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  1. While I share your dislike of Nazis and bigots, I think that pulling over to verbally confront them was a waste of time as well as a poor tactical move on your part. The bottom line is that they are a bunch of idiots and nothing you say to people like them is going to change their beliefs. Confronting them accomplishes nothing and risks getting you caught in a violent encounter. There is a time and a place to make a stand, and that wasnt it. It is pointless to get mad at stupid people, because long after you have finally worked thru and resolved your anger, they will still be stupid.
  2. Your other option is to use the Master Molder polymer mags. They have enough material on the front of the mag to act as a bullet guide, all you need to do to make them work is to file or Dremel about a millimeter or two of plastic off of the catch in back.
  3. The problem with a Saiga---or almost any rifle for that matter---is that if you fire it indoors at night you will be blinded by the flash and deafened by the muzzle blast. As much as I like my saiga, it is way down near the bottom of the list of my guns that I would be grabbing for self defense at home in the middle of the night.
  4. Here is my 7.62x39 with a 16"barrel and the Tapco adjustable stock from Saigastock.com. It also has MasterMolder 30 round mags and a Kalinka hi-rise detachable scope mount with reflex sight. 922r-compliance with a pistol grip, hi-cap mags and no gunsmithing required.
  5. Glasers are great for revolvers, but too expensive to test for reliable feeding/extraction in a semi-auto. I wont trust ANY semi-auto for defense until I have at least 200 rounds of carry ammo in it with zero malfuntions. 200 rounds of Glaser would cost more than the gun itself would. My 9mm Beretta is stoked with the inexpensive Federal standard-pressure 115 gr JHP's, I bought 400 rounds on sale for $12 a box. The gun runs 100% with them, recoil is manageable, and they are very accurate.
  6. I dont see the need for San Francisco police to be armed in the first place. Guns are illegal there. All you need for a police presence in San Francisco is a bunch of gay black handicapped vegetarian women in uniform....rather than arrest criminals they can hand them granola bars and pledge to honor their diversity.
  7. We could solve the meth problem in this country by having a pharamceutical lab cook up 10 tons of pure meth, and then cut it 50/50 with rat poison. Distribute this meth and announce on the news what was done. Within a few months. no one will know whether or not the meth they are buying was tainted or not. Darwin will weed out the stupid ones real quick.
  8. I seldom have any reason to be in contact with the police, and when I do I am polite, honest and straightforward. If I know I am in violation of a law, I admit it and dont waste time with BS excuses. The cops I have dealt with are out there looking for bad guys, they arent interested in and dont have the time to waste harrassing law-abiding citizens. I have 21 years of driving with zero tickets. I respect the job they do and the fact that they have to deal with the dregs of society on a constant basis. When you act like a decent and respectful human being, you are usually going to get treated
  9. I guess the moral of the story is....DONT shop at Walmart. You are paying for the service you get. You want it cheap...you get it cheap. That place is a toilet, I refuse to shop there. I have a Bi-Mart about 1/2 a mile from my house, they have a good selection of long guns, ammo, hunting gear etc., and more importantly they have knowledgable staff and I have never a had a bad experience shopping there. Is their ammo $.75 a box more than Walmarts? Yes. Do I give a shit? NO.
  10. The .357/.38+p snubbies have been around for 75 years or so and with the right loads have a proven track record for self defense. This new .327 load is unproven. Its a gimmick as far as I'm concerned. Why try to reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of good choices already?
  11. I dont see the point. A .410 is about useless for self defense, especially coming out of a 2 1/2" barrel. All this gun is is a .45 Colt that is much longer and bulkier than it needs to be in order to fit a semi-useless .410 shotshell. The .45 Colt round is a fine defense load, and they make shotshells for it that will work just fine on snakes.
  12. Its been a challenge for me--my wife's first husband committed suicide with a handgun right in front of her. She fears and hates guns, although she is glad that I own them and have a carry permit. She just doesnt like looking at them. I cant say that I blame her. I took her shooting one time. We were there for about 1/2 hr and she had to leave. It is entirely likely that she will never enjoy shooting at all. She accepts the fact that I like guns and supports my hobby, as long as they are locked up out of sight. She is being more than reasonable in my opinion. The only gun that she is eve
  13. I wonder how hard it would be to convert a .223 Saiga over to 5.45x39...the money you would save on ammo could add up quick.
  14. I am glad to live in Oregon. We share a border with Cali, but our gun laws are light years apart. You can own anything you want here. Our "shall issue" concealed carry permits are nice too.
  15. We dont carry cash any more, but we used to. I have turned in $8,000 before and I have delivered to some pretty rough neighborhoods. I also deliver jewelry,guns, prescription narcotics and high-value easy to pawn stuff like laptops, cameras, DVD players and I-pods. I wish I could carry at work, but I dont want to lose my job. Also, due to a "percieved" gang problem, they make all of us walk thu a metal detector on our way in and out of work. I could still stash a piece somewhere if I really wanted to, but the risk just isnt worth it.If I were working for Pizza Hut I would carry anyway.
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