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  1. Thanks for the response! .76.. Typing error... I might have figured it out before I drilled... That would be ugly... Do you recommend going ahead and drilling out all 4 ports? Does this cause any other problems?
  2. I just picked up my Saiga-12 today and went to work on the conversion. I grabbed the only gun I could find at the moment, which happened to be a 24". I'd really like to cut it down but in reading posts here realize it could be more work than it's worth. This one will probably only ever be used for home defense and pest control, no high altitude duck hunting. I've not knocked the gas block off yet as i don't have the needed brass punch. Therefore I don't know how many ports have been drilled. Are you best off just ensuring all 4 ports are drilled while you have the gas block off? .7
  3. I just picked up my '12 today and started in on the conversion. First time doing so, or anything like it. Mine has only the pins at the 3 and 5 positions. Nothing else on mine even resembles a pin.
  4. I just sent payment off for one last week. How long did it take to get yours in?
  5. Check this out; Pressing barrel May be trying that one myself next week...
  6. Are the choke threads on these "universal", or are they metric or otherwise unique to Europe/Russia?
  7. I've got a Saiga 12 inbound, one with a 24" barrel. It was what I could get easiest so I jumped on it. Anyway, I plan on doing the usual pistol grip/AK furniture conversions as well as hacking the barrel down to 19". Obviously I'm going to loose any threading I had for choke tubes. I don't have much experience with shotguns. More specifically, shotguns with choke tubes. I've got a 12 gauge for home defense and used them in the military, but no experience with choke tubes. This Saiga will be used for home defense and varmint control at best. I won't be out shooting trap or duck hunti
  8. I'm sure the Russians must be using Saiga 12 shotguns both in the military and their various police units. What configuration are they in? Folding century series stocks? SVDS stocks? What about handguards? I've seen them with the as-imported handguards. Are they using them with normal AK furniture? Basically I'm trying to find an issue gun to replicate, and it's hard to find documented "issue" Saiga photos.
  9. Wow! Wonder how reliable it is and how easily it's defeated.
  10. I've been eyeing a Saiga .410 at a local shop and would love to convert it to fit military furniture. What's the best way to add the front and rear sight bases? I've seen one example (here) that the rear was welded over the receiver and another where the "old" rear gas block was removed and an RPK block put in it's place. I'm sure some time's passed since both those mods. Any newer, easier, or better ideas on how to get the same effect? When it comes to taking parts off of and putting parts back on the barrel on these, is a press required or is there a work-around on that?
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