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  1. Yeah, upgrading the flushing performance is next on my list after figuring out a solid seat setup. Ideally I want the really strong flushing setup like you find at truck stops and on the turnpike.Ya know, something strong enough to break a fat log in half without requiring additional flushing or manual log splitting. Anyone here know what plumbing/water pressure goes that kind of setup? I don't care about living with a higher GPF rating.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention I am going to run this seat with a 9" squatty potty. http://www.squattypotty.com
  3. I am in the correct forum, right? My apologies if I posted I the wrong forum, this is the general discussion forum, right? Mods please move this if it isn't. Does my toilet rig seem feasible? I fell in love with the black split/open front toilet seat over 20 years ago and have decided I can't go another day without incorporating it into my home defication system. I'd love to some feedbaxk from anyone else who is running a similar setup.
  4. Thinking about modifing my shitter. Probably a stupid question, but can I install a seat and lid from different brands on the same shitter? I am dead positive that I want to run a black Lustra open front elogated seat. Can I combine it with any white elgonated lid or do they have to be of the same make/model?
  5. I thought about a really crazy Saiga .308 build, perhaps something along the lines of what was done on the Sons of Guns show. As time goes on though, I dunno, that idea gets less and less appealing as I consider everything that would likely be involved. I can do a conversion without a problem but I do not think I am not up to the task of adapting a new barrel and groan at the idea of getting a gunsmith (which all exist in an alternate temporal dimension) involved.
  6. Oops, sorry for leaving out some info. I'd like to keep overall costs at or as far under $3,000 as possible when I finally do "pull the trigger". I have been saving for quite a while, but if necessary I will save a little longer if I have to. Anyway, under normal, happy circumstances, the type of usage that this rifle will see will consist of accuracy shooting off a bench or prone position at ranges of 200-300 yards, so I'd like it to be decently accurate (somewhere between 1 to 1.5 MOA?). While it would mostly be used for target shooting, I don't want to buy something that is a dedicated, purpose-built target gun which may be extra finicky about ammo or demand frequent maintenance. Admittedly I baby all my weapons and clean and lube them after every single use, but I am willing to sacrafice some accuracy to know that that the rifle can be reliably employed in a standoff or hunting role while in a state of poor maintenance/neglect should we ever find ourselves in a dire SHTF/TEOTWAWKI type of scenario. I kinda want to have my cake and eat too, it seems. I don't know if or to what extent that is possible however.
  7. I'm sure it is a nice rifle, but based on my past experiences, I don't think I want an M1A type rifle.
  8. I've been shopping around for an autoloading .308/7.62x51mm rifle for a while now and I thought I'd get some opinions before going any further. I'm looking for something at least 18" but no longer than 20" in barrel length, and preferably (but not necessarily) piston-driven. Also I want something that takes either standard SR-25 or FAL pattern magazines. Yes, that means I am NOT interested in the M1A or the Fn SCAR-17. Don't get me wrong, the SCAR-17 is definitely a sweet rifle, but I don't like the idea of paying $60+ per proprietary magazine or an additional $400+ on top of the already high cost of the rifle for an aftermarket lower receiver that will accept PMAGs. At the moment, I am leaning the most heavily towards the PWS Mk2 mod 1. The new mod 1 is free-floated and has an adjustable gas system and a redesigned bolt carrier, which seems to be a major improvement over the the original mod 0 that it replaces. I like the AK-esque simplicity of the long-stroke gas system too. Of course my logic could be utterly flawed regarding this rifle, which is why I'm asking for everyone's $0.02. What would you get, if you were out to dump some money on an autoloading .308?
  9. I've reached a bit of a fork in the road. I've always wanted a Sig but they're so frickin' expensive, so I started looking at the P250 which is relatively cheaper. The P250 didn't really impress me though and I absolutely hated the DAO trigger. The Sig-Sauer SP2022 caught my eye, and from what I've read a lot of people believe it undoubtably the better of the two tactical tupperware Sigs, not to mention cheaper to boot! Furthermore, I only have 9mm and .45 handguns and have always wanted to try a .40 so this seemed like as good an opportunity as any. On the other hand... I've been slowly cobbling together a 2nd AR-15. I upgraded and changed my current AR-15 so far beyond recognition that I realized I had quite a base of old parts to begin a 2nd build. At this point, all I really need is a BCG, handguard/rail, iron sights and a charging handle and I will have a 2nd fully-operational AR15. All said and done it should be about the same amount of money as a Sig-Sauer SP2022 .40 with night sights. The alarmed, proactive side of me says I'll be so glad I have an additional AR15 down the road from now, given the direction this world seems to be heading. The complacent, lazy sheep side of me says I should chill out because I have plenty of long guns already but I haven't bought a handgun in ages. Which would you go with?
  10. Anyone used/own an electric impact wrench? I'm a DIYer when it comes to automotive maintenance and repairs and am about to perform some suspension work which may require the use of one. I'm not entirely sure that I am ready to commit the funds/garage space to a sufficiently powerful enough air compressor to drive it (my current air compressor is pretty much only useful for putting air in tires) and couldn't help but wonder about the electric models. So what is the deal? Are they any good?
  11. Hey folks, does anyone out there have any experience with the new Sig Sauer 716 yet? I'm shopping around for a .308/7.62x51mm battle rifle and needless to say the Sig 716 caught my eye. I've spent some time with the M14/M1A but it just doesn't really grab me, just I'm not into the ergonomics like I was expecting to be. The FN SCAR-H seems like a really cool, high-tech rifle that is worth further investigation, but it simply too overpriced in my opinion to be considered. I don't like that it uses proprietary mags either. I became quite enamored with the FAL platform after shooting a friend's and was intending to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on an 18" DSArms SA-58, however the Sig 716 has caused me to pause. I love that the 716 retains the AR ergonomics, is piston-driven (unlike most AR-10-esque .308 ARs) and uses PMAGs. I realize it is still pretty new, but I was just curious if there was anyone out there who has had some trigger time on the 16" Patrol version (might be the only version of the 716 that is available right now, actually) of these and can comment on its accuracy? Yes, I have seen the video on You Tube documenting the rifle that wasn't feeding right. The rifle is new, maybe it is having teething problems, maybe it is just that rifle in particular, maybe he didn't clean the all grease out that it comes packed in, who knows. Whatever the case, hopefully this was just an isolated occurance and Sig will make it right. Anywho, I welcome any thought and experiences with this rifle. I was all set to buy a FAL at the end of this month but I'm gonna wait a little bit and contemplate things further.
  12. I noticed yesterday that my water heater was leaking. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that some kind of excess pressure situation had occured, as the side of the tank had swollen and had started to split at the seam. Needless to say, the unit is toast. It does beg the question though, how did it happen? There is also a temperature/pressure relief valve on the top of the tank itself that seems to be operational, (I had no problems actuating it by hand) and also an expansion tank on the cold water supply. Between the valve and the tank they should have prevented this, right? Anyway, I'm looking for a new water heater now and can't help eye up these new-fangled tankless water heaters. I'm interested in a tankless unit not so much for their thermal efficiency (which I'm told takes a long time to get your money's worth from, given how much they cost) but rather from a space-saving standpoint. My current water heaters sits in a location that I'd like to one day have open when a finish the basement, whereas I could easily mount the tankless heater right above the washing machine. So has anyone had any experience with the tankless units? How does a properly-sized tankless heater perform compared to a conventional unit? I'd be going with an all-electrical model. Also, code / water company requirements aside, is there any reason why one would need to use an expansion tank with a tankless water heater? Since the tankless units are only heating water on the fly as it travels through the unit, you don't have the same type of expansion dangers you do with a tank full of hot water, right?
  13. Good to know, I got on the build list for an 8" S-17 last Friday. Stayed up until 1 AM on June 1st to order it. I can't wait!!!
  14. I cannot help but hesitate for a moment when I think about kicking Paula Deen out of bed. If I got a few heart attack burgers out of the deal, I might consider it.
  15. I haven't been feeling well lately and had trouble getting to sleep these past few nights. Last night before bed I did a little reading and also I enjoyed a glass of Gentleman Jack to help ease myself to sleep. I don't know what was in my whiskey, but WOW... I had an unbelievably crazy dream! I dreamed that I was in my basement cleaning shit out of the cat box when a massive version of Tony's head exactly as pictured in his avatar came blasting through my basement wall a la the Kool-Aid man. In the process of doing so the damaged concrete cinder blocks in my basements became 8" S17 SBSs which were strewn all about as his head crashed through. Immediately Tony's head engaged in bloody battle with Paula Deen who was riding on top of a large praying mantis. Paula kept repeatedly saying "hey y'all" for some odd reason. Much to my horror, I suddenly realized I was somehow suddenly laying on some kind of examination bed completely paralyzed, as myself and 3 bug-eyed grey aliens watched the battle unfold. Then one of the aliens got right up in my face and stared at me with those big black eyes and then the dream ended. Weeeeeeirdest dream I've ever had, hands down. Hahaha, anyone care to analyze that dream?
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