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  1. Did anyone not catch the phrase at the bottom of the diagram. "3 shot burst repair set"
  2. Full auto guns are legal to own in America. Parts break sometimes and need replacing. Why would it be illegal to repair a machine gun with spare parts like these?
  3. If you happen to own a tax stamped pre 86 full auto AK, spare select fire parts are not a bad thing and perfectly legal to install in your legal machine gun. Legal class III manufacturers making legal post 86 dealer samples like Tom Cole or Tony Rumore might be able to use these as well.
  4. http://www.doubletapammo.com/php/catalog/index.php?cPath=21_71
  5. The 7.62x39 makes a bigger explosion when allowed to expand quickly. Watch round 3 that is cut open enough to really expand. http://www.youtube.com/user/Suupernintendo#p/u/14/SUUSk_mDlow And again watch round 2 http://www.youtube.com/user/Suupernintendo#p/u/7/RMhaSgck6E0 I can't imagine anyone surviving that if they get hit in the chest and their organs become goo.
  6. I am going to say I suspect that either corbon DPX or Double Tap is going to be the best overall accuracy without moving into custom handloads. The hornady vmax bullet used in the Double Tap is simply amazing. Someone on another board built a bolt gun in the caliber 7.62x39 and his Vmax bullet hand loads are well...you be the judge. My hat is off to his efforts. Now before someone comes along and starts crying about how that is a bolt gun and has nothing to do with what a saiga can print keep in mind that ammunition being independent of the weapon platform has its own level of consistency
  7. Are you refering to Wolf Black Box JHP or Military Classic JHP with the 8M3 bullet? The one in the picture fragmented is Military Classic.
  8. Now you have. The 7.62x39 Vmax penetrated about 12 inches. It appears to have an 8 inch vertical by 10 inch horizontal central cross axis. Judging by the 12 inch line. Both .223 loads have a 6inch vertical by 9 inch horizontal central cross axis. Hornady Tap 75 grain OTM TAP compare to MK 262 Also the cheaper 5.56 M193 does not perform near as well as either Tap .223 or Mk 262 Because you happen to mention cheaper ammo to stock pile, here is a major relative example to compare to to cheap fragmenting 5.56 M193. Wolf Military classic JHP 8M3 a fragmenting bullet.
  9. Here is a fairer terminal effect comparison: 7.62x39 123 grain Hornady Vmax
  10. As in it is 25.5 with the functional fold? You'd only be illegal if you removed the stock at the functional fold. Feds measure length with the stock extended. I guess the legal technical way might be to remove the total stock making it dis-functional and then the fixing or whatever to the folding end at the rear. I can't see why removing a carrier is not just as technically disfunctioning. Unless there is something I can't see, I could probably snap the full stock on that kel tech and have it operational much faster than installing the carrier in my saiga. Yeah, I know, but
  11. Wait, what? Remove the barrel to change the stock on a Saiga?! If you're that worried about it just duct-tape something to the end of the barrel for the 30 seconds it takes to get one bolt snug on the new stock. Note that if you have any sort of muzzle device installed that should push you over 26" also. If ever asked by anal storm troopers, I think most people will have a tough time explaining how they went about it in a way that does not break the law, if they don't know how. A class III dealer gunsmith but I forgot his name sorry.
  12. By the same logic, if you remove the carrier and bolt in your 16 inch barrel ak without a tang, even if you remove the stock and the overall is less than 26 inches it technically is just as inoperable as the folded kel tech which should be legal to remove the total stock even if the overall is now slightly over 24 inches. I'm not saying the ATF is logical, but that inoperable is inoperable.
  13. Which "folding joint" are you talking about? 1) functional fold (gun can be fired in this configuration) 2) transportation fold (gun can't be fired, as it's folded in half) If you're talking about 1), it's quite legal as end of pistol grip to end of barrel is 26.5" (and the barrel is 16") If you're talking about 2), it's legal, because the gun isn't "assembled" (and is inoperable, to boot) The kel tec specs says 25.5 folded and it shows this picture. Kind of misleading in the way they use that picture and say http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com/su16c.htm Length: 35.5
  14. Wait, what? Remove the barrel to change the stock on a Saiga?! If you're that worried about it just duct-tape something to the end of the barrel for the 30 seconds it takes to get one bolt snug on the new stock. Note that if you have any sort of muzzle device installed that should push you over 26" also. I don't think anyone's actually worried but its still good to know since I have seen pictures posted in the past of rifles with the stock removed and maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea to publicly display evidence, in the case that it really is less than 26 inches ove
  15. I asked because there is a debate about this on another board. I thought it would be good to ask since there are many knowlegable people on this board like Tony Rumore, Tom Cole, and others. If someone asking an honest technical question offends you, then don't post in the damn thread. If I was browsing a home improvement board and saw a thread about whether or not its legal to use a certain type of roofing tile in a certain building code zone and I think its not relevant am I going to whine and complain about the man's question, hell no that would be retarded for a man to bitch like that
  16. I am not worried about changing a stock. I just figured this could be confirmed or denied. Sounds like no one knows for sure though. There is no "no one knows for sure". The law clearly states that if your rifle has a 16" barrel and is 26" long over all, it's legal. Do the math, and reverse this statement. OTOH, you're not going to jail for changing the stock (at least, not unless you've REALLY pissed someone off). Hope I didn't cause a rise in blood pressure there Mr. Lioth. Cheers
  17. I am not worried about changing a stock. I just figured this could be confirmed or denied. Sounds like no one knows for sure though.
  18. Good point. I was half awake when I read that commentary and rushed a fast measurement. I guess this changes my question. Lets say the tang has been cut off like for this.... Ok, so now to the end of the receiver should be less than 26 inches(if the barrel is only 16 inches) with the tang cut off. To me it seems like a gray area, but I don't want to assume anything.
  19. This was brought up on another board, but its always good to double check. I measured my Saiga rifle up to the rear [Edit correction over 26 inches with the tang included]tang at over 26 inches. Someone on another board suggested that if temporarily removing the stock to install another makes it fall under the 26 inch minimum and that would form an instant felony therefore can only legally be done by a Class III dealer or SOT. I can't imagine that if this is true because of so many pictures posted in the past of conversion details that it would not have been discussed more often. I'm not
  20. Doing that, if the bolt does not lock well enough before your cartridge ignites, things could get real ugly fast. Real full auto AKs have a delay system that is suppose to avoid an out of battery ignition. A standard factory semiauto does not have the delay.
  21. Just for a comparison, .30-30 (somewhat close enough to a 7.62x39 weight and speed) with a quickly deforming bullet (most likely a softpoint) does this to a water jug. View at about 40 seconds into the video. Look how far the plastic jug parts fly off from the explosion. The water melon parts flew off like 20 plus feet away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEPxyZ0v18k Watch the 5 gallon jugg splash with a .30-30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bduHHpLb1jY .223 versus a 5 gallon jug shakes it pretty good 123-150 grains at 2200-2400fps definitely has a momentum advantage t
  22. The same milk jug explodes far more intensely with a 7.62x39 which imparts more energy if the bullet design allows the bullet to deform into a near equivalent of frontal surface area to energy ratio as the .223. The fallacy of your premise lies in the concept originating with the M193 ammo which quickly tumbles and fragments therefore imparting energy efficiently versus a traditional .30 caliber FMJ design which more oftern does not tumble. Civilians don't have to follow world military treaties of FMJ requirements and this makes your premise null in light of this fact. Russian ammo loade
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