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  1. Title pretty much sums it up. I haven't ever reloaded before but I see someone in my local area posting this stuff. I see new brass for 29.99/100 but don't know what used sells for. Thanks for any advice
  2. I also was thinking of doing the OD green and Black. Great minds think alike! Thanks! The ATI stock is not going to be used on this build anymore. I think I am going to go with an ace folding. I will certainly keep you in mind when I am buying something down the road. Thank you again for your input! Thanks Gunfun, I have seen your profile picture all over these forums with valuable information added in many threads! This is why I haven't ordered anything yet...minus the epic failure ATI stock I love the look of the chaos rail, that's why I wanted it. I have MD drums and AGP mags
  3. Thanks for the tips, I am looking on ebay now! Maybe I'll save some loot! I was going to get the ace stock, but at 2am in the morning after drooling over gun stuff all day, I just broke down and bought it.. maybe I can return it. Cool deal. Do you know what I should fill it with by chance? I know I messed up with the ATI stock.. Maybe I can use it on my saiga .223 though! I wanted an adjustable butt pad and the folding ability. Nice website btw, I didn't see it before somehow when I was searching around for products.. if only http://www.bonesteelarms.com/Ak-Saiga-Folding-Galil-styl
  4. Hi all! Long time member, long time lurker but first time poster! Thank you for all of the help and info I have found on this site, it’s the best out there! (I'll be making a donation after I finish posting this!) I've finally picked up a S12 and am about to start my modifications. I lucked out and my gas ports are all good enough. I haven’t had many feed or ejection issues(even without a upgraded puc, or a tac 47 auto plug). That being said I have a few questions that I wasn't able to find via search(maybe I didn't know exactly what to search for) I'm 922r clear also. #1 Can I fill
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