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  1. The G2 trigger sets have a good reputation. I have handled the folding and T6 stocks and they do not seem durable enough to me. I have a few tapco galil handguards. They arn't as solid as I would like them to be, but until I see a Tromix rifle galil handguard like the saiga 12 version Tapco might be the only option for the rifles as far as I know.
  2. I been testing out my extension all week. It works perfect. I threaded on a few different chokes and all is well. Here are 2 patterns I got with federal power shok. I just never could not get patterns like these with my old polychoke I used to have.
  3. Sort of like this but with a comp built in with instead of porting. That would be pretty cool. I'll take useful function over style any day of the week. Style will not save your ass in a real shtf situation. Russian guns are built on that concept.
  4. You are correct! Your idea was not criminal, just stupid. Well I'm glad you no longer see me as a criminal because of your mistake.
  5. I think you got post number 7 in that thread confused with my T-shirt idea. Two separate ideas. Check your facts next time.
  6. Actually it was criminal and you are an idiot for saying it. The problem is that your idiocy could involve the whole site. Criminal for an Empeach Obama shirt? Are you serious? How the hell is that criminal? Get a clue. A T-shirt with just the words Empeach _________ is not a crime. Offensive to some but not a crime. Your way off their Azrial
  7. Its all about you, eh? Your idea was stupid. Period. It was a joke. A bit of humor. Maybe I have offended your loyalism to your idol Barry "The Magnificent" Hoo-sane. Did he also stiff you on your campaign workers wages like he did the other brothas? I guess you might feel good about having about a socialist marxist in charge of the executive branch. I do not. That is a far more stupid idea than my T-shirt humor.
  8. My t-shirt idea must have triggered someone's enthusiasm. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry278948
  9. Sorry no details yet. I'm just helping evaluate. It will be offered on this forum from a vendor, but that's all I can say for now.
  10. This allows adding a Remington choke without having to re-thread the barrel. There is a large variety of Remington chokes on the market. The same could be done for Win chokes. What benefits? Not having to modify the Saiga itself if you do not want to, but still allowing your Saiga to use a large variety of chokes that would not be compatible without either re-threading or this adapter. Chokes allow you to extend the usable range of your Saiga 12 shotgun using buckshot or birdshot. The polychoke has not worked nearly as good for me as other devices. Better/tighter patterns can be
  11. It's a basic barrel extension that threads onto the Saiga M22 threading and allows for any Remington Choke to be threaded onto the other end. A type of adapter. Very well made out of barrel stock. It also has ports as you can probably see 12 total. As soon as I got it, I screwed in a Wad Wizard. http://www.wadwizard.com/wadwizardchokes.htm I need to go and pattern my new set up. The barrel extension is a prototype that I am helping to evaluate for someone. I'm painting it and will soon enough pattern my choke/wad retarder attached to it.
  12. Just got this today. I need to go test it out. The choke/wad retarder on the end is a separate piece.
  13. I have not read every thread on this subject but I think someone from overseas Russia maybe posted that the Vepr 12s in competition were falling apart at 50,000 rounds. Maybe that was from not having a gas adjustment like the saiga 12 does for light or heavier loads or maybe they never bothered to change out the recoil springs which could contribute to frame battering or maybe something else. I suppose that if anyone on this forum has shot more than 50,000 rounds through their Saiga 12 they could come forward and describe how well their gun is holding together. I have only seen ma
  14. I'm not totally sure how this is done but see this thread http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry192852
  15. The polychoke is ok but pretty soon I plan on using this on my saiga12 instead of the polychoke. I like the patterns better. 3" Federal Premium 00 at 40yds. 10 pellets in 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  16. OMG you guys actually owned guns. I thought this website is about Saiga sheep.
  17. Well now their a business member. Amazing. That dealer sounds like a real dumbass.
  18. http://www.redstick-firearms.com/firearms2/firearms.html Company Address: 9643 Mammoth Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70814 Phone: (225) 448-3167 Fax: (225) 448-3169 email: will@redstick-firearms.com
  19. I have never heard of a Saiga 12 modified by permanently attaching the magazine so it can feed from the top like an sks. That might not be very practical because the cartridges load into the mag at a slight angle backward along the feed lips and not straight down like with stripper clips. Very awkward loading. I'm sure one of the business partners of this forum might be able to set you up with your customization. Edit: I stand corrected. I didn't know about Will's California legal Saigas.
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