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  1. I was almost to dumbfounded to explain today. There was a man in the shop looking for a AK well the boss will not handle AK's so I said that I would be willing to part with one of my Saiga's if the price offered was right. He said no I was looking for the more powerful 7.62x39 not a under powered 308. Well I changed my mind I don't want to sell my under powered 7.62x51 to him. I did try to explain but not sure he understood.
  2. Stock 308 not to loud when compaired to my Hakim, just use good ear protection. 308 Saiga much more fun than SKS IMHO
  3. I would be interested in one for both of my rifles, x39 and 308. ditto Figure a price and I will send the money for two. get send me an email
  4. I bought a hand sand blaster from HF and it works good, but be sure to get a tight fitting eye protection, and a resparator. The resparator is so the sand doesn't get in your mouth, will grind off the enamel , or at least it felt like it was going to.
  5. Tried the hard cast bullets but never got them to cycle as I was hesatant to push the lead past the 2000fps mark. That said they work fine in my AK47 at 1700FPS with 150g gas checks.
  6. If I manufacture a wooden stock for my S 308 from a block of wood and a pistol grip does it count as compliant parts.
  7. Got mine Wednesday just likt that one haven't got out to the range yet due to the time of year, bow season starts Oct 2 and I work at a archery shop also is a gun shop. We have been covered up sitting up new bows and fixing old bows. If it shoots any where near as good as my 308's I will be more than happy. I got mine for $215 including shipping, but that is one of the perks of helping out the owner. I am retired and work when he needs me.
  8. If you look at RAA web site you will find one of there major dealers is Elliot Bro. the real problem is that Elliot only deals with there dealers, but if your FFL is in with them there is a lot of guns that you can order. if I had not have wanted a 223 to play with I was tempted to order the 30-06 even though it was $150 more talk about rock-n-roll even with the two three rd mags. That will have to come another day, also considering a S-12 shoot might as well get a 20 and a 7.62x39 also then I will have 7.62x39,223,303,30-06,s-12 and 20 what a deal.
  9. That is why I was asking no more than I am going to shoot it when compaired to my rifles I can use 3" but I was asking for say quail hunting ect and I use the Winchester stuff from Acadamy. Thank you for the information, now I can get the money together and get one.
  10. in your s-12 ? I am saving to order a Saiga 12g and was wondering if I can use the cheap ammo in it?
  11. from Elliot Bro today good price $210 + shipping, of course you need to have a good friend who is a FFL and doesn't charge you a fee. I have two 308 Saiga's hope the 223 is as accurate as the 308's. Can hardley wait until next week to get it.
  12. Kind of nice since I am a lefty. Thanks Bruce I have a Russian scope that is the same as far as the knobs configuration works fine and it is a good scope and 8x is right.
  13. As new I do not think it has been shot has one only mag $245 shipped You can reach me at fglennb@netscape.com
  14. I have two Saiga's in 308 one 16" on it I have the regular POSP scope and the regular sports stock, it seems a little off for some reason, but the 22" I have a lower mount with a 8x56 VOMZ scope on it but it has a ATI stock with a cheek piece and it seems a lot more comfortable. I am going to convert the other but need to build up funds first as I want Battlerifle's custom wood stock on it to make it very cool. I think that the Saiga is the best thing I have bought in a long time am planing a 223 as I need a AK in that cal. I have three AK's in 7.62x39 so I do not see a Saiga there. The shop
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