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  1. HAHA... I'm back in town. What do you think of my AK? What do you think of yours? Let me know.

  2. Here's mine. I have been looking at everyone's submissions here for a long time and it's time to show mine. I bought this after it had been converted by the previous owner. I then added the metric threaded FAL flash hider, ACE front sight, and Blackthorne rear sight/dust cover. It's never complete, but very shootable (and fun) as it sits. I live in a free state so the 15 rounders aren't mandatory. I just like the length compared to the 20's and 25's.
  3. After emailing ACE directly with the same question, I bought the small one several months back. It looks really good on my rifle with the rear sight moved to the dust cover. I used the Blackthorne A2 rear sight / picatinny rail dust cover. The dust cover is not the best place to put a rear sight on an AK. But, if you shim it up front and in the rear it tightens up acceptably. I don't use that picatinny rail for anything though, other than lookin' cool. Hope that helps folks. BTW, GV I love that AK that's in your avatar. I saved a copy of it a long time ago.
  4. I threaded mine to take FAL metric flash hiders. I bought the tools from Brownells to do it and bought an American made FH from DSarms.com. It looks great. I'll never do it any other way. I also moved the front sight back to the gas block using the ACE screw on front sight. The combo looks very Galil-ish.
  5. SomethingEZ Posted 30 November 2009 - 10:14 PM Not to mention parts are far easier to get for the ak then the FAL. There's plenty of folks who would argue with you on which weapon system has more parts in the U.S. Just one example: try and find a bolt for your S308 if one of those lugs crack.... That said, if it was a Century or Hesse FAL, I'd probably trade it off. They are hit and miss on quality compared to other FAL parts guns and not in the same league as a DSA, FN, Imbel, or Argentine factory gun. Depending on when you bought it, you'd probably stand to make
  6. spitstickler, My gas block is canted too. I didn't notice it until I mounted the ACE front sight attachment to it. I'm thinking of knocking those pins out and drilling / tapping then screwing the gas block to the barrel once it's been moved. For now, mine is sighted in. But, the rear sight is pushed over to one side to line up with the front sight. As for the gas holes lining up, I'm not too worried about it at this point. If I do all the work and it doesn't cycle, then I'll troubleshoot that part. The gas block isn't canted that much on mine anway.
  7. I can't wait to see pics on this too. Aeroscout9
  8. Thanks much herr_cobblermachen. That helps out a bunch. Aeroscout9
  9. Hello all, Love the forum. Lot's of great pics giving ideas of what to build. I'd like to know if anyone on this site knows the overall lengths of the AK's, and Saiga's receivers. Are they all the same? I'm guessing the 308 is longer than the 762Russian receivers. The reason I ask is I've seen websites selling AK topcovers with rear sites installed. I would like that option on an S308 but have only seen these for standard length AK receivers. Any help for a Newb would be appreciated. P.S. I used the search feature on here to see if this had already been covered by someone and di
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