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  1. Thanks to everyone for the answers.
  2. Bought a NIB Saiga. Wondering how long the paper and preventive dust they are packaged in will last?
  3. I have a 7.62X39 Saiga rifle which I took to the firing range yesterday. I am pleasantly surprised at how smooth it shoots and how reliable it is. However, the shocking part is how easy it field strips, cleans up, and how simply easy it is to re-assemble. I say this because I have two other AK47s which are bears to re-assemble. Mine is stock as it came from the factory and I have no plans to change it. I was wondering if any one else has noticed this?
  4. I have read in 3 or 4 places not to use 308 ammo. The 7.62 should be used. Cannot remember where I read that. Seems the 308 round is too hot or something. Suggest you check this out.
  5. I bought a 16" Saiga just because it was Russian. However, upon shooting it I fell in love with the rifle. Little recoil, no feeding problems, and field strips easy for cleaning. This is one great rifle and a joy to shoot. Mine is the new black poly stock and hand grip. I will not change a thing on it because this is the way it was made and for me looks perfect. I can only recommend you buy one and enjoy it.
  6. I was thinking more of an add on pad. One that would be perm and goes on with two screws. Has anyone bought one like that? In looking at the offerings of pads, many do not give the measurments, while others list the rifle (all seem to be USA hunting rifles). Any help is appreciated.
  7. Anyone know where I can purchase a recoil pad for my .308 Saiga. The size (5 1/4" X 1/34") is large and not common to most of the pads I can locate. I know they exist, as my SKS is the same size and has a great recoil pad on it. The pad, however, has no numbers or markings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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