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  1. What year did the first Saigas come into the USA? I bought my first (a 7.62x39) in 2006 when they started shipping the receivers with the dimples. I recently acquired a 22” .308 with wood furniture, and it is dated 2000. I’m curious about the history of these rifles.
  2. I have an unconverted Saiga I bought new when they first came out with the dimpled receiver about 8 years ago. I paid 250 for it (!), which is the best 250 I ever spent in my life. I have left it completely bone stock (I live in Kalifornia). I wish someone made a stock for it with an LOP about 1" shorter. Basically, the same design but shorter. Does anyone know where I can go for something like this? This rifle has had thousands of rounds down the pipe with ZERO malfunctions. I absolutely love this baby. I want to upgrade it a bit, but I want to keep it in its original sporterized
  3. Does Chaos ever intend to make rails for the Vepr .308?
  4. Trust me, I'd love to move one state east. I love AZ. But I do, indeed, have a lot of immediate family holding me here. My best bet for a fighting rifle in KA is an M1A. I have an old M1A with all USGI parts and about a dozen 20-round mags for it (this is perfectly legal in KA because it doesn't look evil, and the 20-round mags are grandfathered in). I just wish I could get a shorter buttstock for this Saiga: even something that's about 1/2" shorter.
  5. I live in CA and so I am stuck with a "sporterized" Saiga if I want to be able to do fast mag changes. My other choice is to convert it and attach a mag lock, but I don't want to go this route. I want to keep my Saiga fairly stock and use the 10 round mags. The only modifications I want to make are: (1) Install a Tapco Intrafuse forend and (2) Install a shorter buttstock (about one-half inch shorter to get it to a 13" LOP). Does anyone make a shorter buttstock for these Saigas? Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  6. Newaza

    Bead sights?

    Thanks for the replies. Those are nice.
  7. Newaza

    Bead sights?

    I thought I'd revive this post. Is anyone running a larger bead on their Saiga? How about a fiber optic? I like beads on shotguns, but the factory Saiga bead seems a bit small and/or too low for my line of sight.
  8. How does the Saigatech differ? Is it made of a heavier gauge steel?
  9. I am interested in buying a traditional-style trigger guard, and I see a couple different versions out there. I am new to this game. I live in CA, and so I am buying this with the idea of attaching either the PRK Arms or the Solar Tactical mag lock. Do any of you guys have experience with the following trigger guards? Which is more robust? Cobra's: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=43450 Saigatech: http://www.saigatechusa.com/ Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  10. Well, obviously, the dimples make it a wee bit more accurate.
  11. I have two Saigas, both with 16" barrel. My dimpled Saiga is 92mm at 100m. (Translates to approx. 3.3" at 100 yards) My non-dimpled Saiga is 142mm at 100m. (Translates to approx. 5.1" at 100 yards)
  12. I have a stock Saiga 7.62x39. I would like to remove the plastic furniture and install the Saiga birch furniture. Does this alteration on my part trigger the necessity to start making the rifle 922r compliant? If so, how would the feds ever prove it? Couldn't I, theoretically, have purchased the Saiga in this configuration (with wood stock) straight off the gun store shelf?
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