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  1. Iam from AZ and dont know how she got elected to start with!!!!! She didn't get elected. Chairman O appointed her. she was in ofice in AZ as AG before O came along. I see what your saying. I misconnected your statement to her current position. Sorry about that.
  2. The barrel won't cool down very much in 15 seconds. If you space out 5 minutes between shots it might make a larger difference. You got the right idea about Saiga barrels being well made. They are new factory barrels unlike some other guns that have old and possibly near worn out bores (Wasr cough cough) which is only going to hurt accuracy. Nice range report.
  3. Iam from AZ and dont know how she got elected to start with!!!!! She didn't get elected. Chairman O appointed her.
  4. I wish there was a do it yourself kit. I love the photo perfect camo dips but don't really want to ship out to have it done. To many bad experiences with UPS has made me really avoid shipping.
  5. The main difference between a russian 7.62x39 FMJ and a russian 7.62x39 HP is a pin hole at the front with maybe the possibility of having a slightly less dense lead/other metal mix in certain hollow points. US domestic hollow points and soft points are much more different than the russian versions. In the past 10 years I have not seen one documented case of 7.62x39 passing through level 3 or 4 armor which has ballistic plates. On the other hand, I have yet to see one report where 7.62x39 did not fully penetrate level 3 A armor which does not have plates and is only meant to stop handgun bu
  6. [i agree with the rest of your post. JHP 7.62x39 tears targets up. Had implies if they would have. But we all know the 5.45 was in use at that point.
  7. Once you get away from FMJ, 7.62x39 creates more damage than 5.56. For some AK clones that can't utilize hollow points, either a better bullet guide installed or plastic tip ammo like nosler ballistic tip or hornady vmax will feed like FMJ , but expand fast enough that it may not even exit a human torso. I recently made a comparitive video that sort of illustrates how cleanly a 7.62x39 FMJ can pass through water which should cause it to tumble faster than human tissue because water is denser than human tissue. The whole concept of tumbling is based on the fact that if a bullet hits s
  8. Chamber step comparison versus a non stepped chamber My same saiga on the left and my MAK90 on the right.
  9. So you can use a standard AK press-on handguard retainer? That would be very convenient for those of use who want to use traditional handguards, At the very least, one more notch needs to be cut out on the top for the retainer lock pin.
  10. Thanks. The bullet guide is made from a piece of a saiga choke wrench handle. It's very excellent steel. I think its literally the same steel used on the receiver and trunnion. Drilling through it was just as tough as drilling through the trunnion.
  11. My saiga factory trigger guard has been recycled into this new version. My home made bullet guide works perfect.
  12. To set up for drilling into the trunnion, I crazy glued a nut in place to keep the drill bit from moving around before it finally bites in. This was a precaution due t othe fact I am using a handdrill. This worked real well. I got a good pilot hole going with a number 6 cobalt bit and later switched to a number 8 after 3 number 6 bits broke on the way through. After 10 minutes I had a nice clean hole all the way through. Next I used a 8-32 tap to thread the hole. I used plenty of gun oil in the hole to prevent the tap from seizing up. 3 minutes with the tap and I was done.
  13. on a flat trunnion.I saw this thread and it got me wondering. Yep, I know a flat trunnion guide is ideal, but I can't help to be curious how the round version actually fits and clears the bolt if the trunnion dimensions are different flat versus round. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=31411
  14. 3 rivets drilled out in 30 minutes of actual work. The plate is gone.
  15. Yes I seen that thread. My barrel also has a chamber step. I am not really sure about threads on the end.
  16. 5 minutes of filing on the rear latch produces a beautiful thing called magazine compatibility.
  17. I found some thing unusual. Retainer side notches.
  18. Also as a point of reference, the rifling seen should technically be 4 grooves and 4 lands with a 1 in 9.5 twist rate
  19. It wasn't easy to get a good focus on the crown. The chrome mirror reflection fuzzes the picture when the flash engages. Heres the best out of 20 pictures the rest were way to fuzzy.
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