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  1. I have not had any ammo problems with the mil classic I bought in the past, but I really want to see laquered cases, sealed primers, and sealed case necks. I noticed that on the Golden Tiger Ammo website http://www.goldentigerammo.com/ they show a 7.62x39 hollowpoint version which I have not ever seen before. 124 grains like the 8M3 and a massive air pocket like the 8m3. Is it 8m3? Not sure but I wish they would import that version. They also show a 5.45x39 58 gr hollow point product. Both examples are laquer coated and sealed.
  2. On page 41 of the Hornady Tap police testing report 6.8spc is tested against materials and then how it reacts with gel. The weight is 110 gr and the velocity is between 2300 to 2400 fps which is fairly close to the weight and velocity of 7.62x39. The testing is through a car door, firedoor, safety glass, and wall door. The automotive safety glass is the biggest obstacle in the test. It still penetrates 9 inches of ballistic gel and creates a 4.5 inch max temporal cavity. By comparison, Hornady 75 gr TAP which is declared the best .223 caliber incapacitator in the test results conclusion
  3. The mil classic camo box 8m3 hp are the only cheap imported ones I tested that actually open up and react real well. Bear came second place. Wolf Black box really disappointed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhyZ9ZoPJ90 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGB5YB9f15Q
  4. Your considering terminal performance so if this is the only factor your worried about stop considering FMJ and start thinking hollow points or plastic tip ammo. FMJ military requirements was a bleeding heart cry to minimize damage. There is a reason that hunting regulations in many places require some kind of minimum size caliber and NON-FMJ because by doing so it increases the ability to swiftly end the life of the animal and reduce needless suffering. Placing this in a similar context, most concealed carry instructors advise against FMJ in a carry pistol because it peforms worse than a
  5. I have had jerky versions of all three kinds. I am looking to find some fresh elk at some point.
  6. I have had deep fried gator tail. It was a freshly harvested Caiman Alligator less than 6 foot long. You could cut it with a fork it was that tender I couldn't believe it could be that tender compared to restaurant served gator tails which were always gummy and tough to chew.
  7. What unconventional foods are your favorites and how do you prepare them? I have heard of grilling rattle snakes, but wondered if there are any snakes to avoid eating. I never tried turtle soup and don't know which turtles to avoid. What is the better tasting ways to prepare rabbit?
  8. Mine has absolutely no play. Does the play you mention occur in the forward to rear axis only?
  9. Not sure if you already seen the slip on version from saiga-ak.com Generation 2 is out and it includes a screw and sex bolt. $45 shipped I installed one on a saiga and really like it.
  10. I just seen the website. That was a great idea to mold a US made copy. Thanks
  11. The bolt headspaces by the rearlugs contacting against the trunnion during lock up. The original bolt with matching serial number is set and the carrier will not affect how the bolt locks into the trunnion. The rear lug contact areas have wear marks where this occurs. I have not tried it myself yet, but a standard surplus bulgarian 74 carrier should be a drop in replacement part and will not affect headspace at all. If I had one to try out, I would post pictures. I have seen them for sale for near $20
  12. I figure if the problem is the handguard fit alone and it can be fixed by purchasing an Arsenal US made handguard to take its place then all is good enough. If the problem is a loose retainer to notch fit, then that is a big problem. This would require to much fixing and I would be quite surprised that this even happened.
  13. I don't get it. Is the retainer itself loose as in not fully locked in place on the barrel notch or is it the handguard slipping or rotating inside the retainer?
  14. Yeah, that guy says in one of his videos "Where are you going to find a 7.62x39 AK74 bolt...not on any battle field." He really is not aware of the AK103/104 which in his own words would be deemed not mil spec, not universal, and fragile. OMG look at all those rifles with non-milspec handguards. Don't those guys know that without wood furniture their rifles are useless paperweights?
  15. If this doesn't convince anyone he is smoking crack, nothing will.
  16. Video 3 of 3 has some pretty funny comments @bottle2lip What happened when E. Stoner tried to use a larger cal. in his rifles? They didn't work rite. So, the same applies here. If you take the AK74 type rifle that shoots the smaller 5.45x39 round and configure it to shoot the much larger 7.62x39 round you just make the rifle less stable and more likely to fail. In my eyes.The barrles are just to thin on the Arsenal rifles. MrAk47master 1 year ago i cant understand why arsenal uses ak74 style parts on all their ak47s, like the way they put ak74 gas blocks on ak47s.
  17. A mil spec Russian AK 200 series is not acceptable to MRAKMASTER because the handguard and bolts will not interchange with his Yugo, SAR, or Wasr. Something might just start to melt if you rapid fire hundreds of rounds through one of these. But, wood handguards catching on fire from hundreds of rounds is acceptable go figure.
  18. By the way, that guy has some kind of bone to pick with Arsenal and Nutnfancy. He has an agenda of some kind.
  19. 2 points that he does not understand. 1. Saigas/SGL are 100 series parts not typical 1960s AKM parts. Certain parts like the bolts will obviously not interchange. He does not seem to understand that the design has evolved to make it better in certain ways that Russian engineers worked on. This does not make it inferior but upgraded whether he wants to accept this or not. 2. Wood and typical plastics used for mil spec handguards both will not survive over 400 degrees F. Keeping the handguard from directly touching the barrel is a very good thing. If you get hot enough t
  20. Yes, most any carbon based coating will not hold out very well against brake parts cleaner. I really like plating for better solvent resistance. My choice would be black chrome.
  21. It is new so I would send it back and get a replacement. Call them Monday.
  22. Over 400 degrees F. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/69567-saiga-parts-meet-mr-oven/page__p__674800#entry674800
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