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  1. When getting ready to fire it make sure the gas chamber and firing pin hole hole are bone dry.
  2. Oddly the one wavelength that humans see best at night is green 505 nm. The weapon laser and optic market has banked on this lately. I been seeing green headlights now and then. Pretty fucking extreme.
  3. I plan on testing out some red lense snow/ski googles. Red light from a night flash will not temporarily blind you. Keeping my rifle perfectly aimed for fast double or triple taps would be my priority. Red goggles will help whether you shoot a rifle, handgun, or shotgun. I keep all 3 types for home defense and can't rationalize putting a flash hider on my shotgun or pistol so the goggles would cover these too.
  4. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a Master Rifle

  5. I usually try to aim for objectivity when comparing products but I think it is nearly impossible to come off as objective because when money is a factor it draws very subjective feelings. Someone always seems to get upset or offended. Sorry if this is the case.
  6. This was the main reason why Aimpoint won out with me over EOTech. I just leave it on all the time. That alone is much to love about it. If I could get a decent AA battery for $0.50 each, with about 10 hours of battery life being maybe the most on some cheap dot optic 50,000 hours would require 5,000 batteries at $0.50 so I would need $2500 to get the same performance time. All of a sudden the cheap optic option does not look so cheap anymore.
  7. Not to mention that because the government uses it, everyone else HAS to have one, which raises demand, which raises the price. I'm not saying they don't make a quality optic, but my cheap Bushnell has held up for over 1000 rounds for 1/5 the price, and is still running on the original battery. A good part of what you're paying for is that brand name and prestige (social demand), not just the quality that comes with the product. If Aimpoint built a better Beanie Baby, it would still be just a Beanie Baby (social hysteria be damned). For me, the utility didn't justify the price. That bei
  8. LOL Mag whores will all agree 100 percent about keeping your mag stash as big as possible. I am a proud early stage degenerative mag whore. You can't ever have too much ammo or too many quality mags. This thread just reminded me that I need some more mags for my stash.
  9. I used several different optics in the past and when it comes to red dots they are not all made exactly the same. The cheap chinese walmart specials might as well have elmers glue holding the internals in place and all it takes is just enough recoil force shock or heat to shake or melt them loose. If such has managed to last a while on your AK, consider yourself lucky. Here is just a few things to consider about this topic. Aimpoint : - invented the red dot sight system more than 30 years ago - they have a parallax free dot system and where ever you place the dot that is where the bulle
  10. You can permanently make it a long gun with a stock and 16 inch barrel as far as the federal government is concerned. This is not reversible without a stamp. There are plenty of tech branch letters stating this. Obviously, the barrel must be lengthened first then a stock. The NFA only says that you can't make a pistol from a rifle but does not state that you can't make a rifle from a pistol. Now, if a state law somewhere has another issue with this, that is entirely different. But, I am assuming that you mean in terms of federal law.
  11. I am not sure this had anything to do with this but I have not seen it posted before even though it was last year and it might help someone so here goes. http://www.centuryarms.com/notice/Draco%20Warning%20Notice%20Century%20Arms.pdf May 2009 Re: HG1916-N Draco Pistol WARNING AND NOTICE It has come to our attention that some Draco pistols may exhibit intermittent hammer and sear engagement. In order to correct this issue, we are replacing the hammer and sear on all Draco pistols. Century will cover all shipping and repair costs associated with this program. A failure to upgrade t
  12. Yes it is ok. Going in the reverse direction has been the problem but never longer.
  13. There is no federal maximum barrel length requirement for a pistol. Some states do have such a regulation. There are not too many made like that but they do exist and Uberti makes a 18 inch barrel revolver which would most likely be illegal to own in only those states. http://www.uberti.com/firearms/revolver_carbine_and_buntline.php
  14. The deer in that picture was shot by a member of another board. He dropped took his deer from 278 yards with 7.62x39 but using a nosler ballistic tip ammo. http://thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=405210
  15. Taurus could take the stock off and market this as the supreme court judge with an 18 inch barrel.
  16. To break JB weld off heating the part 300-400 degrees will soften it enough to allow this but this temperature can also untemper steel springs like the recoil rod spring, extractor spring, disconnector spring, etc. I have not tried this yet by regular crazy glue is suppose to hold well enough to near 200 degrees F and that temperature should not damage spring heat temperance. Blue 241 removable Threadlocker can also be removed at about 230 degrees.
  17. Good news. I just called. A female sales person went to go check for sure said it was actually 124 gr so it was a mistake when someone else wrote the description.
  18. That guy was off balance and the shove is way above his center of gravity. .700 nitro is fairly close to .50 BMG in momentum. The 50 BMG demo shot on the mythbusters show barely pushed the test dummy back a few inches. To knock someone over mass is the better mechanism. What is more likely to knock you over hitting your body armor plate with a fast speeding bullet or throwing a bowling ball at your chest?
  19. Damm now I hope that AIM just had a typo on their ammo description of 122 gr.
  20. The big clue is where it says 124 grain hp Regular wolf black box is 122 hp and bear hp is 123 There is no 124 hp other than 8m3 I am aware of in russian commercial ammo at least not lately in the past few years. Unless something changes in Russia, 124 hp means 8m3, 123 bear hp, and 122 is wolf black box. These numbers never change for russian hp ammo. However, full metal jacket ammo does not apply to this basic rule.
  21. Wideners might still have old stock left and not replaced it with the newest batch from the wolf importer. If ordering anymore, definitely confirm that it is 124 gr with the sales person. Once the old stock runs out, all the distributors are going to sell the new crappy 122 gr hp unless of course it is only a temporary change because the factory 8m3 machines are being fixed or serviced or whatever.
  22. I hope to call WOlf ammo on tueday and ask if this is now a permanent change. If so, I may need to buy as much as I can find of the older 124 grain hp at the next gunshow.
  23. I just checked a typical wolf 122 gr, bear 123 gr, and MC 124 gr. The MC 124 had the shallowest hole. So if the hole is shallower in the new MC load bullet, it might not even be any of the previous 3 bullet types. Something new pehaps.
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