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  1. I just noticed mine was loose the other day, but I haven't had a chance to dick with it. I'm pretty sure glue is going to be the answer though.
  2. I am trying to decide if it is profitable to reload for my AK and AR. I currently shoot steel cased wolf, but I have off and on wondered about reloading... I'm not a big target shooter, I don't care about squeezing extra accuracy out of my ammo or trying to push the limits by loading the ammo hot. I really just want to save money. Is reloading really much cheaper than just buying steel cased ammo? How many reloads do you get out of your brass from AK's and AR's? How many rounds can you load an hour? Do your handloads have better or worse failure rates than the cheap factory stu
  3. Pistol grip, Trigger group, buttstock +1 more part for compliance (gas plug, piston, forearm, muzzle device)... that's pretty much the definition of conversion. Its the first step towards almost any configuration.
  4. I hope for your sake that the red-dot can survive the abuse of the saiga.... If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the saiga though...
  5. OK they fit if I shove them in hard as shit it barely clicks in. I don't want to modify a $650 gun for a $50 mag so I guess I will contact surefire to check if I can modify it.
  6. I have a brand new S-12 from like a month ago, that I have never even shot. The factory mags fit real tight, but the surefire ones won't even load. At first they wouldn't even fit in the hole, but after I pushed hard and shaved off the back corners, they went in. Now I can't get the mag catch to grab the lip... it seems the plastic band at the top of the magazine is too high and hits the receiver before the mag catches. Anybody else encounter this and any suggestions?
  7. I was at a local gunshow and saw a group advertising tactical training.. http://www.cornerstonetactical.com/ I have never taken a tactical course before because I would have to drive 6 hours to attend one, rent a hotel for at least one day, gas etc... so it would be like $1000 for a 1 day course... These guys seem to price their courses under $200 and I could commute to it. Do you think its worth it? or would my money be better spent saving up for a suarez class they teach in dallas?
  8. Damn it Cobra, don't tease like that....
  9. If the guy is in texas I'll pay $50 each cash for the whole lot and drive out to pick em up 2morrow There aren't many guns that aren't worth $50...
  10. I wouldn't want to cut it shorter than 18.5" and that's only 1/2" savings if you start with a 19". Not worth the trouble of losing the threads or rethreading. Just buy a 19" and be happy with it unless you want to get a SBS tax stamp.
  11. Oh man, just hearing that it might be happening is like an early Christmas present. Thank you Mike! I live nowhere near Ohio, but if I can be of any help let me know.
  12. I'm honestly pretty happy with my gun collection right now. I'd like to add a 1911, a .22 pistol and a remington 700. I'd also like to vastly increase my parts and ammo stash. However I don't think any of those things are at risk till his second term. I mean don't get me wrong, in a perfect world I'd add every single one of those guns in my list above to my collection, but jeez I gotta draw the line somewhere. I don't have a gold mine in my back yard.
  13. OK I had just about shrugged off the overwhelming results of this poll and got a .308 of some sort because I already have a converted s20 and didn't really feel I needed another assault shotgun. Then I walked into the door of my favorite gunshop to ask about prices on a FAL's and saiga .308's and I wasn't 3 feet in the door when he said "I have 2 Saiga 12's, $629 if you want one." I glanced around the shop saw the barren shelves and said yes sight unseen. The damn thing wasn't even unpacked yet... lol, fedex had just bought it in 2 minutes before. He sold the other one (as well as the 1 sa
  14. I know I need more guns, but I have only been shooting for like 3 years. 3 Guns a year is pretty close to what my budget (AKA wife) can afford. I have about 1000 rounds for each of my calibers stocked up, but again I can't go on an ammo spending spree if I want to get another gun. Honestly I don't think ammo is going to be banned / supertaxed before a new AWB. I could be wrong, but its a gamble I'm willing to take. Assuming a new AWB goes through before June or so, I am stuck with my 1 gun purchase limit. Besides another 2-3 long guns is all that will fit in my crappy little safe (again
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