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  1. A cool stunt, but get your facts strait-no Australian could ever manage to pull something like this off(they would drink the beer before they finished) Happened in New Zealand-the vid is a recreation of the original prank done for advertising but it did happen
  2. AK Monty, I paid NZ$3500 for a dpms,our import laws changed and now you can buy the same rifle for half that-Im not complaining!
  3. first home nz$32750 check @19 years old-worked for every cent of it. it was a dump but it is also probably the best $ i ever spent living in a country with full universal healh care,and having just had a heart op 6 weeks ago the storys of medical bills are down right scary! biggest gun purchase was my first ar15 nz$3500,then our laws changed and it became worth $1600!
  4. Been wanting this since your first pic and now you have finished I'm drooling I hope you get to shoot it as much as it deserves
  5. It's sad to see the forum slow down,but it's understandable. I used to log on daily for years but it's only every few weeks now,partly as I have done "it all" with so meany saigas now that I feel I know them inside out without having to look for info anymore and what new info that is on the site is mostly about bolt on parts that are almost imposable to get in my part of the world. But it's probably just as much that I actually have to log on rather than using tapatalk on my ph/pad
  6. Very cool, are you 100% sure it's a factory build and not a well done project? It just seems odd that it uses 10/22 mags when none of the Chinese .22s I know off use that style of mag
  7. Ginger beer and a banana followed by a bike ride while drinking as much Gatorade as possible. Followed by bacon and eggs on toast. A glass or three of water before going to bed makes a big difference, but if I've drunk so much a hangover is Probable I seem to forget to
  8. All my factory mags came with instructions on how to fit them to your gun, printed in Russian
  9. I built a 300 blackout ak and it was a lot louder than at ar upper I replaced it with. It's still worth suppressing a ak, for your hearing sake and just to be polite to others in the area. And if your shooting at something alive it can be very handy for it to have no idea what way to run eg I got three red deer in under 10 seconds recently as they ran towards me after the first shot (308 supersonic) Have used mainly lead pills for subsonic and have never had any of the issues people seem to be worried about.
  10. I'm fairly sure that poll is very inaccurate as I don't even live in the UK and I got emails asking me to vote on it!
  11. I had that problem, after a lot of reading I found a post( maybe even a sticky ) detailing how to extend the "hood" that extends back into the action from the top of the chamber. Never had a hang up with 2 3/4 shells since. Remember your gun was designed to run 3in slugs or buckshot not shorter sporting rounds
  12. Well all I can say is that the whole world would be a much better place without any religion And then people can call there kids anything they want. A fair amount of historical wars would not have happened and therefor a lot of the cultural anamosity that's out there wouldn't be-vastly cutting down on on the number of people who are prepared to undertake terrorism I find all this my myth is better than you myth bs to insult human intelligence
  13. Did this a while ago http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76687-300-blackout-ak/?fromsearch=1 Worked well enuf that I now have a AR chambered in it
  14. 3d printing rules. I have just ordered a 3d printed titanium over barrel supresser for my ar
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