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  1. I suppose if there were two side by side video comparisons in full auto : Tapco version versus a Real .30 caliber AK74 copy or surplus 74 drilled wider. The muzzle stability visuals would really stand out. If only I were an SOT, I would have such a video by now. Kvar could probably do this in one of their nutnfancy style youtube videos with Mr. English.
  2. Yes you can use another carrier and not mess up the head space because the head space depends upon the bolt face to cartridge head relation and the bolt lug to trunnion relation. You got two obvious choices amigo. You can pony up $94.99 for an exact Izmash replacement part from KVAR or................................................................ ................................. you could consider that KVAR states on the website Brand New Original Russian Made Bolt carrier assembly, with gas piston, AK-74 style Bolt carrier. Will work on all Russian 7.62x39, 5.45x39.5,
  3. All the Kvar 74 style stocks should fit perfect in saigas. I have several warsaw and a nato length one and they all fit snug against the inner trunnion. I just recently finished a 2008 RAA Saiga rifle with a kvar stock set minus the grip.
  4. Saigas are different than the old AKM pattern rifles. Saigas are based on AK103/74 type patterns. The firing pins, bolts, carriers, stocks, etc are different. The timber smith is essentially made for an AKM which has a different trunnion shape and receiver relationship. The AK74 style stocks will fit much more perfect. Why, because the difference between the AKM and AK74 rear openings result in a gap between the trunnion of the saiga and an AKM stock. The Tapco AKM stocks insert until the outer stock edge presses the receiver edge and not the trunnion like it should. If you really
  5. That pretty much says it all. Brake is really not even an accurate term for this device. The term brake implies slowing down recoil forces (horizontal). The term comp implies compensation to counter muzzle rise (vertical). Since the 74 style device does both, it acts to stabilize the muzzle from any movement away from original point of aim so as to keep you pointed at the target shot after shot in rapid or full auto. A brake without vertical rise compensation is not going to help enough. A muzzle rise comp without braking action attempts to keep the muzzle from rising. When both work in
  6. Fantastic design but because it is water cooled I consider it in a different league of combat weapon. The water chamber physically limits the top critical heat build up point to a fixed quantity. However, with an air cooled shoulder fired rifle like a typical AK, M14, M16, etc the steel generally has no top end limiting factor to prevent continuous heat build up. Chrome lining is suppose to actually reduce friction which slows the heat build up to some degree and prevents bore erosion for longer barrel life.
  7. Look at it again and figure out why the bolt head lower edge is not able to contact the top cartridge case head upper edge. Is the magazine is sitting too low? Is the magazine front lug fully seated into the trunnion slot properly or tilted forward which would cause the rear of the magazine to ride higher than the front and definitely cause a feeding issue? All the guide does is allow the cartridge to angle upward enough to help positive feeding. The guide should be just low enough to not touch the bolt head as it passes over. If the bolt head physically drags over the top of
  8. Colt M4 full auto test ruptures barrel at 535 rounds less than 2 minutes in nearly continuous fire but how much longer would an AK last? I AM really curious about this and yeah the RPK system comes to mind when I stop to consider this. Any one have a similar test source to compare? Oh and yeah there is the actual video on the link http://atwar.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/12/m4-and-m4a1-guns/
  9. I once had a loose fitting 14mm slant comp that is typically found on AKMs cause my groups to widen on a rifle it was on. Took it off and my groups got better fast. Anything loose and bouncing around against the barrel is not going to help your groups. Tight and wiggle free is a good thing when it comes to accuracy in any rifle. On a side note: The super wide Ak74 style muzzle on the AK74 style front sight blocks seems to keep potential loose brake knocking vibrations farther away from the muzzle by dampening them.
  10. The hole is 5mm wide and realistically a 25mm long pin is needed. So figure metric M5 x 25mm. You can use a roll pin like shown on the website or a dowel pin (rod). I noticed that a standard AK trigger axis pin is 5mm wide but obviously much longer than 25mm and so I cut and filed an extra one I had to size. It took two minutes with bolt cutters and a file. Finally, a little red loctite at the end and it fits snug. However, you can buy M5x25mm dowel pins from plenty of online tool or hardware sources.
  11. No slots. I think the lack of slots is so it can also be used on saigas or any other ak that has no barrel side notches. Most of the older saigas were imported with no notches.
  12. Ok if this is the case then. www....... saiga-ak ........com/parts.html
  13. Because of the forum rules I won't bother to outright mention the source but a simple google search will help find this fast.
  14. Well, there is also Dura Coat which requires no heating to cure and it is suppose to be much more chemical resistant than most anything else that would not need baking. I never tried it but plenty of people rave about it and now they have a shake and spray system which requires no airbrush or air compressor.
  15. yeh thats wat i thought but still i need something that holds up cause thats wat i use too clean my guns I have tried most kinds of retail spray on paint. The VHT caliper paint is the most chemical resistant one in the less than $10 category. It does require baking it at 200 degrees for a while. The VHT header paint might also be chemical resistant but it requires 600 degree curing and that is way to hot to bake at. I seen steel springs lose their temper and ruin when baked 300-600 and will not ever bake a coating that high again.
  16. If you want it tighter, you can grind the open end with sand paper until it just barely locks in tightly or use blue/red locktite on the threads. I chose to grind my Arsenal 24mm 74 type brake and now it fits in super tight and yeah the lack of play definitely helps keep irregular vibrations from screwing with accuracy.
  17. The closer to the magazine the guide is means the bullet enters the barrel chamber at a higher angle which means greater feed reliability. I tried different guide position placements to experienment for optimum feeding and my home made guides worked best nearly touching the mag feed lip. I had to make sure the guide was just far enough away to prevent any magazine lock in issues with all my magazines.
  18. They are imported as custom shop saigas and look nearly identicle to regular Saigas. Even the SGL 10 has the front conversion done only after importation. http://www.arsenalinc.com/usa/product.php?productid=43&cat=&page=1 Arsenal custom changes these. They say so in the manual. An SGL 21 can not be legally imported in the condition that it is sold. The 1990 and 1998 import bans prevent that. They have to be remanufactured after import. Same goes with the SLR series that Arsenal produces. As far as the trigger linkage holes that would be present above th
  19. I noticed this before but it is fairly insignificant. No reliability advantage or otherwise. The SGL lack of a chamber step has a more significant impact if you handload ammo.
  20. In the picture you see a SAIGA SGL and a non-SGL Saiga bolt. Please point out the bolt that is full auto and why exactly?
  21. I completely agree. They can have multiple low light and night vision cameras every where and mounted on trained dogs as well. The cost is not the issue it is the liability of what can't be covered up if things go unexpected and internal affairs gets ahold of the video of the cop that loses his temper and kills unjustifiably a suspect or innocent bystanders.
  22. I'd be curious to see a demo video of that on a 7.62x39 full auto. It looks functional. If I can see it in action, I might want one.
  23. Not a Draco but they sell these all the time. I seen them for sale for years. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=228054331 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=228059123
  24. There is also Hornady Vmax loadings that work just as well or better than the 8m3. Very reactive to water in living tissues. Boxes of 50 are currently for sale online. Shot 2 is 8m3 and shot 3 is Vmax Try vaporizing this much water like this with any 5.45
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