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  1. I've been reloading the 7.62 x 39 cartridge for about seven years now,I always setup to reload every centerfire cartridge I shoot especially if it shoots the more expensive American commercial ammo offerings or imported or surplus ammo that at anytime can be in short supply or completely cut off by the simple stroke of a pen. Don't get me wrong I shoot steel case ammo on occasion but most of it was bought many years ago when it was cheap and you could buy several K rds. for a couple hundred dollars. It's good ammo in FMJ,SP and HP that shoots well im my SKS rifles,most of it is just set
  2. So what the post count requirement to not be labeled a Troll,like you even know anything about me. I guess this forum just tailors to the elitist. Attitudes like this is exactly why I don't post on some forum anymore,individuals just sit around and look for somebody to put down,you know the type they just have to say something even if it's not constructive. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves and strokes there pride,I guess I made a mistake ever posting here in the first place. I guess 30+ years of reloading,competitive shooting and turning a crappy looking and shooting rifl
  3. You should start by leaving it the fuck alone. Only refinish it if it's in complete shit condition and the historical value is already largely ruined. YOU should start by minding your own business,who the HELL are you to tell me what to do with my rifle,I don't recall you paying for it or asking your opinion about what I should do with it. Personally I could care less about historical value I buy guns to shoot not sell later for monetary gain or to just look at as some wall hanger.
  4. The finish on my old Mosin looked pretty sad,scratches,finish flaking off half the old black paint worn off and front sight cut to short. Well I had a few days off last week so I got started. I bedded the action,floated the barrel channel and corked the front barrel rest and made and new front sight pin. I painted the old metal parts flat black and refinished the stock and polished the bolt and lugs,now to see how she shoots in a couple weeks. S & K mount with 2 x 7 x 32 LEE scope. Zeroed it in a couple days ago and it rock solid and held zero through 50 rds. so far.
  5. Well if you just feel the need to check it you can rent headspace gauges here. http://www.reamerrentals.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=7.62x54R.g
  6. Lots of options if you reload for the x39 for SP bullets. About ever major bullet mfg. make a .310 to .311 from 123 gr. up to 150 gr.
  7. I reload for both my 1970 YUGO & 1965 Chinese SKS rifles,mostly because I enjoy it,I don't shoot that much maybe 500 Rds. a year in each. The ammo I load is clean shooting,accuracy is superior over anything you can buy and you have a wide selection of better quality bullet types made by all the major bullet mfg.FMJ,SP,V-MAX Ballistic tip,Barnes X bullet in 123 & 125 Gr. weights or you can load up some 150 Gr. I like the Speer Hot Core in .311 I use winchester cases,CCI #34 Mil-spec primers,however recently I have experimented with the Lapua wooden bullet practice ammo as source
  8. Gunny I think its great that there are so many options other than using the dust cover mounts on an SKS which I think are useless. Peep sights and long eye relief sights just don't work very well with my eyesight. I know the choate mount and 3 x 9 scope would be a cheaper option for me but I think the Russian scope and mount matches the rifle better and keeps it more authentic. I believe in to each his own you pay for it you do with it as you please but its always nice to get advice from those who have experience using different scopes and mounts
  9. That is the way I intend on doing a mount if I go with the Russian mounting system. I had planned on mounting the scope on the rail and sliding it along the receiver till I found my proper eye relief marking the position on the receiver and mounting it there. If I don't go this rough a Choate and 3 x 9 x 32 of my choice is my next option.
  10. Try this place they have a better selection and price. http://www.eastwave.ca/products/scopes/posp8x42vd.html
  11. My $150 STOCK YUGO might s[uc]k but it gets the job done. Busting clay pigeons at 150 Yds. is about as easy as spitting.
  12. I don't check each round except on final inspection.I have a set procedure for reloading I have 2 container that I move each case between on each process full length resize,trim to proper length and clean primer pocket,priming,hand weight each charge and place in loading block, seat the bullet to correct OAL and the final stage crimp and wipe down and place in box. I have loaded this way for almost 30 years with not a single miss fire, or round that failed to chamber smoothly and completely. Since all my weapons are semi auto or lever action like my Savage 99 I always full length resize.
  13. About 30 Yrs. I still use my original single stage Lyman press and scales to load my ammo I have a Lyman trimmer but do most of my trimming now days with Lee tools. Priming is done wit h Lee Autoprimer tool for about every caliber I load on a regular basic or I use the press for others I don't load in volume. All of my equipment is just plain basic reloading equipment nothing fancy. I use Lee Dies for the 7.62 x 39mm & 243 Win. its the first Lee Dies I have ever bought,.mostly because of economic reasons. I also have Lyman and RCBS reloading dies for various other calibers .357,30-30,
  14. I pretty sure around the first of the year I'm going to scope my YUGO SKS I have considered several way to do this all being drill and tap type mounts (Choate) or universal rail. The two scopes I particular like and to keep my YUGO as close to original Sniper configuration as possible and are the 4x and 6x POSP Russian scopes http://www.eastwave.ca/products/scopes/posp4x24m.html and http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=471. Does anyone have any experience with these type scopes pro or con. My YUGO is dead on accurate with iron sight and reloads but my eyesight isn't getting any b
  15. Ok first off I would like to state that I'm reloading for a YUGO SKS however these loads should work for the Saiga application also. 123 Gr. Soft Points I spent about a day working on a load for my YUGO SKS. Using Winchester cases,trimmed to length with the Lee case length guage & cutter, CCI #34 Mil-Spec primers which are actually cheaper than standard LR primers, AA1680 powder preferred but Reloader #7 works just as well with the 123 Gr. .310 & 150 Gr. .311 bullets. The Hornady 123Gr. SP seated & crimped right on the cannalure which happens to be right at the OAL of 2.20. Th
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