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  1. I live and N.Y. and I just want to know exactly what do it need to do to make my gun legal to use 30 rounds magazine?
  2. johnny79

    red dot

    i'm planning to get a red dot, is the red dot still good for 100 yards?how's the red dot performs 25 yards to 50 yards to 100 yards, i mean if i zero it to 25 yards do still have to adjust it when i shoot 50 yards , sorry i haven't had a red dot before,, thanks
  3. do we have these saiga 12s with pistol grip allready here in the us???thank you
  4. the one that bolts to the front of the barrel it's a piece of shit , took it out today for a test drive , the laser looses it's sight every couple of shot's , i want my money back.........it's fun though
  5. the one that bolts to the front of the barrel
  6. Not with these Sauvestre's.They are designed to perform out of a smooth bore barrel just as well as a rifled barrel.These thing clock almost 1800fps out of a smooth 18" barrel. Just sucks that they are hard to come by. BTW,they went through almost 38 inches of ballistic gelatin and the wound cavity was HUGE.I will see if I can find the picture.... holy shit this is what i need a mini rocket
  7. hello i bought a laser from ebay i payed almost 70.00 bucks ,it's pretty cool but every time i gonna turn it of and store it for a while when i try use it, it's always out of sight,any idea's?? or i just need to buy the really expensive one thank you.
  8. thanks for the info man , i guess i need to buy the saiga 12 hehehehehe , i'll show this to my wife so she will give me half of the money
  9. johnny... is that the highpoint carbine... or the CX4 ? hi point only i'm too broke to buy a cx-4
  10. thanks for the info man, one more thing is there like a special ammo that's has more killing power for the 7.62x39 like a brand or hollow point thanks
  11. well me and my son and wife are going camping , i have no plans of killing a bear , but i've seen the results of a bear attack, i was planing just to bring my hi point rifle , but i feel it's just gonna anger the bear much more, my saiga is a little bit powerfull gun than my 9mm but after reading a couple of thread i have doubt, i'm getting another rifle anyway maybe in two weeks i like the saiga 12 or the .308 , and i'm talking bought a brown bear...
  12. i have a saiga 7.62x39 but i kinda want the saiga 12 cause i feel my 7.62 ammo is not powerfull enough, is the saiga 12 enough to stop a bear with one shot thank you
  13. okay i got a 7.62x39 saiga which i know is a powerfull rifle allready, but i herd it's not much powerfull to kill a bear or even a deer,i was thinking of getting the .308 or the saiga 12 , which is better .308 or saiga 12 regarding stoping power with one shot??? thank you
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