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  1. It would be fun to have a video contest of who can use it the most creatively (without killing something). That would rock! A fridge, a volkswagon, a door. That would be too cool
  2. Any updates available on this? Has Mike D. Gone underground?
  3. Kudos on the live fire. You are on you way.
  4. If you have not heard the news I got warned today by Cobra. It appears that I am too negative in this particular thread. I would like to sincerely apologize to all form readers for my lack of faith in Mike D. engineering prowess and design skills. Although I felt my critism was warranted and founded in basic engineering and manufacturing priciples I must to defer to Mr. Cobras sanctions and be civil to Mike D. From now on you will find be being nothing but positive about this thread. Should anyone find me the least bit negative or condescending to Mike D or Cobra please let me konw and
  5. Thankyou for the warning Cobra. I will try to control my negativity, it was way out there for a bit, but I think I am better now. I do have a question. How do I put my money where my mouth is. I will order one, I just need to know how and where to do it. I am ready, even though I tend to be negative!
  6. Got this back from them on 16th April. Having seen Mike's drum after that I thought I'd wait for his. Having said that, being in the UK I might have problems getting anyone to send me one! David, Thanks for your interest, our first orders will ship in approximately 30-45 days and we can ship to any state that allows hi-cap magazines, it is the purchaser's responsability to find out if they are legal in your area, and yes we do have BATF approval as far as over-seas I would have to check on that, we had originally planned to sell in the U.S. and our price is $319.00, you can now place
  7. You seem hung up on a date that was thrown out on a internet chat forum. Personally, it's not a big deal to me. If I polled the board if hitting the deadline meant much and the answer was "no" would you let it go? I was out of town this weekend, but I am back now. I have not had time to review everything yet, but i will provide input in time. (Probably tomorrow). Have a nice night and enjoy the discussion. jh
  8. I never once said I was worried about damaging my saigas. I said at this point I didn't want to risk damaging the prototype. I never once posted that I didn't have a working prototype. From my very first post on the subject (early March), I have had a working prototype. Not having a live fire video was partly an oversight. I should have had one and would have had one if I had know about the WM. I am back from the range. What a great time that was....did you guys miss me? Not much dialogue here today but a lot of viewing going on.
  9. You're right -- we are too quick witted for you and most of us keep our heads out of our asses -- you may be over your head here! You have a good point there! All I can say is but not each others. I think Mike breathes for a few of you guys here on this form. You guys could be tossing Mikes Salad for all I know. Have a nice day!
  10. Nowww it all makes sense -- the unrelenting attacks, the pointless comments, the appearance of Joe being personally wronged by Mike...!!! Mike, what are you doing with that picture of Joe's wife? Dude, that's just wrong -- and pointing at her like that -- what's that about!?!?! Sure she'll let you do things to her that most other farm animals would be ashamed of, but that's no reason to make a spectacle of her in front of others. Have some decency, and for god's sake, what made you thik it was ok to let that picture of your relations get on the net in the first place??? Joe, I've chang
  11. Sorry that I was not able to respond last night Mike, but I had to go to bed, it was getting late and the wife was whining about the light being on in the trailer (she hates that). I believe you, I really do. I am sure you have a third generation prototype, I believe that it was working flawlessly and that you are ready for production. I am sure not having a live fire video was only an oversight (I think you said you did not want to risk damaging your Saiga if my mermory servers correctly) and that currently you did not have a working prototype. I am sure everything you say is true, I dont
  12. Like I told you "before". I am positive. I know I have it. A negative person would have never attempted what I HAVE DONE. You are the one posting negative things about the topic. Over and over. And you wonder why I am bitter. You haven't even seen bitter out of me. You come here and poke and pick and when you get someone to react you suggest professional help to them. It is apparent you have the issues, there is some inadequacies in your life that must drive you. Tell me about your mother. Maybe I can help YOU work this out so you can start to function better in society.
  13. Since you know so much about my project, I was wondering, what are these reality checks you speck so sure of? No, honestly you don't know a damn thing. I have tried to keep cool with you but your last post has said and verified it all. You are simply a troll. And that is that. If you had read any of this thread for information purposes, other than your sad trolling reasons, you would know some things. First of all you admitted earlier in this thread of your limited knowledge of firearms, but now you think you can help me. Trust me, I don't need your help. You state that a 2 3/
  14. There can be no progress made without dialogue and no gain without the pain. Conflict can be good if it can be controlled. It is too easy to distrust members with opposing points of view and just hate them. This product will not ship without a reality check, it is difficult for things to get to market. There are many hurdles that have to be overcome yet, just view me as the reality check. I have heard discussions that I think can help in your development. The 2 3/4 inch will be easier to make than the 3 inch. There is a large variance in manufacturers lengths in the 3 inch ammunition
  15. A couple of answers to your many questions. Yes I will be buying one of Mike D.'s drums when they are available and I can see a live fire video. I think his approach is a unique. on how did I find this thread int his forum?....it was easy...... I was googling for the other product and about two links from the top it said ... "The Wraithmaker is not Mine". Google had found this forum and I naturally clicked on the link to figure out WTF was going on. It was another of Mikes Threads when the news first broke on the Wraithmaker. So I started reading and it all started from there.
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