK II/PSL/SSG chambered in 7.62x54R if you want a very com-bloc looking full powered rifle. They are now coming in 18" "paratrooper versions" which I think is a joke but you may find desireable. Trying to convert just to have a larger caliber will probably be less economical than buying a different gun. I have a Saiga 308 on the way and would like nothing more than to develop a hi-capacity conversion. One idea I had involved replacing the bar that crosses the receiver with an external brace integrated with a mag-well for G3 mags. If I end up doing it, that could be good news for many who want a 308 hi-cap AK. M14 mag conversions have been done, but are not the most sound for the Saiga.
  8. Almost any specific situation in which you would need a more powerful bullet than 7.62x39mm would be just as well served by a full power bolt gun or semi-auto. Full power means 308, 30-06, 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54R, and the like.
  9. The law you posted states that guns so described are assault weapons, and are illegal unless it was there before the ban. If it does not have two or more features, meaning it has one or less, or is not semi-auto, and if a rifle, does not have a detachable mag, it is a regular friggin rifle or shotgun. A 10-22 comes without a P-grip usually. Adding one means only one restricted feature and it's ok. Who in the world said you had to buy it that way? Are you saying I can buy something brand new from the factory that is illegal to make myself? That is totally bogus. If it's legal for me to buy new production, it's legal for me to produce myself. Does somebody need an FFL to put a pistol grip on a shotgun and sell it again? Could someone please step in here? Have I said anything that isn't correct here? The old saying seems to be proving true: Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded. I hope not to make a retard of myself.
  10. What you just said bears no resemblance to an actual law. There is NO law that says you may have two features. The laws either say ONE feature or NO features. On a semi-auto rifle with a detachable mag, that means one of: 1. Bayo lug 2. Flash hider 3. P-grip 4. Folding stock 5. Grenade Launcher On a semi-auto shotgun, that means one of: 1. Detachable mag 2. Fixed mag over 5rd 3. P-grip 4. Folding stock The Ban applies only to semi-automatics. As far as adding a p-grip, even to a pump... Are you suggesting that adding a p-grip stock to a 10-22 or a Mini-14 is making it no longer a rifle? Or that doing a Saiga rifle conversion to P-grip makes it no longer a rifle? Guns with pistol grips can still be fired from the shoulder. Such as ARs, AKs, and such.
  11. You sure you don't mean M1 Carbine instead of M1 Garand? I've seen such setups for the m1 carbine, to do so with the Garand is not just heresy, it's blasphemy!
  12. AR-15s have a pistol grip. They are legally rifles. AKs have pistol grips. They are legally rifles. They do not become illegal unless they have more than one listed restricted feature (P-grip is it) Do you post while drunk? Suggesting that adding a p-grip makes a gun no longer a rifle or shotgun throws out any exposure to common sense. Yes, you must be drunk.
  13. There is NO law saying that 12 or 20ga shotguns can't take >5rd mags. They just aren't imported for business reasons. Same reason Wal Mart won't wait 3 days for an instacheck to clear in the rarest of cases. Has to be instant, and that's their private decision. No pistol grips during hunting season is a HUNTING law. It has nothing to do with ownership. PA restricts hunting shotguns to 2+1rd, and no semi-auto rifles or pistols are allowed for hunting. But you can buy all the AKs, ARs, extended tube shotguns, compact pistols, assault pistols, etc etc etc for recreational, defensive, pest control, and competitive use, just not use them for hunting. Take a pistol grip shotgun hunting and you'll have trouble with the game warden, NOT THE ATF. All he can do is restrict your hunting or fine you for what you do while hunting or in hunting land. He can't touch what you own in your home. Any rifle above 50 cal without a sporting exemption is a DD. Period. 12ga rifle bored Mossberg 500, Rem 870, etc are SHOTGUNS. Yes, RIFLED SHOTGUNS. Yes, it's wild. But remember in the civil war they called their arms "rifled muskets"
  14. BattleRifleG3


    I contemplated doing that with my Saiga 20, but decided my interestes would be better served letting that chambering and that shotgun go, and instead planning my Auto-Musket Freakish conversion. You may be better served with a Saiga 20, particularly due to your affinity for the AK. When considering costs, perhaps consider the price difference for a 12ga model with a cylinder barrel.
  15. BattleRifleG3


    That's been the subject of debate. Saiga 20 is fixed full choke. The debate is whether slugs should be fired in a fixed full choke or whether they will, after time, cause over pressure and a KB! One option is to shorten the barrel to something over 18" down from 22". That would leave less choke if any and slugs should be fine. I chose not to risk it and didn't shoot slugs in my Saiga 20. NRAJOE, if my friend changes his mind, I'll let you know.
  16. What you have NEVER qualified is your allegation that >5rd mags are illegal to use in a semi-auto shotgun, 12ga, 20ga, 12000ga, whatever. All you do is repeat the allegation. It makes my head want to explode.
  17. BattleRifleG3


    I may use a 410 as freakish conversion material, but would have to find out other stuff first.
  18. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga 20

    CDNN wholesales Saiga 12s at $199, Add $15 or less shipping and $20-25 FFL fee and you may equal the price of the 20ga after tax (and transfers shouldn't be taxed) www.cdnninvestments.com
  19. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga 20

    Yes, you can do the P-grip conversion after the ban dies. If I had an FFL, I'd say send it my way and I'll do it for you.
  20. BattleRifleG3


    Saiga 410 offers choke options and standard Saiga rifle forend. Saiga 20 shotgun has more shotgunlike round textured forend and a fixed full choke. Ammo will be cheaper for the 20, but you can't use slugs in it as is due to the choke. I have a 20ga that is earmarked for a friend when he gets the money, otherwise I'd try to sell it to ya.
  21. I want!!! Hope they work for a Saiga Conversion, please people, do tell.
  22. And this law is where? This is a common suspicion, that ATF will in the future make such rulings, but they have done no such thing with the Saiga. Only the USAS-12 and one by Beretta were classified as DDs, along with the Streetsweeper and Strikers. They were banned by name, their features were not. You keep repeating your statements on shotgun mag capacity laws. You know what I want, Bvamp. I'm waiting. Find me the damned law.
  23. I only commented in case you wanted to compete with CDNN's prices. I wasn't aware of their shortage. You can ask whatever price you want and we can choose to buy or not. That's capitalism. It should be noted that CDNN charges a flat shipping rate of $10. If you buy $500 of stuff that's a bargain. If you buy $70 of stuff that's normal. If you buy one magazine, You save $1 by going with New2Saiga's deal. If you buy two, you save $4 by going with CDNN. If you're willing to pay $4 extra to get them sooner, then go for it. If you buy other stuff in such bulk that shipping from CDNN is widely distributed, and are willing to wait for CDNN to get them back in stock, then do that. Course if you buy in that kind of bulk, the price difference is probably chicken scratch.
  24. Getting 308 to fit in the AK-100 action is a real engineering feat that includes a specially designed magazine to feed it. Adapting other mags to fit this rifle or adapting the rifle for such mags is a tall order to still be safe and legal. I will soon have a Saiga 308 so I may have ideas when I get it.
  25. The question is how overbuilt is the Saiga 410? I did some calculations and found that based on pressure, a 444 Marlin would require as strong a bolt as a 7.62x39mm. 44 Rem Mag is of course far lower.
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