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  1. The PSL has a lot going for it. It has an auto bolt hold open, the muzzle brake and spring-loaded butt really reduce felt recoil, great accuracy (unless you're heating up the barrel significantly), and the ammo is cheap. The only negative is the lack of availability of good match grade ammo. Good shooters with 7n1, tailored handloads, or those lucky enough to have a surplus ball ammo that works well, can do surprising things with them. It is also not much to look at. Best to admire one from a distance. They look rough, and often require a few hundred rounds for break-in. I remember be
  2. Gas. There's a piston in front of the operating slide and an o-ring sealing the barrel against the tube.
  3. That's an interesting notion. I've never heard a firearm referenced as having a "pedigree" before, or the idea that it should be preserved...nor the idea that good used firearms are destined to be mercilessly bubba'd by the financially unstable only to be sold for a pittance. This 1100 was purchased because: A.) I prefer the deep blue finish over parkerizing B.) A vent rib was desired C.) The older action was chosen as they tend to be better finished internally and externally, have better triggers from the factory, as well as being devoid of plastic parts. The fact that it cost a
  4. There is no difference in accuracy. The MV loss is marginal. IIRC it's something along the lines of 12fps per inch of barrel. I liked the barrel length of the shorter Tigr and SVDS, so that's what I did. Hell, there's a trend right now for 16-18" barrels with the tactical bolt gun crowd...but I wasn't going that short. I figure the Russians might know a thing or two. Some people like to make their PSL's look like SVD's. I just wanted to make mine a little handier. I need to take it out with some 7N1 on the bench to see what it can really do. Just out having fun with it, there didn't se
  5. Yes, that point was so very clear. How foolish of me. Any Remington 1100 or 11-87, whether it is a game, target, tactical or police variant (and their derivatives) are all essentially the same classic firearm at the core. I would feel the same regardless of the age of your firearms, sir...and I don't find what I've done here odd, either. I've seen quite a few done similarly, mostly with the 3-gun crowd. A few parts would restore the "classic hunting gun" appearance. It's not "tacticooled" to make a fashion statement or to piss off sportsmen. This was done as this is what I want in
  6. Civic?...to describe a classic American shotgun that's been relatively unchanged since 1963? Huh.
  7. The barrel is 21." I did everything myself, except a semi-local smith enlarged the FSB I.D. for me. I already had cutters to crown and face the muzzle. A new hacksaw blade took care of the chop. This was it before the FSB went on. The bore was not completely concentric where it was cut. Thankfully the brake baffles have plenty of room for error. The toughest part was drilling for the FSB pins without a drill press. There was much sweating and some cursing involved...but it ended up good.
  8. My stepson shooting the PSL. The muzzle brake works quite nicely; controls muzzle jump, reduces felt recoil better, and doesn't dust print shooting prone.
  9. I'm not a fan of tacticooled AK's but it does look very purposeful.
  10. Congrats. I remember a time when I lusted after that, the Benelli M3 and M1S90. Seems like whenever I find a crazy good deal, I'm flat broke :/
  11. I was pleased to find out last weekend that thing thing cycles Remington bulk pack bird shot perfectly. That means I'll be doing the 'ol 100 round packs in the near future. We fired a bunch of 9-pellet 00 buck, which was a lot softer shooting than 1oz slugs, and it hit at the same POI/POI as the slugs I zeroed it in with. My stepson, a couple friends and I had fun popping pop cans at about 15 yards. Everybody did real well with it, making solid, consistent hits. After a cleaning I did what will be one of my final mods:
  12. How old is Jay, BTW? You've gotta start somewhere. My wife is the only one in the fam formally educated in art, and alas, her talents are largely wasted, and she definitely has zero interest in drawing firearms. It does have the FA position. I used to draw all manner of weaponry and graphic war scenes in school. These days it's be some serious business getting busted doing so.
  13. Yessir. That is all true. With the hold of a weapon or dimensions I could've taken measurements and scaled the whole thing down...but it was free handed and is about the best I can do in short time in that respect. For sure, I am an amateur at best. I'm just glad it turned out better than some cheesy cartoon art.
  14. My step son told me that I couldn't draw an AK (pretty much meaning that he wanted me to draw him an AK). I hadn't drawn anything in earnest for about 15 years but gave it a go. It was free-handed so it is dimensionally incorrect. The trigger angle and curve is all wrong, but I tried. The picture by this point had been handled a bit so it's lost some sharpness and tone. The "For Mother Russia" thing comes from the fact that anytime he plays a game with Russian weapons or sees anything on TV where Russians kick ass he had to say it. Ever since he watched Spetsnaz vs Rangers on Dea
  15. Rick_a


    Looks great. Any plans for a muzzle device?
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