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  1. IMO the 7.62x39 round doesn't have enough recoil to warrant a break. Muzzle climb can be controlled with proper shooting mechanics.
  2. Put a block of aluminum against the fsb. Take an airhammer against tthe aluminum. It will slide right off.
  3. That is a beauty of a rifle! As for the Tapco stock, I hear all this crapco stuff to. So I took mine out to the old locust tree and 20 buttstrokes later no problems. I think they just don't cost enough for some people. That said, it's just begging for a plum 100 series sidefolder IMO.
  4. You're very welcome. 100 meters.
  5. Get your sight tool and use this target at 25 meters. Enjoy the new rifle.
  6. The top cover mounts are absolute crap!
  7. All this talk of high prices makes me feel a little bit guilty. I just bought 400 rounds for $40. 50 rounds of copper washed AP, the rest Wolf. Buddy was selling a SKS and the ammo he had. He named a price I gladly paid it.
  8. Gave my girl a new look. Flash suppressor, stock, and rear peep sight.
  9. Knocked the barrel off. Trimmed the fsb on the mill. Cut .600" off barrel and recrowned it. Threaded it 14x1 lh. Put it all back together. Still the same length it started as ,just now has the hider. Tim Foreman at Gewehr Werks in Tippcity Oh did the machine work. He let me look over his shoulder and help with the pressing on and off stuff. I couldn't be happier with the results.
  10. Wouldn't we all like to buy some more ammo at these prices.
  11. I used a block of brass against the fsb, and then an airhammer against that. Slid right off.
  12. I meant no disrespect to Roseberry. There has always been a common ribbing between the Army and Jarheads. Most combat vets have a brotherhood others would not understand,Army or Marine.
  13. When I was in Kosovo ( 101st Airborne) the Marines were known as "not even there". But I know what you mean, going from a CIB , Bronze star wearing trooper,to a want to be Rambo myself.
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