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  1. CZ...........Not a troll, just a new owner. Like I said, I haven't even shot it yet. (but you can troll my nuts for lint) The russian gunsmithing recommended by Tony is what I wanted to hear. I did in fact give it a little rap on the beater already, although it was halfhearted as I wasn't totally commited to that course of action. But now, LTFO 'cause here it comes. I will report back with the good, bad, or ugly when I'm done and we can all have a laugh at my expense. Thanks
  2. Not the replies I wanted to hear. The guy I got it from is good people, and he bought it locally. I will see if maybe he can return it. Otherwise It will go bye bye. I am afraid that the actuak gas port will be too far off after I straighten the block. This really sucks. I don't want to badmouth these rifles, but anything that looks like this and passed QC is, well....a POS. Like it or not.
  3. I got a NIB Saiga 16 in trade from a guy not long ago, but haven't shot it as I am waiting for the scope to arrive. Anyway, I was looking at it tonight, and cycling the action when I noticed that the freaking gasport is canted approx 5 degrees to the left!!! WTF?! I wondered why the bolt carrier was a pain to re-install. The paint is being worn off of the carrier on the left side where it's mis-a-freaking-ligned, so there's no doubt about it. I'm sure, other than crap accuracy, it would work just fine after a few hundred rounds wore a groove in the BC. But no way I want that! Can I
  4. I want at least one FCG (depending on price) for a .308 per my email. please email me Thanks
  5. So.......................what did you decide on? Cetme? Saiga? Both? Answer with pics man!!
  6. I may own both. Fortunately for me, my cetme (if I have one) was built by an individual who knew his way around steel. If you buy a cetme do it in person. Check the bolt, bolt gap (you'll need feeler gauges), fsb cant, and general fit and finish. The front sight on a cetme IS adjustable for both windage and elevation, just like the saiga. The rear sight is graduated, again just like the saiga. You just need a special tool and a few rounds. YMMV But just for good measure..........get both, sell one, keep one.
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