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  1. I have two one on a .308 and the other on a .223 they have held up just fine after thousands of rounds good sights.
  2. I got some from Legion I forgot what I paid for them but it was not to bad.
  3. Thanks for the reply,
  4. Does any one make a drum for the Saiga 433 the magell model?
  5. frankd4

    Need Help

    Does anyone know of any trigger guard for a saiga12 with the California mag latch guard I am trying to do a conversion for my grandfather he lives in California and the shot gun must have the mag latch cover on it I can’t find a trigger guard for it. Thanks in advance.
  6. We have a limited number of IZ-109s unconverted Saiga 12 for $649.99 our web site is under repair give us a call at. Southern Defense 12300 South West 129th CT. Miami, Florida 305-253-4525
  7. The IZ 109 is all that we are getting in these days.
  8. Good news The two or three local IDPA clubs will not be having IDPA 3 gun matches it has been agreed upon that we are having to much fun the way we have been conducting our three gun, we will not allow then to suck the fun out of the sport so we will continue to carry on as usual Saiga's and all. Seems that they can have all the rules they want but most of the local clubs have already made up their minds, no one wants to loose members and money over rules made up by strangers, most important of all we decide whats good for us not them.
  9. I have just temp mounted a fixed 10 round mag it's not detachable and I will load it from the top, great idea thanks guys i ewill use it the 5th tuesday of Aug. match at Markham park in FT.Lauderdale, FL. I will not give up my Saiga I have three and love them it's the best shotgun in the world
  10. http://www.idpa.com/Documents/IDPA_DMG_rules_07062010.pdf This is the link for the bong holes.
  11. I have gunfixer plugs on all three of my S12s they all work great, never a sigle issue.
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