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  1. I've got a bianchi IWB and its not bad. a little bulky but holds its shape well.
  2. I think the next test will be to throw it off my roof. Or drag it behind the truck like in the saiga demo video. Havent decided yet. Would be cool to duplicate the saiga video but dont have a place to do it during hunting season. First things first I'll have to shoot it. Im positive the drum is fine. The only thing that might cause a hiccup is my gun. But I have the other to compare side by side with.
  3. Forgot to mention there is not so much as a scratch on the drum and it hand cycles fine.
  4. Well Mike sent me a replacement so I began with some basic torturing. First things first I decided to disect it and see if the damage went any further than the drum body. Everything checked out fine except the gear couldnt rotate because the body was pushed in to far. I figured I just break away the pieces and clear the obstruction. It was no easy task this drum is certainly stout. I literally had to use a chisel and hammer to break the pieces off. After fiddling with it for a few minutes I had removed all the broken pieces. Then I loaded it up with 20 rounds and everything loo
  5. I really like my high noon holsters. Ive got 4 for my CZ and like them all.
  6. I got in touch with Mike and he's taking care of me. Im going to finish destroying this one for research purposes (as per Mike's request) and have filed a claim with UPS so that Mike can get his money back. I've waited a year for this so another week or so wont kill me.
  7. I just hope there are some drums on reserve for cases like these. I dont want my money back and surely dont want to wait another year.
  8. Well I get home yesterday and see a little note from the UPS man. So I call and arrange to pick it. With excitement I sign and hurry home to fiddle with my new toy. I notice that the box looked like a gorilla had pounced on it a time or too but ensure myself that even a gorilla would be no match for the stoutness of the MD-20. Well someone better call the authorities at UPS because they have a mutated gorilla with some sort of supernatural powers that has destroyed my drum.
  9. i hope a lot of people only ordered one because Im on the fence for the first 120 at EV-307.
  10. Im located in hampton right off 64 before you get to the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Looking to sell or trade a few guns. First off is a Kimber Custom II all black. Includes 2 Chip McKormick 8 rd power mags. Less than 150rds through it. Looks brand new. $750 OBO Para Ordnance Warthawg. SOLD Glock 19 compact 9mm. Polished internals. Looks brand new, less than 300 rds. comes with 2 aftermarket 33rd mags and 3 factory 15rd mags. $450 OBO will include brand new surefire X300 light for $575. All deals FTF in Southeast VA. Will get pics up later tonight. Also willing to trade a 1911 for AR15, also interested in CZ RAMI, subcompact 9mm 1911, a pai
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