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  1. Looking to buy an awesome wood stock. Anyone know if BattleRifleG3 is still making these?






    I'm still at it, but time available is less since I have a full time day job.


    I'm not on any forums as much these days for the same reason. E-mail is the best way to reach me, though it sometimes takes a while for a response. If a fast response is needed, the furniture definitely won't be done fast enough either. My furniture is definitely for the very patient.


    I'm working on ways to serve as many people as possible, so more changes in terms and priorities are in process. The Obama/Pelosi scare put a high priority on sets for converted S12s, but I think that factor's levelling off.


    I don't list sets for sale on this forum because I'm not up to a business member level of business. Just a regular member with an appreciation for Saigas and something small to offer to others.

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  2. 45 ACP and 9mm have the same kinetic energy. 9mm gets it on account of KE = 1/2 * m * V^2, ie its velocity compensates for lack of mass in situations where KE matters. 45 ACP has it beat on momentum.


    Interesting factoid is that some 9mm hollowpoints mushroom out to 45 diameter. What that generally means is that for shallow, soft targets (ie center of mass, not necessarily bone or dense muscle), a 9mm hollowpoint would approximate the performance of a 45 FMJ.


    Against hard/brittle objects, or thick, or dense objects, it gets more complicated.


    In the real world, a pistol you're comfortable with and that works well makes more of a difference. I happen to be very comfortable with a full size 45 in 1911, and a mid-size Steyr M40. I'm not as comfortable with any particular 9mm.

  3. Pittsburgh is a city but pretty well balanced for a city. The Democrats that always end up in local government get a little power hungry, as does the school system. They're now suspending students for being late to class in response to some gang violence.


    But the state has local gun law preemption and shall-issue CCW. Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) issues more CCW permits than any other county in the country (though I'm sure Texas splits its major metro areas into multiple counties.) We probably have a relatively high number of urban hicks and conservative academics.


    Sorry, had. As not-bad as it may have been, I got myself out of there and never looked back. Now I breathe clean air and get sick every time I re-enter the city.

  4. A double stacked mag for rimmed straight walled cartridges could happen with the right geometry. However, the machining to actually hold that geometry would make the mags expensive (machined bar stock) and the machinery to make them would be even more expensive.


    Then add to the equation that you're taking a double stack mag and feeding into single stack. And not in a simple triangular shape like most pistol mags. No, in order to clear the Saiga mag well it would have to feed into a straight single stack. Closest thing I'm aware of is the double stack Makarov mags.


    So yes, it could be done. I can tell you that as a mildly experienced engineer. But the question at this point isn't just how much it would cost - it's how much you would pay someone like me to take the time just to estimate how much it would cost.


    A drum, on the other hand, is generally single stack by definition. Even the AK drum mags feed single stack through one side of the mag. It's almost a linear feeding device, just bent 360 degrees. Moulded out of plastic it costs much less than a double stack 20 would. And it exists already.

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  5. I prefer the Saiga handguard to a typical AK front end. More area to hold onto, more flexibility to where you hold it. I never liked the feel AKs much, but convinced myself to buy a Saiga X39. After conversion, I was amazed and concluded that a Saiga with P-grip conversion was the ideal tactical carbine.


    To each his own. Folks who leave their factory handguards behind make them available for other projects, like AMD pistols.

  6. If the aluminum isn't actually bearing the bolt force, if it's machined correctly, and if it's manually opperated, there shouldn't be any drawback to using it in a shotgun receiver.


    Mossbergs are my favorite. Others I've used include Remington 870, Stevens, and Browning BPS.


    I handled a Rem 870 at Cabelas and handed it back immediately. That action was rougher than I could ever imagine. I'm talking grinding while cycling. The Browning for 30% more was sorely tempting, but my Mossbergs will keep me satisfied as far as I can imagine.

  7. Tony did one AK style conversion but kept the factory mag. It is NOT a good candidate for conversion to BAR mags due to feed lip style. It could be done (modding the mags, not the gun for unmodified mags), but it would be so much work that making a fresh mag would make more sense.


    A board member successfully developed a fresh metal S-308 mag. That would be the way to do it.

  8. First I've ever seen a convex curve on the front. Very interesting.


    Do they call it a SAW grip themselves? I consider the flat sides flared style used by TAPCO to be the definitive SAW style. I have a style I call SAW that lacks the grooves but has a similar profile to TAPCOs. This one is the opposite, different profile, just the same grooves as Tapco.

  9. You have to majorly chop the mag or majorly modify the gun. If you're going to modify a gun, you had better know how to do it safely and in a manner that doesn't mess up reliability.


    When it wasn't legal to majorly mod a hi cap mag, I converted my rifle for a mildly (legally) modified mag. It worked but had tradeoffs. Ultimately I think there are better tradeoffs to be achieved.


    At some point it becomes easier to design and build a new rifle.

  10. BattleRifleG3 did a set for a S-12 Cobra did up for my son. Do a search of his work. He made stock sets for most Saigas. Haven't heard him on here in awhile. :smoke:

    I'm still around, making stocks for the very patient.


    Glad to see the Russian stocks making their way in. Lots of people asked me to make duplicates which I'm not equipped to do, so now they can get just what they want and I can focus more on my original designs.


    When I finally get around to doing some stock sets for myself, I hope to share some pics of some interesting stuff.

  11. No, but I've seen their price drop about 40% since coming out. Apparently they weren't everything they were cracked up to be. Inspecting one in person, it didn't seem that bad, at least for a shooter. I like the safety, extractor, and 3 lug bolt, and the stock with integral studs isn't bad either. I'm tempted to pick one up at current prices as long as they have full warranty support.

  12. The warpage of any material is proportional to its thickness, even if inletted seriously. The multi-piece sets of AKs, including Saigas, make this less of an issue. The general crudeness of the AK even more so.


    I make stocks out of oak all the time. Used to use while oak because it was supposedly stronger, but it's cracked on me much more than red oak. I recommend a heavy sealing finish. Hard to get a clear polyurethane finish (it's a little bit yellow by nature), but a red tinted finish would probably turn out well. Polycrilic can be clear but doesn't take moisture as well.

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