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  1. I was at the Frontiersman gun shop today and they have 2 new Saiga Black 16" rifles for $429. No connection, just saw them. 6925 Wayzata Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55426 (952) 544-3775
  2. I was shopping around for some .308 ammo and stumbled onto this website : http://www.the-armory.com/shopsite_sc/stor...Ammunition.html Under the Brown Bear ammo, they mentioned that due to problems with it, they don't sell it anymore. I called them to ask about the problems because I didn't find any reference to this on the internet and was told they couldn't talk about it and that I should just google it. Well I redoubled my efforts but found nothing. The worst I found was some Wolf .308 problems a couple of years ago. Anybody have any trouble with the Brown Bear .308 or know what th
  3. Cobra, So are you saying that a guy could buy a G2 FCG, modify it as shown in your picture and install it in an unconverted Saiga? Can it be cut with a dremel tool and an abrasive disk cutter? Thanks JeffM
  4. Just out of curiosity, what constitutes a US made part? Can it start with something of foreign origin? Are the US made parts, for example, a hi cap mag, required to be made from US sourced plastic? If the base plastic was imported and then molded in the US into a mag body and parts, would it then be considered a US part or would the fact that the raw materials were of foreign origin prevent it from being considered a US part? If indeed this example resulted in the mags being considered US Parts, then can this philosophy be applied to imported gun parts that are worked on here in the US to "tur
  5. I'm looking for a Saiga .308 and a Hi Point C9 handgun for a private party sale in MN. I will have a MN CCW permit soon, which makes me legaL to buy these under any condition, but prefer private party (resident to resident) sale according to current MN law. 612-298-6697 JeffM
  6. This has been sold, pending funds. I have the following gun for sale : Saiga 7.62x39 16" synthetic including the following: 1 - 10 round Saiga mag Quick release scope mount This gun is in very nice condition and been lightly used. I estimate I shot less than 300 rounds through this gun. $425 The gun is located in Minnesota and is also for sale locally. 612-298-6697
  7. So my question is: To use the AK mags you also need to either file the tab on the back a little so it will lock into the mag release mechanism or you need to modify the mag release mechanism, correct? If you modify the mag release will the Saiga mag fit sloppy? Thanks JeffM
  8. Accuracy is also going to depend on the ammo too. In my 16" with Austrailian milsurp @ 100 yards I was getting about a 2+" pattern. Then I bought some soft point Winchester ammo for deer hunting. @ 50 yards : in the same hole - at 100 yards approx 1". JeffM
  9. So was this a .308 mag or one of the shotgun mags? JeffM
  10. "sweet conversion man!! like the furniture." Yeah, I thought the couch was nice too! JeffM
  11. So, just for a little clarification: I want to use stock Saiga and altered AK mags (mag latch only) The AK mags require me to install a bullet guide.Can I still use my stock Saiga Mags unaltered? I would think I should be able to but would just like a confirmation. Thanks alot JeffM
  12. OK, so what about this : USA stock : -1 USA mag : -3 _____________________ Total Removed -4 Would this be legal? If the foriegn mags count as 3 (Magazine body, follower and floorplate) why wouldn't this work? JeffM
  13. I moded a mag but instead of using the screw, I just used some solder to build up a bump that simulated the screw. I scraped off some of the black finish along the edge of the mag where the screw would normally sit. I then heated up some solder, let it drip down into the cavity where the screw would go and then built up a bump of solder, letting the surrounding mag area heat up real nice. I haven't shot it yet, but running the bolt action, it feeds 20 rounds real nice. No need to drill any holes or bend metal with the screw insertion. This would also probably work real well in conjunction with
  14. I'm assuming these types of replacement stocks will just bolt right up to the Saiga? JeffM
  15. I was waiting for the CDDN's to come in but got tired. I asked some folks here for some other sources and was recomended to GunBroker.com and GunsAmerica.com. I just recently bought a very lightly used .308 for $249 from a dealer on GunsAmerica. $309 shipped with 3 mags. I'm very happy with it. Look around and keep looking. JeffM
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