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  1. I just can't warm up to a zinc alloy slide or whatever else is made of zinc.
  2. A millimeter thick stamped receiver spec has been the standard since 1959 for AKM type rifles. You might be confusing either milled receiver ak47 versions or RPK 1.5-1.6mm receivers. The original AK47 in the 1940s Type one had a stamped receiver, but because of manufacturing problems they used a milled version untill they could work out the issues. If your comparing chinese or yugo rifles, they had a different mil spec and are not typical of an original AKM. Russian Vepr rifles in 7.62x39 are based off of the RPK concept and these have much heavier barrels and a thicker receiver of 1.5mm. Th
  3. Precise enough even with crappy inaccurate ammo to consistently sail a bullet into someone's eyesocket at 30 yards. Whether someone can make use of that level of precision is based on skill.
  4. Salts CAN NOT be neutralized. Acids can be neutralized. Bases can be neutralized. Neutralizing an acid or a base produces a salt. http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/183neutral.htm Corrosive ammo is corrosive because it results in salt residues, NOT acid NOR base residues. Salts are ionic compounds which can dissolve in water. Hot water would have the best dissolving ability. Oil will not dissolve salts but will prevent or minimize the reactive nature of the salt which draws moisture from the air which would lead to corrosion. You can either remove the salt entirely and be d
  5. Salt residue needs to be flushed with water. When you sweat and observe salt crystals on your skin do you run to spray yourself with windex or head for the shower? If you get salt on your steel knives, forks, or spoons in the kitchen, do you hose your flatwear with windex or wash them? Hotter water works even faster.
  6. I got ahold of some Tula 122 gr hp , sorry no 124 gr Tula in my area yet. I compared it to an old Wolf 122 gr laquered cartridge, Mil Classic 8m3, and 1990s Uly Blue Label 8m3. I also did a needle probe and the Tula has the prefail cuts. I also did a depth comarison.
  7. Enough complaint emails to Tula might stop the poly crap coating. Attention Tula. The poly coating is garbage and is not helping anything. Please make the same 7.62x39 124 grain hollow point ammunition with laquered cases and mil spec sealant. info@tulammousa.com 110 N. IH-35 Suite 315-PMB #186 Round Rock, TX 78681 888-317-5810 | Fax: 512-218-8473
  8. Would a soft point mushrooming and cutting a hole that you can fit two fingers through be more effective than a hollow point that explodes and hollows out a fist size hole? 7n6 carries the poison bullet name, but 8m3 might as well be called "El Diablo"
  9. There are several factors to consider here. Checking powder types and powder weights would take a long time. Since saigas are basically modified ak74 mechanisms, the ak74 mil spec rounds would serve as an ideal mil spec model. Suppose someone observes how far a 5.45x39 saiga ejects 7n6 from the rifle. A 7.62x39 saiga should have nearly the same cycle speed and ejection distance. This sets a standard control. If 7n6 ejects 15 ft away on average, then any commercial 7.62x39 load should not eject any farther away. It would be good to note that even though many would consider muzzle exit ve
  10. A factory installed adjustable gas block sort of like the Saiga 12 or more like a multi level similar to a FAL might help with tuning the gas system to the specific load. Can anyone be 100% certain that their favorite loads are not overgassing the cycle and beating the hell out of their gun. The argument can be made that if it needed a gas regulator the original AK47, AKM, AK74M, or etc would have been designed that way. The problem is that a specific mil spec issue load is also designed around the original systems and a commercial NON mil spec load may increase the gas pressure at the gas bl
  11. Well, I read the open letter and it makes perfect sense. 122 gr hp has been a Tula made long boattail bullet that the Wolf label used. 123 gr hollowpoint was always a bear bullet. 124 gr hp was Uly since the whilte box label/sapsan/mil classic. Vympel is golden tiger but no current hp offering in the USA. A Uly 8m3 bullet in a Vympel loaded golden tiger laquered case would be absolutely awesome. The dream team. Dear Great TULAMMO USA Customer, In connection with our ongoing promotion and support of TULAMMO products, we want to be sure that all of our customers are aware of the types o
  12. Funny, mine looks different from a 74 bolt carrier. Jim could your verify this for sure? I know they work for the 7.62x39, 5.45, and .223 saiga versions. I don't have a .308 version yet otherwise I would have documented this with pictures.
  13. Just as a reminder, a new replacement bolt must headspace with a gap no wider than 0.003 of an inch or the rifle can blow up in your face. Headspacing requires adjusting the barrel position within the front trunnion. The new replacement bolt must also be checked for lug to trunnion lockup. The separate bolt lugs must make solid contact with the trunnion mating surface otherwise one lug will bear all the rear chamber thrust and at some point will crack and guess what could happen next? Bolts are not drop in ready parts and will probably require plenty of fitting. AK74 carriers should work in a
  14. A saiga is not an AK47 and actually there are very few AK 47s in America. Most of the AK lineage rifles in the USA are based on the AKM pattern which is newer and a bit different. Saigas are an AK lineage weapon system, but more similar to the AK 74/AK100 type pattern which is like comparing a model T(AK47) to a modern Mustang (AK100). The picture below is an original AK 47 Type 1 select fire issued in 1951. The small refinements over 60 years make the differences. The newest generation the Russians are working on currently feature hinged dust covers with rails and a special counter balanced d
  15. I am having to guess that the new ammo is coming in boxes marked WPA. I have not been able to get a hold of a WPA Mil Classic HP box or a Tula 124 gr HP box. I have both, where are you located? PM sent Just to reaffirm whether anyone wants to check: The easy check method is to center punch shoot 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water. The jugs should expode pretty dramatically more than any other Russian ammo type and there should be fragmented bullet pieces which will be strong evidense.
  16. I didn't know getting spare saiga parts was that difficult. I guess I better keep my spare parts.
  17. I am having to guess that the new ammo is coming in boxes marked WPA. I have not been able to get ahold of a WPA Mil Classic HP box or a Tula 124 gr HP box.
  18. Of all the Russian import ammo bullet designs, 8m3 has the most effective terminal performance. Hornady plastic tip 7.62x39 is the American equivalent for all practical purposes. http://www.youtube.com/user/my762buzz#p/a/u/0/mhyZ9ZoPJ90
  19. This ammo is has been getting nearly impossible to locate lately. I managed to find a local store with a case of the ammo with this particular printed box. Has this box print been discontinued? I checked the hollowpoints and the jacket ridges are inside. This is 8m3 for sure. I have no way of getting a manufacture date. Does anyone have a different printed box for WPA MC HP? I been trying for months to find any and this is all I could. The big online stores are sold out.
  20. The hand fitted parts could be off by just enough. One gas block might be pinned/dimpled a few millimeters closer to the chamber than the previous one. Human error is still obvious to spot whenever a slightly canted front sight makes its way to gun shops. I have considered trying to bleed off excess gas to adjust accordingly, but there is no easy fix.
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