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  1. Anyone seen these? What's different about these from the MKA? The article doesn't mention the gas system. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/02/03/derya-mk-10-ar-style-shotgun/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheFirearmBlog+%28The+Firearm+Blog%29
  2. As bad as this platform needs a drum, I can't believe that anyone would try to rain on the parade of a vendor who is trying to make technological advances for the betterment of the MKA (and yes, to sell products). Whether it is FB, TN, or whomever....we need to be helpful and supportive or the MKA won't be around long.
  3. If you are using it for 3gun, the whole idea is that whatever it weighs....ain't going to be there long. It better be downrange asap. More important is that the damn thing works....really well.
  4. Jim, that is flat out awesome. Love it. Can't wait to find out more.
  5. Totally agree. And, in past posts I've mentioned that even the non-mag fed Open guns have their fair share of problems. However, this year I've been impressed with the Versas. I'm a crappy shotgun loader, so I'll stick with the mag fed shotguns but just try to keep an eye on the mags. Maybe we need a jig of some kind that you can insert the MKA mag into so you can quickly verify the mags feed lips are ok.
  6. This pic will explain it better. This is one of my friends and squadmates shooting his Versa under the shotgun spool. I also had problems with turning the gun sideways and catching the bolt on the bottom of the spool. I shot a lot left handed too to get the targets on the right. I think I would have been better off crawling as far as I could under the spool (the rule was no further than your chest equal with the bottom of the spool) and using 10 rounders rather than shooting sideways.
  7. As long as that failure isn't a double feed, and it's on a 23 round mag every 69 rounds, I'll take it. Many times it only takes about 1-2 seconds to clear an FTF, a simple rack in or out on the charging handle. It seems to me that most of the Saiga drums experience the same amount of issues - and those are the ones that run well. We had 3 Saigas with drums in my squad, and they had a couple FTFs per day, at least. I was really impressed with how the Versas ran as a group. They had very few problems. Granted, most are heavy modded and have a lot of Benelli parts in them, but our squad
  8. And the mags need maintenance. 2 of those issues were with my most reliable 15 round mag. I need to check the feed lips, I bet they got bent a little somehow. I don't think I can blame the gun at all for any of those 3 feed issues. Especially the double feed. Not much the gun can do there. The other two were FTF, one where the shell was presented high and right at 2 o'clock and caught on the outside of the chamber port. Again, I don't think that is a gun issue.
  9. Hey SB, hope you are well. Always good to hear from a local. You'd have to ask Jim why FB went away from the brakes, that's how the A1 come from them. He may have already addressed this somewhere in this forum, but I seem to remember it might have to do with the inconsistencies in the barrel...but I could be remembering that wrong. I'm all about reducing recoil - so whatever works, as long as the gun will run!
  10. The Iron Man stages are (as you can see) big. The shotgun targets are a mix of targets from easy to hit plates to tiny little bastard KO plates. I was using my IC choke, which was pretty tight for some of those small targets at closer ranges and wanted to make sure I didn't miss those little guys. If you put a wider choke in, many times you can't knock down the KO's or bigger plates esp. at longer distances, and at the IM you'll see all of that on pretty much every stage...so pick your poison. Both Stage 9 and 10 had shotgun targets on both sides of the shooter in a "gauntlet" type bay.
  11. Similar to my last post, I would also like to add that the 23 round stick mag I used at the Iron Man was from Tooth and Nail. In my first tests, I had some FTF and other issues, and had to "tune" this mag (per Jim's video on mka mag tuning). Since then, It's run really well. I did have one FTF that I think was mag related, but that was out of 69 rounds. Pretty darn good for a shotgun mag. It sure helps having the extra rounds on the big stages, but holy smokes is it long. And yes, sometimes that is a problem. For example, Stage 8 of the Iron Man, you had to shoot all the shotgun under a
  12. I posted the below review of my recent experience with the Firebird A1 at the 2014 MGM Iron Man on the Firebird facebook page and thought I would post it here as well. Also posted are links to a couple videos of me shooting my first few stages (and not very well...I never do well the first few stages). Full disclosure - I am not sponsored by Firebird and am in no way affiliated with them. Video of me shooting Stage 10 - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=789134927794115 Shooting Stage 9 - http://s88.photobucket.com/user/gittings55/media/2014%20MGM%20Iron%20Man/VID_20140608_12153
  13. Watch the 2nd Video, the interview. That pretty much explains it all. I' don't know how you can argue with any of it.
  14. Jim - you go! Good for you guys. Are the using control flight buck in the A1?
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