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  1. I just posted one for sale in the classified section.
  2. Moved to the correct Accessories listing - sorry!
  3. So I'll bring this one back from the dead...now that the Hogues have been around for a while, any feedback on the upper rail? Is it steady enough for mounting optics or does it just look "cool"? I'd like to build a Scout-style rifle on a Saiga .308, but I need a good place for the optics. I don't think the side-mount rail will be far enough forward, so the Hogue handguard with the upper Picatinny rail looked like a good option. I'm just curious what people's experience has been with the mount. Thanks! Jim
  4. Ah -- I guess I was thinking about some of the models I've seen with a much more dramatic curve to the grip portion of the stock, since you specifically called out the need to pair the stock trigger with the Monte Carlo. I figured you meant something different than what comes standard. Thanks!
  5. It's just the expense. I live in Virginia...we have very progressive firearms laws. I already have a 7.62x39 and S-12 Saiga that I've converted -- I just can't afford another conversion right now if it's not really necessary...which I don't believe it is for a hunting rifle.
  6. I didn't realize that about the .308 trigger -- I just assumed it was like my 7.62x39 (which didn't stay that way for very long at all!). Does anybody make a synthetic Monte Carlo for the Saiga? (Yes, I'll do some Googling but first-hand experience is always preferred!) I don't mind changing out the stock, but I'm just not in for the expense of a full conversion right now.
  7. A friend of mine has the Ruger Gunsite Scout Scope rifle in .308. (http://www.ruger.com/products/gunsiteScoutRifle/models.html) While he loves it, I'm not so in love with the price -- over $1000! I'm looking for something durable and dependable to do some infrequent game hunting. The .308 seems to be a good general purpose caliber, so now I'm looking for the right platform. I have a Saiga 7.62x39 and S-12 (both of which I converted myself), and I have a lot of confidence in the Saiga platform. So what do you guys think -- would a Saiga .308 be a good candidate for this kind of applicat
  8. The sale is still on...it wasn't just a Friday thing! ;-)
  9. I picked mine up today - but it was a PITA because it was shipped "signature required" and there's no one at the house during the day. So I had to drive down to the UPS facility and pick it up today before they shipped it back. On the bright side, it seated perfectly with no adjustments needed! Jim
  10. Don't be surprised, though, when you have to do a little grinding to get it to fit into your receiver. Jim
  11. I bought a rail from JSE Surplus and installed it on my S12. Easy to do and it's a solid installation. I didn't use any special fasteners and after a couple of hundred rounds it's still nice and tight. Jim
  12. I just received an email from R&R Arms to let me know they now hae the S12 in stock. $490 is a pretty good price. As of 2100 on Tuesday, they show 68 in stock. I bought my 7.62x39 from the m -- very nice company to deal with and fast delivery. Jim
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