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  1. I'll probably get the 19" so it doubles as a home defense when set to cylinder, and huntig I'll use a full choke setting.With the poly-choke set to full there shouldn't be that much of a difference in pattern between the 22" and the 19". I will only be hunting squirrl, duck,and the occasional turkey. I figure when using full it should put out a tight enough pattern to get squirrl,duck and rabbit at 35-45 yards. And when set to extra full it should be able to down a turkey at that range.
  2. I checked everywhere for a NYS compliant saiga 20 and the only ones i can find is a 22" with adjustible sights for windage and elivation, and a 19" that is adjustible for windage only. I am leaning towards the 19" because the 22" is to long especialy when you add a poly-choke so i figure with a poly-choke it should put the 19" up to about the 20-22" mark. Also with that said i mostly will be using a scattergun anyway, im just woried that if i have it set on full when shooting squirls far away and the ocasional one gets in that 15-20 yard range thet it will shoot over it or under it due to the
  3. That Blows!! I gues i was right lol.
  4. Christ a 12ga should stop a bear easly unless you shoot it in the ass lol, i used a 12ga last year for dear and the deer up here are pretty big. I used 3" and 3 1/2" magnums and when you shoot a deer at about 50 yards with a 3 1/2" mag you might want to put up an umbrella( they fan out to .73 calibre on impact), to tell you the truth the 3" mags arn't anything to joke about eather. I hit a nine pointer (pretty bulky in size) in the neck and it praticaly decpitated it instantly. I know a bear is a biger and you might want to be farther than 50 yards away but some slugs are pretty accurate and
  5. Got an email from the guys at poly-choke today and they said the chokes for the s20 will be availble soon, but you know how that is. Usualy when the word soon is used by any manufacturer or company, your talking at least another 3-4 months.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply i will post any new news for the s20 poly-choke if i hear any thing.
  7. Hey is there a poly-choke for the s20 yet?, because they make one for the s12. If so do you know the specs, such as how many settings does it have, is it ported,how far does it extend beyond the end of the barrel (how long), and price. Thanks, Justin
  8. HI from what i have heard from the guys at RACC the s20 19" bbl only has fixed sites. The sites on it can be moved from left to right but as far as elevation they can't. Is There a sight that replaces the saiga's factory ones and is adjustible for windage and elevation.
  9. Hey what's the story on conversions for the saiga in NY are pistol grips legal, are 8 and 10 round mags legal, etc. I have read on the site that it is illegal in some places to have high capacity mags, and even pistol grips on the saiga, did the laws change on this now that its 2007 .
  10. Hey from what i have heard the best way to get the s20 to cycle all types of ammo is by changing the port size. But the hole problem is there are many opions on what size seems to work best, What one realy works the best?, because i want to be able to shoot all types and lengths out of it. Next how do you get acess to the port system is there directions in the owners manua, is it easy to do?I also want to find out if i have the ass backwards gas selecor how can you tell.
  11. justin

    Hey is it possible to make a 16 round mag out of 2 eight rounders, and to make a 20 round mag out of 2 ten rounders.
  12. What do you mean by geting them tuned in?. Does tuning it in consist of puting about 200 rounds through the gun to break it in, or by modifying the gas ports etc. Also i have another ? how do you figure out if you got the backwards gas setting selector, do you have to take it all apart to see what way the ports face. I thing if i get a s20 most likley i will only be shooting Remington 3" nitro mag 1 1/4 oz high brass, Or S&B 3" magnum low Brass, and maybe the ocasional 2 3/4 game loads. So if i set the gas seting to the correct seting for mags, what ever that may be, it should shoot fine r
  13. Hi I recently seen a saiga 20ga on gunbroker.com and I like the way it looks. I have been browsing the internet and have been hearing nothing but good reveiws on the reliability of the saiga 12, so i figure the 20ga can only be as good. So when I went down to my local gun store for the price on one, the owner said don't buy one there nothing but junk do to excessive jambing, and there made very cheap. Is this true, because i have been reading coments buy other people on this site saying they jam like crazy to. Could the jambing be do to using the wrong mag for the size shell, and or improper g
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