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  1. Didn't EAA have the 30 round polymer (Russian) authentic Saiga mags back in the day for a short while. I'm confused why it would be illegal to import these. Is it just the shotgun mags that there is an issue?
  2. No. You order from Rusmilitary and take your chances, just like everybody else here. so its like a 50/50 chance that i will get it. Or is it less or more? also what happens if i dont get it? any kind of refund? When you order these mags from Rusmilitary you are committing an illegal act. WTF do you expect? Do a search and make your own decisions. I'm not arguing with what your stating because I'm sure your right. What you stated seems to imply that most of these 8 rounders people keep displaying were attained by illegal means and that they are likely contra ban o
  3. Depending on your luck, customs seizes a lot of those packages. That sucks.
  4. Like VK said, if you can't import them, you can't sell 'em either. Whether or not they come with the firearm is irrelevant. I see what your saying. The feds disapprove of the importer doing this. I still do not see what is stopping another company other than RAA from importing these, other than maybe the factory refusing to bypass their main importer because of their contract.
  5. You would think if they are sold separate like through Saigastock then maybe.
  6. I am really interested to know why they will not supply something that is well sought after among the Saiga 12 community?
  7. The factory magazine works fine with my bullet ramp which happens to be a Danzig ramp.
  8. The barrel wall looks a bit thin for this kind of mod to allow widely available choke tubes. Maybe I missed a good thread about this when I used the search engine. Has anyone had success doing this?
  9. I have a 24 inch barrel with factory threading. The bore is 72 caliber at the muzzle. I just measured last night.
  10. Reaming or porting my Saiga barrel isn't an option. I do have a full choke though. Most locals coming are using stock factory pump action turkey guns.
  11. I might set up a saiga 12 for a Turkey shoot. How well does your saiga pattern at 25 yards with a full choke? The organizers might supply either cheap bulk pack walmart winchester universal or walmart remington game loads. The targets are 10 inch by ten inch. Am I optimistic to hope to do well against winchester, mossberg, or remington turkey guns?
  12. Does the screw hole line up the same with your .308 handguard on the S 12 or did you have to drill open a new screw hole?
  13. Will Saiga .308 handguard fit the 12 gauge models?
  14. Do these work pretty good out to 30 yards?
  15. As far as I know all the buttstocks are interchangable. If you have a Saiga wood buttstock that looks like let me know your terms.
  16. Clyde Woods of RAA says they asked the factory to send accessory wood stocks. Their suppose to be in the states by now. I wonder if the new shipment from Russia has arrived.
  17. The normal stock is hollow plastic. This one is shaped different than the standard kind. If yours is just like the one in the picture, please post a picture.
  18. The problem was they did not slide up the mag body fast enough in the AGP mags. Every other brand of shell I tried works fine. Federal, Remington, PMC, etc.. I seen one of the K.O.s stall in position before sliding to the top. The KOs did feed fine in the factory 5 round mag. The weird part is that the K.O.s are about the same size length as many other domestic shells with the same rim size.
  19. It looks like the shape of a wood version but made of black plastic. By the way its not mine I am just curious how to get one.
  20. Oh dear God YES! That is what should have been imported all along! Any idea of $$$$ No price was mentioned in the email.
  21. Great news. Clyde Woods from Russian American Armory emailed me back about wood furniture. They put in a request for wood accessory furniture earlier this year. The Russians are going to ship them factory wood furniture some time in the next few months. I know exactly what I want.
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