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  1. Gone to Gun Broker, thanks for looking. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=251379642
  3. It is welded to the front sight, so it comes off with the sight, I did this years ago before anyone had come up with other ideas for addressing that issue. In addition to whats included, I have original stock and hand guard, that I'll include. Thanks for looking.
  4. More mags and lower price!
  5. I've got FNC hand guards on my S308. They had to be trimmed at the front. I made a ring retainer for the rear out of an electrical conduit nut, and used a screw-pin to hold them in place through the gas block. They don't completely close around the gas tube, however they do butt up at the bends and bled in pretty nice. I'll get some pics up after I finnish mounting my ACE scope mount and scope.
  6. bamaboy

    308 muzzle brake

    After thinking about it, I will cut it and leave a small place welded then spread it until it's straight and have him re-weld.
  7. bamaboy

    308 muzzle brake

    Well shit! I finally got around to having a mzzle brake welded to my front sight. And when the guy handed it back to me I noticed it was crooked. I thought I had it pretty much lined up on a make-shift jig, I think when he clamped the ground to it, it must have shifted ever so slightly. It's an AK74 style MB that I cut. I could probably file the end so that a bullet wouldn't make contact, I'm not 100% it would contact the end anyway, untill I get home tonight. But my biggest worry is that it might affect the accuarcy. Any thoughts or suggestions? I might have to try and find another front sight and start over.
  8. SPF To Gas Giant Never fired or even loaded, just handled. 24" barrel EEA import. Comes with Russian; pistol grip folding stock, hand guard with bottom rail, and clamp on AK front sight/flash hider. 2- 10 rnd, 2- 8 rnd, and 2- 5 rnd mags. You can e-mail me for pics: agevara3836@charter.net I'll take SPF shipped to FFL(they must accept from an individual, me) The only trades I'd consider are HKs +/- cash to even it up. P9S-45, PSP, USPf .40....
  9. bamaboy

    FAL hand gaurds on Saiga

    My S308 is currently sporting FNC HGs
  10. Had the barrel turned down pressed on a standard AKM FSB with detent pin threaded 14x1 LH and recrown the barrel. BTW took it out Saturday to sight it in 1"@50 yards,going back this Saturday and shoot the 100 yard.After that I'm going to order my scope,bipod and pray for 20 rd mags to get here ASAP! Did the barrel have to be removed from the receiver to turn it down? Nice look!
  11. bamaboy

    Cutting a barrel: Finishing tips?

    Any chance you would rent these?
  12. bamaboy

    Scout mount options?

    I'm all about a scout rifle. When I bought my S308 16", it was with plans to use the Ultimak mount but was told the same thing, "no can do". So I got one of those rear sight mounts, but still not installed it. Now that the 20s ore here I'll be more motivated to finish it, all that's left is the mount and muzzle device.