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  1. This has been reversed as of today due to pressure applied from the (pissed off) grassroots. Check for verification tomorrow.
  2. It looks pretty solid. It almost looks like a projection off the back also ties into the rear stock screw besides locking into the t-slot where the recoil spring resides. I'll take two.
  3. Any thoughts on offering chambered bbl's for diyer's? Or... is there a reamer for sale?
  4. The 6x45 uses a 6mm bullet. The 6.5 MPC uses a 6.5mm bullet. I thought this was interesting because it only takes a barrel change to use it. No special mags (uses any .223/5.56 magazine). No reduced round count in existing mags (round uses .223/5.56 cases). I was thinking it'd make a good Saiga mod. Another point in favor of such a conversion would be all the once fired brass available. Some other interesting cartridges for the platform are the 7.62x40 and 6.8 Kramer UCC.These might require polymer mags to mod for fit though.
  5. I encourage everyone to apply english as they learned it in school.The worst thing in the world is hearing someone with a southern drawl suddenly hit one word that they use the queen's english for. For an intermediate example imagine trying to speak with a fake english accent , sigh-ga would probably fit right in. For an extreme example if we were in mexico everybody probably calls George Whore-hay.
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