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  1. Real russian '74 stocks arent exactly prevalent and definitely not cheap. Tantal has them but you'll pay, I got a nice '74 lammy furmiture set from him and though it was mucho bucks, I dont regret it and it is beautiful. There used to be Bulgy blonde ones out there (I think) but they have dried up since. The rusmilitary price really isnt too bad of a deal. Heres mine... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...mpled+103+woody
  2. chris410


    Hows this for a ressurection? I saved the pic of the flecktar s12 years ago. I am thinking of doing my Drozd like this, so I did a search here for flecktar to refresh my memory on the technique..... Still love that gun.
  3. Scary, and no doubt a mostly accurate depiction of our descent into socialism, but some of that article is a bit ridiculous. He states a few times that it was the west that caused Marxism in Russia/CIS/USSR/Whatever? I thought it was Lenin who did that?
  4. It sucks cause it would be nice to see a US manufacturer produce a new shotgun design, that one was at least new and unique.
  5. They are pretty cool, unfornately mine fell apart after a couple mags thru my S12. not sure if they are weak or if I got a defective one. I ended uo goin with a PK-AS, which is much better IMO.
  6. Ontario is definitely a military knife contractor, they make many different knives for our armed services, the Navy mkIII, Air force survival and many others. Not sure if that helps you any.
  7. Definitely overthinking it. the 3" is hardly noticeable in terms of more recoil. When I said .223, I was referring to 3" slug or buck. Its really mild. Nothing like a 12 or 20 if thats what youre thinking. They put it in revolver and derringers and its quite manageable in them too.
  8. OKay now I'm intrigued, Didnt you get yours from Ameetec? I thought you were friends with them or something, or am I mistaken/confused or thinking of someone else? I know Ameetec said they made 4 of them, and only advertised a flat-top, any more insider info would be appreciated.
  9. Recoil is quite mild, it will feed 2.5" shells with the 2.5" mag, youll have to buy that seperate. 3' shells dont recoil much more anyhow, if thats your worry. I'd say recoil is around what a 223 is or so. PS, dont use birdshot for HD, use buck or slugs. Birdshot just doesnt have the mass to be a "manstopper".
  10. His is a WM12 not a USAS 12, note the flat-top receiver. The WM is a clone built with USAS parts on a flat top receiver, very few were built, and because they have a different name they arent a DD. Heres mine, with a detachable A1 handle on it.
  11. Thats awesome, theres a garage around here that the owner of collects military vehicles, totally badass, I'm jealous. As for myself, One of my other primary interests is DJing, that is the mixing, cutting, scratching, house/techno/hiphop style, not the radio/top 40 styled variety. Getting my website together My site not much yet, but some of my mixes are up and more coming. All house/elektro, one gospel house set. Check it out if your into that kind of stuff. Heres some pics of my studio Other than that I am a bit of a aviation buff and used to fly R/C, had a bad year a while back and got sick of crashing planes that I put all kinds of time into, so I took a break last summer, maybe I'll catch up on my dues and get out there again this year. I also hike pretty often and mountain bike some too. Used to be the other way around, but I got sick of crashing bikes and breaking parts that I sunk all kinds of money into. Notice a pattern? Good topic. Thanks for starting this.
  12. Chris409 and Chris411 were taken. OK so actually this was the first forum I ever joined, just wanted to get those damn Barnauls to feed in my 10 rounders and convert to PG. Didnt put any effort into the name, just my name and the saiga I had. 5 years and 5 Saiga's later, I still end up here periodically. had I known, I would have come up with something so much cooler I am 12gaugesage on most other forums, dont tell anyone.
  13. Nice job, looks great. Any cycling issues with the new GB?
  14. That about sums it up, yhough usually they have a preferred ammo that comes pretty damn close. I have an old Charter AR7 that works and has always worked great, with most ammo. They are great and handy, but they owuld have been so much more adequate for "survival" if they were just a bolt action. 22 semi's are just plain finicky thats all there is to it. The M6 is a good contender, also check out the NEF survivor 410/45 colt, onboard ammo storage, but no folding. Personally I owuld want a long gun over a pistol, but pistols are much more compact so in the end everything is a compromise. A Ruger Single Six is hard to beat for that role too.
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