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  1. I have seen other people's measurements that indicate .220 for a pulled bullet which is smaller than a .222 rimfire but still .22 caliber.
  2. Want to see the cheap 5.45 become illegal to sell? Y'all keep it up. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=147338473 Whoever JD Tactical is hes making that more likely to happen by actually building them. One just sold on gunbroker 2 weeks ago. I have started to spot these more often in the past 3 years. Unfortunately, because its such a taboo issue to even discuss theres too many people unaware that they should not buy or build one.
  3. Yikes. Another stupid federal law. Well, I love my cheap 5.45 ammo. I'll do my part to keep it legal. Mums the word. Making such pistols is the problem and not talking about why they should not be made is another.
  4. Why is that? I thought AK pistols (in 7.62x39) were standard items now. The problem is steel core ammo is politically incorrect for handguns according to the antigun lawmakers. The worry is that if some real weapons distributor began to make these the powers that be might ban any further importation and sale of steel core surplus 5.45 .
  5. Why is that? I thought AK pistols (in 7.62x39) were standard items now. I was hoping for a decent discussion on what is lacking on certain other AK boards that don't seem to warn the few home builders to not make these. No one seems to want to discuss that though.
  6. Ok pictures deleted. No one wants to discuss why no one is advising them not to build these.
  7. I think brown or silver bear should be the same other than the laquer versus zinc coating. Either should work about the same.
  8. Hornady .310 123 gr vmax are not varmint bullets. Hornady purposely designed them to give an optimum terminal effect in human tissue from a 7.62x39 cartridge average velocity. Right from the double tap site: http://www.doubletapammo.com/php/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=267 A very good expanding round for personal defense and small to medium game for your 7.62x39! The best round available for personal defense for your 7.62x39! Super accurate and really hits hard. I don't even think anything else even comes close other than corbon loadings. These bullets have been in
  9. I bought a tapco stock for a conversion but quickly realized the stock insert does not properly press against the rear trunnion like the saiga factory stock or the kvar does. This would mean the 1mm receiver edge would bear the full recoil impulse upon firing instead of the lower trunnion step as the design intended. It may not matter over the long run but I felt why take a chance and ordered a kvar stock. The tapco stock does fit my Bulgarian AKM clone perfect, but my saiga does not have the same rear trunnion dimensions as my AKM clone. Has anyone else avoided the tapco stock because of
  10. Thats highway robbery. You can get get mil spec surplus 30 round capacity AK mags for $10 or less. 2 mags may not be enough either. More is better. I am just getting started collecting quality magazines and if there is ever another major ban on these many people are going to wish they stocked up back when they were cheap and easy to find.
  11. Well I got ahold of some Brown Bear HP. I got a new scope mount on the way also. When I get out to shoot again, I plan on using water juggs with colored water to make it esier to see.
  12. If you seal the crack with clear nail polish, there will not be a crack. Why would oil make a gun rust? Rust is actually iron combining with oxygen. Any barrier like paint will block out oxygen from reaching iron. If your that worried, just don't use corrosive ammo. Use Wolf, Bear, Golden Tiger, or Purple Monkey. Any commercial ammo does not have corrosive primers.
  13. Very surprising to see the 12 gauge slug outperform the .308. It could be that the glass was already compromised from the other hits though. There is an LEO on another board that once posted about how some badguy was running from the him and hid behind a dumpster refusing to give up. One of his fellow LEO's went to his truck and pulled out a .45-70 rifle and fired at the dumpster. The bullet went all the way through and hit the wall behind the dumpster. The badguy immmediately came out and surrendered. I want to see someone pull that off with a .308,.30-06, 7.62x54, or .30
  14. Well if your really worried you can always seal off the bullet guide and all surfaces it touches with some paint, epoxy,or other coating. Clear nail polish is cheap and easy to apply. Coat the trunnion, the guide, the screw, then screw it down tight and coat the crevices. Cheap protection thats easy to reapply and if your married she won't bitch about the house smelling like paint because she might be used to that nail polish smell.
  15. All saiga rifles feed from a double stack magazine. You might be thinking of sks single stack stripper clips.
  16. This is the most eye opening penetration test I have seen yet. http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/bot6.htm
  17. Mr. Woods is awesome. He sure knows his product, market, and is a heck of a nice guy.
  18. Yes, I had to file both of the ones I got. I only had to file the sides. Of course, I also had to drill holes for the two screws. It's a pain and took a while, but ultimately I like it better than the Tapco one that slid right in. It's more solidly connected to the receiver, and would stay in even without the two screws on top. (I filed mine only enough to barely be able to get it all the way in). I'd trust it better not to break in two after a walloping buttstroke. The tapco stock that I have tried does not seem to press against the saiga inner trunnion properly. It fits properly in
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