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  1. mavrick16o


    me and siaga related photos (includes other gun photos)
  2. ive got a hammerless springfield coach gun work very well good show off skeet gun. if ur intrested?
  3. i have sevral agp 10rd mag halfs that are broke at the top where the rear lug clips in.. if intrested ive had them sitting in my closet for 3 or more years.. let me know if your intrested
  4. if its the 3 individual chokes. ive got a russian set in my closet $95 shipped
  5. that mag................ hmmmmmmmmm.............. ohhh yeah, french sho sho (Chauchat) ahhh history.... if it falls through and your in the va region ive got a stock s-12 and a lot of extras!!!!
  6. kc i didnt see my name on there for 5 lighters. i have sent an email, i was proably the only one to send a postal MO. send me a pm soon please!!
  7. +1 on the drum and ny ncstar sucks wont hold adjustments worth a POOP!!! SO + 1 on scope too.
  8. coming from a 96 grand cherokee jeep owner and working in a shop that once had jeep before chrysler stole (ie no buy out of contract) the franchise and gave it to another local dealer for free. if you like money pitts jeeps are where its at. parts counter; had, and still has a saying (we still service all our loyal cust) J.E.E.P Junk Each and Every Part. i had a 91 pathfinder and loved it until totalled, now i luuuuv my 02 xterra. pathfinder had 188k with only a water pump and wheel bearing replaced, no leaks. xterra at 118k with only maintenance and no leaks. jeeps at 167k, every thing that
  9. i took it back and and the guy traded let me trade it in on a winchester 7mm mag out of his safe. but the problem was the promag bullet ramp was broke off. soooo thanks for all the responces, and if any one wants a 223 i can put you in touch with FRED, very nice guy and good to his word!!
  10. got a used 223 just tried it out and it jammed 2 out of 5 shots. it misses the chamber hole and the bullet gets pushed back inside of cartridge. is there a bullet guide? or ???????
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