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  1. Thank you, Ky Soldier! I want to give you a great big hug and bow in thanks to you for FINALLY posting an ACTUAL LAW. Bvamp, I can't stand this "yes it is" "no it isn't" crap. You see the law before you, right here. If you are saying there's a law against flash hiders on shotguns, pistols, or manually operated rifles, on the federal level, you ought to at least remember where you heard it. And Billy Bob Bubba in the boonies who can't read or remember worth a darn doesn't count. There is so much crap out there that people make up to make life simpler for themselves, cause they can't remember details. They can follow whatever rles they want, but I'm sick of the uneducated trying to instruct the educated. Now I'm not calling those who disagree with me uneducated, I'm saying if you are you should remember where you learned it from.
  2. Can anyone tell me where that grip is from? Looks beautiful.
  3. I just checked, and the Street Sweeper is what I was thinking about, is the Striker different?
  4. Where, for crying out loud, where is the law that says this? I'm waiting. I thought it was double action, or some sort of autorevolver, but I could be wrong.
  5. For the love of all that is good and decent, WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIND THIS LAW? The flash hider issue ONLY applies to SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES with a DETACHABLE MAGAZINE. Find me a federal law that says otherwise and I will grovel at your feet for forgiveness. I'm waiting. Find me the damned law.
  6. That really helps, thanks! So if I get a 16" Saiga 7.62x39, I could probably get about 2MOA? And doing a P-grip conversion wouldn't affect that at all? For an AK, I can live with that.
  7. I believe we should follow the laws of this country unless they compel us to act against our conscience, but the laws just plain don't say what Bvamp said. I'm glad to know that's not the majority opinion here. I just love it when people say things that I can't put a flash hider and bayonet lug on a bolt action rifle. Actually, no I don't. I hate it and maybe I should stop assuming that I don't know something, someone else does. Cause when I ask on a small detail of a law I mostly understand, someone will botch the whole darned thing. Don't you wish BATF, who I'm sure monitors these forums at times, took the trouble to explain the laws?
  8. How do the 7.62x39mm models do when scoped?
  9. This one is $40 at CDNN. I got one with my Saiga 20 and it fits great. Have yet to fire it though. I believe they fit any AK with a side rail.
  10. Thank you so much. I've been trying to find out how to do this forever. I'll try it next chance I get.
  11. "unfotunately, i seem to recall part of assault rifle classification also having that ANY firearm with a flash suppressor is illegal, and ANY firearm with a threaded muzzle, pistol, rifle, shotgun, is illegal as well. anything postban the law says has to be pinned and welded to the muzzle. but i dont see it on the shotgun section dude pasted there. that seems to me like once you add features like a pistol grip or clip to a shotty, it is falling into that category, and the rifle laws fall into place on it too. " WHERE, for the love of all that is good and decent, WHERE do you get these ideas? I really don't mean to be rude, but I HAVE READ the assault weapon ban, I HAVE READ ATF letters on the subject, and I HAVE NEVER seen any actual documentation that: a.) adding features to a shotgun makes rifle laws apply b.) the assault weapon ban applies to ANYTHING that is not semi-automatic, with a couple of named exceptions like the Mossberg Bullpup and revolving cylinder shotguns FACTS: a.) A threaded muzzle for a flash hider is ONE of FIVE features listed for RIFLES and for PISTOLS in the AWB, out of which you can have ONE, WITH a detachable magazine, and still be legal. b.) Flash hiders, threaded barrels, and bayonet lugs ARE NOT listed under shotguns under the AWB. Now if you're talking about the import ban, then you're talking about a very fluid and hazy law, the point of which is that BATF can cut imports on anything whenever they like, and that you can't get around that simply by assembling all those imported parts in this country. I do not mean to be rude or abrasive, but such things as I have quoted above are so far from reality that it makes me want to cry.
  12. You can buy a weaver rail mount that attaches to the siderail for $40. Then you can put any other scope on there, including red dots. You can easily total under $100 and have more versatility. Go to gunsnet.net to find buyers for your older mount.
  13. I think you must have misprinted there... You're allowed only ONE such feature, not two. It says that a semi-shotgun is illegal if it has two or more.
  14. The P-90 style is a great piece of work in computer imaging. However, such a thing if actually done would be such an abominable bastardization I couldn't stand to look at it. Then again I'm one guy who doesn't like the P90. The K-Var type setup looks cool and promising, but I doubt you could legally get a non-pistol grip grip. If you hold it beneath the action, I think they'd call it a P-grip. A thought I just had would be if they were able to make an action short enough to be buttstock length, and put both forend and rear grip along the barrel axis. The barrel would have to be a bit long though. In order to give the grip as vertical a profile as possible, you could change to a direct impingement system instead of a piston. But by that time you would have something cloter to an AR than an AK and unfeasible on the Saiga platform. Ver cool concept altogether, I think it's great that people are thinking of this
  15. Foregrip = AOW ONLY on pistols. Nor rifles or shotguns. See many tactical pump shotguns.
  16. I've been looking EVERYWHERE to find out how to remove the handguard. Now I though that little button isn't it. Anyone know how?
  17. I'd like to see what they look like. Any pics anywhere?
  18. WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE??? Where in the world does it say you can't have more than five rounds in a Saiga mag legally? Interpreting the AWB that way is false, but I suspect you're not referring to the AWB, but to some DD classification. BUT WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES THAT COME FROM??? People say that frequently but NO ONE has EVER shown me ANY DOCUMENTATION that there's ANYTHING wrong with Saiga mags over 5 rounds. ALL I EVER see is: "yes it is" "no it isn't" "Oh, you want to break the law?" "I'm not breaking the law, there's nothing illegal about it" "You might think it's ok to break the law, but..." "Where is this law?" "he said she said his brother's uncle's father's nephew's formoer rommate said... I can't find the link... BUT IT'S ILLEGAL!!!!" "I don't believe you" "Maybe you want to live in a cell next to Bubba, you'll get many years for this crime! I clearly tell you the law and you don't listen!" If the next response gives me some better idea of what the law ACTUALLY STATES and not what everybody seems to be saying, hopefully eventually leading to some sort of verifiable source of the ACTUAL LAW, then you have my sincerest thanks and apologies for my rant, but I think it's understandable that when I NEVER get an answer to the question of WHERE IS THE LAW, I get this frustrated and angry at those who say it without substantiation.
  19. I just got me a Saiga 20 and would like to refinish the stock to be something different. I'm thinking reddish brown to match a recoil pad I have. In order to do that, I'll need to take the stock and forend off. So how do I do that?
  20. True, because no one makes them available. I'd like to see your sources. The Crime Bill lists a FIXED mag of over 5rds as a 1 in 4 feature, and a DETACHABLE mag as another. There is no possible way to have both at once. Concerning DD classification, I know shotguns have in the past been classified as DDs, but where is the ruling that inserting a mag over 5rds makes it one?
  21. I've been wondering about the Saiga 20 being suitable to my purposes and those of my friends, and I wonder what variety of ammo it can take. Anyone tried shooting skeet loads to slugs to buck? Anyone try any freak loads? Anyone know the factory recommended loads? How about accuracy with rifled slugs? Anyone know of anything one SHOULDN'T do with it/to it?
  22. When I heard that Saigas were coming out in 30-06, I thought it would just be a longer, more reinforced version of the 308 model as it is of the others. But then I went to eaacorp.com and saw how drastically different they would look. I must say they look nice, but not like the rich conversion material that the other Saigas are. Also look a bit more expensive. I can totally see them blowing away the market for Remington 7400s, and maybe taking a chomp out of the BAR, but they look a bit more expensive and harder to modify than the others, however nice. A few of us at AK-47.net wanted to see BAR mag conversions, likely not having seen what the 100s would look like. So has anyone seen more of these than I did at eaacorp.com? Anyone know how hard they'd be to modify and make US compliant? Or what exactly has been changed besides simple cosmetics?
  23. I don't have a Saiga, but they're priced very well and I'm wondering how accurate they are. I'm thinking with a scope. And I'm thinkin 223 more likely than 7.62x39mm. My prior experience is with a G3, unscoped SKSs, and an M1 Garand (as far as autos go).
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