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    Hair Triggers

    Keep the hair triggers next to the banana clips.
  2. I bought an MI rail with the US palm upper, and a Primary Arms red dot. I've never had the Ultimak setup. My entire setup cost about what the Ultimak lower rail costs, and that's including the Primary arms optic. I ran it hard at an action rifle match last weekend, and it did not let me down. The optic on the MI setup is not on the gas tube, and stays at nearly ambient temps. I get a lower 1/3rd ish co-witness. So far so good.
  3. eodinert

    UTG quad rail?

    I hope the irony of 'buy American' for a part for an imported gun is not lost on everyone. Seems if y'all were worried about American jobs, you'd be shooting an 870.
  4. Most awesome update. Keep us posted!
  5. Yeah, but you're not going to breach a door with an M203. Not standing next to it, anyway. That shotgun is for breaching, that's all. The M203 is for killing people and breaking things.
  6. The safety very simply blocks the back of the trigger when the safety is applied. In my experience, failure of the trigger to reset has been when one leg of the trigger spring comes off the back of the trigger. Since that doesn't seem to be the case for you, I would very closely examine the relationship of the safety and the trigger. If the pins are in right, that's probably where you will find your answer.
  7. I did go to the MD web site, and didn't see that info. I thought to myself, 'self, if I had a product like that that was about to come out, I would put the information where everyone could find it really easy, so they wouldn't call or email me to ask about it'. And, since it's already 'late april or early may', I think it's a pretty good question.
  8. How long is the barrel? Does it run? Have you shot it yet? Keep us updated!
  9. I think were I you, I'd have gone with an AR.
  10. Negative. The law says you must engrave the barrel, frame, or receiver. Most agree that it is not wise to engrave the barrel, or upper receiver, because if you put another upper on that weapon, you will have an un-marked SBR. Even with a 16+ inch barrel, the registered lower is still an NFA weapon, and should be marked accordingly. A SBR can be un-SBR'd, and removed from the registry. It's OK to make a pistol into a rifle, and back into a pistol again, without putting the weapon on the NFA registry. Of course, I could be full of shit. So look it up for yourself.
  11. The sporter Saiga 12 has the same rear trunnion as a standard stamped AK, and will accept any stock that will fit a stamped, euro pattern AK without modification. The problem is, you will need to install a pistol grip, and that requires some work. There are some goofy conversions that fit, that have a grip on the stock and allow the use of the trigger in the sporter location.
  12. It must be true, if you say so.
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