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  1. Red Letter Industries is my conversion company. It is not Jammer's company and he does not run it. The link at the bottom of the E-Tac/Gogun webpage is a favor that Jammer did for me. The "Esteban Custom" link on the RLI page was a return favor that I did for Jammer. He asked me to remove it several weeks ago because he didn't want my company to be affected by having his name on it. It's been removed and will no longer be there when the website is updated. RLI does not have any agreement with Jammer to finish the handful of old E-Tac conversion jobs he has remaining. As Jammer sai
  2. Esteban hasn't mentioned it, but forum Contributors are going to get priority. Craig
  3. Is it 10-32? If it is, the drill size is #21. Craig
  4. We were actually going to name it The NinerRider, but that was already taken. Oh well...
  5. Okay guys, I tried to stay out of this, but this is going too far. I'd like to please ask everyone to take a step back and take a deep breath. Yesterday, Kelly, Esteban, and Joey (the OP) discussed in detail his build and what's been happening in this thread. It appears that they're all on the same page, so Joey can update the forum, if he chooses, when there's something new to report. 'Nuff said. To the claim that Rabid Robert is Esteban, that's just retarded. To the business members who've participated in this thread: Jack, for someone who's been in this business for 30 ye
  6. We've used it on many Magpul stocks that we've coated. Craig
  7. Will, You can use acetone or Brake Kleen to remove any oils before painting. Craig
  8. We put several UBRs on s-12s, all using the ACE folding mechanism. It adds a lot of weight, but very solid. It's one of the best stocks we've put on a build. Craig
  9. Slant side towards barrel is the norm. But, if you like it the other way, go for it.
  10. We can make you one for.... ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!
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