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  1. Is there anybody out there whom I could ship my converted 308 to, to have a flash hider instsalled? The flash from the current (factory) set up is almost blinding. I don't have the skill to move the sight tower back and install a hider/brake. Thanks in advance Kray
  2. Kray

    .308 FCG ???

    I will give RSA a call and see what they say. I will report back.
  3. Kray

    .308 FCG ???

    So can anybody chime in as to what RSA trigger group to order? Is the standard AK or the VEPR .308 ??
  4. Kray

    .308 FCG ???

    thanks for the thoughts guys. Keep them coming. I do have an RSA trigger in my Arsenal AK and I like it a lot. So I do have some experience adjusting them. Is it the VEPR .308 RSA I would want to order?
  5. Kray

    .308 FCG ???

    OK. I need some help here. As I understand it the G2 FCG needs a bit of work on the hammer get it to fit. Not to mention the side to side play and possible safety issue. Is this all correct? Another question is this. Does the RSA FCG fit as a drop in part with no grinding or filing? Does it eliminate the side to side play in the trigger. What RSA fits? The VEPR trigger? Any other FCG options to consider?? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Can anyone comment on the Surefire's fit as compared to the FBMG?
  7. OK. I am an idiot. I see now that when the trigger guard comes off and is moved the tang portion is part of the trigger guard so it would come off.
  8. OK. I hate to beat this dead horse but are you guys saying that the standard AK stock for a stamped receiver has the cutout for the lower tang on the Saiga?. I was under the impression most of the stamped AK's only had an upper tang?
  9. I was just comparing the Saiga to my Arsenal milled receiver. That buttstock has 2 lower screws. I assume I would want to get the stock for a stamped reciever??
  10. Thanks for the help so far guys. Here is another querstion. Does anybody make a standard AK buttstock to fit the Saiga .308 or does fitting one require removing the lower tang?
  11. I guess a better way to ask this is if anyone has posted .308 specific conversion instructions?
  12. Hi folks. I have been searching around here but I am having trouble finding specifics on the .308 conversion versus others. O think I see some differences but I am not sure. For starters it looks like the FCG group only has one pin holding it in. It looks like this is just drifted out. Additionally, it looks like the bottom of the receiver is already cut for the location of the new trigger hole. Is this correct?? What else might I be missing??? So far this doesn't look like it would be too difficult with the .308 but I am unsure of what to expect. Thanks Kevin
  13. OK I am still contemplating the conversion on my .308 My question is this. Is the feedramp step needed for the .308?? I was under the impression that was only for the 7.62 x 39 Any other diffs I need to be aware of?? Thx in advance Kevin
  14. I don't mean to hijack this thread bu I had a question along similar lines. How does the Saiga like 168 grain bullets? Additionally, has anybody shot soft points with any success? Thanks in advance.
  15. Seems to me that a light handy .44 hi-cap carbine would be a great seller. Lot's of punch in a small package. Anybody heard of such a thing? (other than Ruger's)
  16. I can't imagine a .460 Weatherby being "not enough gun". I know it doesn't approach that monster but I have fired one and would feel a lot more comfortable knowing I might be able to get off a 2nd shot if I had time. As opposed to dropping the darn .577
  17. Hi Folks Newbie here. Just got a 16" with the skeleton stock. I agree. Too short for me. I just wondered if anybody had actually tried the Kalinka SVD slipover?? http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=580 I measured and it seems a little small according to their dimensions. It might stretch but I am not sure. If anybody has actual experience, lket us know. If not, I might be the tester for this. Thanks and glad to be here. Kevin
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